Friday, June 15, 2012

Dallas: A Pain in the Ass!

Welcome to Dallas y'all!  I know there are several of you coming here this weekend for the Texas All-State Spanking Party.  If you're flying into DFW airport and encountering construction surrounding it, or trying to negotiate 635, you're no doubt thinking that Dallas is a pain in the ass.  Hopefully, before the weekend is through, the bottoms and switches among you will leave here with another interpretation of Dallas being a pain in the ass!

But for the vast majority of my readers not attending that party, I thought it only appropriate to do something new here and interview a spanking celebrity.  Not only are a lot of spanking folks coming here this weekend, but there was also a reboot of a certain primetime soap opera that back in the 80's changed the mindset of this country such that most people thought of J.R. instead of J.F.K. when it came to a famous person being shot in our city.  Here's an interesting take on the city and the soap opera- and I totally agree that it's an amalgam of the mythology of Houston, Ft. Worth, and Midland but anyway... So I figured it would be appropriate this week to interview, well... Dallas himself.

He likely needs little introduction to many of my readers, but here goes....  He's the owner of and face of DallasSpanksHard.  He was partially the inspiration for my most popular post ever and I've subscribed to his website from time to time for over a decade.  He's known for turning the bottoms of gorgeous ladies bright red, lots of vitamin E, and giving some of the hardest spankings around...

Thank you Dallas for agreeing to take the time to do this interview (via email) -I appreciate it.

Let's start from the very beginning. One of the things I find fascinating is how/why those of us into spanking are, well... so into spanking.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that you're into spanking in real life and not just for show on your website.  Can you think of an early memory about it? When did you know you were into spanking?

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Firstly, I am currently writing a book about being a spanko since my pre-kindergarten days. I remember distinctly the first spanking I gave, because it was when I was four. Remember those Roman movies that were popular at the very beginning of the sixties? Well, so do I vividly, so vividly in fact it was what caused the cog to move forward and into spanking as something that ended up being a huge part of who I was. That pretty much answers the question as to whether I am really into spanking or not as well.

After seeing the film that night before I asked the neighbor girl from next door if she wanted to play “slave” a word I felt meant a woman tied to a post and whipped. The interesting part is this… although the whipping depicted a woman being whipped on her back; I instead chose the neighbor girl's butt and back of her thighs.  I do remember having to walk next door and knock on the door saying as a giant answered the door (her father) “ I am sorry I spanked you daughter”. Thinking back this was not embarrassing; it was more frightening than anything. When you are four someone six-foot two is a GIANT!

What about taking the next step? When did you decide to embark on this as a profession? Lead us through the thought process of appearing in film and then starting your website.

I was a surfing instructor on Waikiki Beach in the late seventies and early eighties. Although I wasn't spanking on camera… I was giving a lot of spankings. I was a paperboy in our neighborhood (the good, responsible kid) at least that is what the parents thought. I mean, I was responsible don’t get me wrong. I was also spanking their daughters. The whole story is part of my outline for the book.
I worked with my model wife (went by Michelle) for Nu-West in 1983 after writing E.L. [Ed Lee] about the two of us. He was the one who actually called me Dallas because I didn’t have a stage name for my first shoot. It stuck, and because I had a small following already I kept it when I started in 1999.
I was in spanking videos before Shadow Lane existed; Keith Jones was tapped to do films. Jennifer Brooks came into the scene, pretty much back at the inception working for the first American spanking video company  (well except for Irving Klaw that is) Now 94 full length DVD’s later, still here ‘alive and kickin’.

Have you ever had issues with balancing/reconciling your personal life with your professional website and what your fans want to see?

There is crossover anytime you mix a professional in a mainstream business with a disciplinary spanking website. I found that ALL people are not the judgmental boogey men (and women) that the fearful side of your brain allows to conjure up. I have always been open as to who I am and it has been this openness that made everything work. Dating spanking models are never relationships of longevity, nor did I ever expect them to be really. I am now married to a beautiful and brilliant woman who gets me.
I hate using the cliché ‘soul mate’, but that pretty much sums it up.

When I 1st subscribed to your website, many spanking websites just had pictures, and for those with movies, the industry standard was tiny realplayer clips.  Again, I'm going to assume here that currently there's a great deal of technical skill involved as the quality has improved so much, right?

Well, that is a pretty good assumption.  I have always from the beginning of my sites been a ‘hands on’ person in every aspect of the running of the site. Not just the fun stuff, but the everyday side… technical, book keeping, DMCA, customer service, along with the filming, writing, lighting and acting. I would never give my site to a non-spanko to run, build, update etc. We prefer (Sabrina & I) to learn what we need to learn.
For example we shoot in FULL DVD 1080i and have awesome F/HD compressions. This is very much in need of…. how did you say it? “Technical skill” My wife and I compliment each other well and because of this I feel we are producing some of the VERY BEST product available today. I may be biased though.  lol

Aside from increases in technology, your website has evolved too.  There are still the personal A-cute-lady-is-here-to-be-punished scenarios, but you've also included movies with fairly elaborate sets and costumes- from genies to sorority girls to secretaries... which do you enjoy more- the big productions or the more intimate basic scenes?

