Monday, May 21, 2012

White Cotton Panties

I love white cotton panties.  It's hard not to love them.  Save your silky sexy almost not there black with red lace thongs... give me white cotton panties any and every day!
Part of the appeal is that unlike the silky "sexy" lacy thong, white cotton panties are an everyday thing, and not meant to be taken off, which just increases the pleasure when you get to do so!  I think it adds a great deal to the naughtiness and embarrassment of undressing when the lady is not dressed in her finest lingerie, but her everyday normal stuff, and white cotton panties certainly fill that bill.  (especially when they're nicely filled out with pale bottom flesh!)
 My inspiration for spanking blog posts is always amusing to some.  Tonight I watched the "director's cut" of Alien starring Sigourney Weaver.  The director in question was Ridley Scott, and honestly even after having watched it before, there's not a lot of more suspenseful movies made since this came out in the late 70's.  The ship is a grungy post-Star Wars version of space that's destined to become the steam-punk of future generations with all the blinking lights around the tiny monochrome computer screen. (And really, why are all the air ducts big enough for a person to walk through? but still...)  I can appreciate how original and artsy it was at the time, and much of it still holds up today.  Below is the best pic I could find of that, but it doesn't do justice to the buttcrack and camel toe revealing scene when Ripley, the main protagonist, strips down to her underwear before the climax of the movie.   Still, it's not just an exploitative reason to see her in her undies- it conveys the sense that she thinks it's over and is relaxing (finally).   
 So with that inspiration, here's some more white cotton panty pics.
just a hint of well trimmed bush

 They're also nice for spanking too!  Did I forget to mention that?  Not only that but when you're spanking over white cotton panties, there's little doubt that they'll eventually be pulled off, whereas sexy thong panties, if you pull them off you're just doing so cause you want to see the naughty bits between... there's really no reason to take a thong off for a spanking that isn't naughty- I used to get irritated at FirmHands spanking clips claiming to be bare bottomed, when the spanking model kept her thong on, but... really, even with a thong, she was literally "bare bottomed" it just wasn't nearly as fun if her panties weren't taken down!

So.... here's to white cotton panties!


  1. I have found over the years that I tend to wear white trunks when I know I am due a spanking, my Top agrees, she says that naughty little boys have not earned the right to wear coloured underwear. I do think she spanks me a lot harder if I have worn coloured underwear.

  2. Ha-ha! I love white cotton panties, too;)!


  3. Oh how many dreams have you shattered with this now? You know how long it took those ladies to decide on those panties? How many catalog hours were logged? Betcha everyone writes in and says they really prefer the plain white. Victoria's Secret will come crashing to its knees like a bull elephant dying in a lace thong.

    I prefer the very plain and very soft, but not necessarily white. :)

  4. I will definitely be wearing white panties under my Dress of Contrition...

  5. I love Ridley Scott films. Are you going to see Prometheus? I like cotton because it's far more comfortable than fancy stuff. Plus all my fancy stuff is cursed. Really. Do men have fancy underthings? I know they can wear the girl versions. I'm just curious.

  6. OK, to be fair, those white cotton panties Sigourney was wearing were skimpy little bikinis. Those, I'd wear, under duress.

    But otherwise? I haven't worn white cotton panties since I was about 12. Or at least before there was any sort of bush to hint at. And we all know what a looooooong-ass time ago that was.

    I'm a middle-aged woman now -- I sure as hell can't pull off a schoolgirl look, and I'm not wearing schoolgirl panties. Nyet. No-how. I guess you'll never play with me, SS, considering that I wear that dreadful silky, lacy stuff. :-Þ

  7. Mario's Mom- uh, Mario, you're not posting from an account that belongs to your "Mom" are you? What about super hero underoos?

    Kitty- I bet you look good in them!

    Emen- you do have a way with words- I'd hate to see a bull elephant in a lace thong, much less a dead one!

    SpankCakes- I hope they serve you well, but once off and tucked into your purse, if you happen to fall and skin your knees, unlike sexy silky ones, you can use them as a gauze four your road rash wounds. (for those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about, see SpankCakes last post).

    fB- I hadn't even heard of Prometheus until your comment, but it looks pretty cool. I'm a Ridley Scott fan, and will watch pretty much anything with his name on it, but probably will not catch it until it's on HBO several months later. Yes, guys can wear sexy underwear, I guess, but I don't. Mostly just loose cotton boxers for me- because they let my balls breathe- tighty-whities when I'm playing basketball or running.

    Erica- Don't think I've ever had a comment on this blog that was a better example of "askin' for it." I suppose the dreadful silky lacy stuff is more fun for extra-curricular "other hand" activities, but if you ever got the chance to play with me, it'd be a moot point. Whatever you had on would be off quickly, and that would just make "other hand" stuff even more fun!

  8. Nothing better, the panty is so over looked in the spanking scene.

  9. Glad you liked that, NJspank, and welcome to the blog.