I like to mix it up. I love being creative and spent just shy of twenty years in the I.A.T.S.E., on locations in Hollywood, working on some of the biggest films ever made. I am ambidextrous so mixing up the right-brained, left-brained actually works out well for me. Sabrina was a big influence to get me heading in this direction. A perfect example was our film ‘The 5th kind’. It was written in fifteen minutes and sprung on Nikki Rouge (Sorority Girl Spanking, I Spank Lucy (incredible performance) Wee Spank ) when a model is officially a ‘smacktress’ ( what I call a spanking model that can actually act) the bar is automatically raised.
Amelia Jane Rutherford is another one that comes to mind…she can do anything!

Aside from advances in technology and broadening your scope of films you make, how else has the industry changed since you started?

The biggest changes are
1)    Over-saturation as more spankos said to themselves “ I can do that!”
2)    Piracy- Which has gotten out of control! If you are stealing out there, this is what is going to happen. Your content is going to dry up. Support the producers in your community. If you like the products… buy them, like you do any other product ok? BTW- we are not millionaires and pay our taxes.
3)    The economy- We all know where that came from now don’t we?
4)    Overall the Internet itself blew up. This turns everyone it seems into a thirsty ‘ I want it all…and I want it now’ Pepsi generation.

To follow up on that, on a scale of "huh?-that's-a-problem?-hadn't-noticed!"  to  "I-may-as-well-pack-it-in-there's-no-way-to-compete-or-win-against-these-guys..."  where do you think the current state of file sharing/password hacking/internet piracy ranks?  has it improved any or is it getting worse?
I don’t do numbers…. how about this? FUCK PIRATES.

Fair enough.  Another aspect of spanking that I'm really curious about is, well- just how many folks are there that are into spanking?  There's a current NYTimes bestseller that involves spanking.  Do you think that there're more people into it than most people might think?  Have you ever been surprised by someone that found out your were into it and asked for a spanking?

It is hard to get excited about the ‘GRAY this…GRAY that” I have lived this life… been there…done that. There are way more people “INTO’ this than anyone will ever fathom. I hear from someone everyday that is ‘coming out’. These are the people that it had taken a good portion of their lives to do.
What I tell people is this to quote ‘Rage Against the Machine’ “FEAR IS YOUR ONLY GOD”.
I have spanked some celebrities sure. When Eliza Dushku asked for a hard lick with a strap while in her ‘Faith’ character wardrobe… it was a special moment for her that she probably will never forget.

Other than anecdotal evidence, it's really hard to know how many folks are into it.  I bet that there are more people secretly into it  and subscribing to sites like yours than are on blogs talking about it or are on spanking personal sites actually trying to meet someone.  If you don't mind me asking, I'm curious- do you know how many people have subscribed to your site since it started?
It isn’t as hard to figure things out when you have Geo-tracked as long as I have, hits from over 100 countries and counting. I have had some crazy subterfuge stories over the times. Some people act almost like double- O spies when it comes to getting their products.

Last question- you've spanked over a hundred girls (I think) for your website- I'm curious if any shoots really stand out in your memory. (I'll just say that from a consumer perspective, the 1st time I saw Amelia Jane Rutherford on your website I was blown away- no idea where you'd found her, but she was gorgeous, had a cute accent, and still remember that innocent-looking but mean little red plastic thing!)
I am glad you brought up Amelia Jane. I saw her a number of years on a completely vanilla modeling site. I don’t approach many models on vanilla sites unless they had some sort of fetish inclinations visible. I for some reason felt that AJR was into spanking. I still today do not know why. She wrote back confessing that she was a full card carrying member of the spanko club. She didn’t work for me first just due to geography. The real spanking I gave her, the tears for real reasons going on in her life completely nude. Now that was something special!
Thank you again for taking the time to do this.  I (and my readers) really appreciate it.  Any upcoming shoots/events you want to plug?
Thanks man, look for our two newest films ‘Marked For Punishment’ starring Joelle Barros and ‘Paddle of Britain’ starring Danielle Hunt.

Thanks again.  Keep up the good work.

p.s. I'm looking forward to meeting Ten tomorrow, and she just happens to be the next update on too!


  1. I really enjoyed this. So interesting to hear the voice behind the scenes. And what a history in TT he has.

    Have a great time today. Awaiting full report. :)E

  2. Nice interview, I remember when Dallas did his shoot for Nu-West, hard to believe it was almost 30 yrs ago.


  3. Great interview, i love Dallas Job! regards

  4. Emen- a full report (with pics) is coming. don't you worry

    Spankbryan- you're right- hard to believe we've been into this, and so have others- for decades now.

    Spankingtube- if that's really spankingtube (and I kinda doubt it) welcome to the blog, and yes, he does have a fun job.

  5. Nice interview, the guy is a legend and I know exactly what he means about Amelia as I shall be fortunate to be filming with her later this year for my site!