Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dimples of Venus

Whether you call them back dimples, butt dimples, or the term I prefer- "Dimples of Venus" I love them.  I'm not talking about these dimples:
Although they're plenty cute too!

I know that guys can have dimples too, but not referring to them either.
Sorry, ladies, I don't look like him
but I do sorta talk like him!

No. I'm referring to dimples on one's bottom.  But not just any dimples.  I'm especially not referring to these type of bottom dimples:

 If you're confused as to what I'm referring to, here's the Wikipedia definition: 
"The dimples of Venus (also known as back dimples, or butt dimples) are sagittally symmetrical indentations sometimes visible on the human lower back, just superior to the gluteal cleft. They are directly superficial to the two sacroiliac joints, the sites where the sacrum attaches to the ilium of the pelvis.
The term "dimples of Venus", while informal, is a historically accepted name within the medical profession for the superficial topography of the sacroiliac joints. The Latin name is fossae lumbales laterales ("lateral lumbar indentations"). These indentations are created by a short ligament stretching between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin. They are thought to be genetic."
Not everyone has them.  Fair enough- there are plenty of super hot ladies that don't have them.  Here are some examples of that:

Yes, those are some very fine bare bottoms, and some beautiful ladies.  Nothing against them.  A lady can obviously be super hot without the Dimples of Venus.  But for some reason, I still like them.  It seems like a lot of the spanking models/bloggers I adore have them. (Taken from their blogs unless otherwise copyrighted)
Erica has them
Amelia Jane Rutherford has them
Pandora has them
Alex has them
And a special tip of the hat to Alex.  It was actually a picture of hers published on fetlife, followed by a comment from Pandora about her having "back dimples" too that inspired this post.  And I figured I'd share some more random Dimples of Venus pics I found with a quick google search, just for your enjoyment.

Last but certainly not least!



  1. Just fyi, Kitty has them, too;).


    1. I think you should post a pic of them on your blog, and I can include it when I post "Dimples of Venus II" -which actually sounds like a cool movie title!

  2. After minutes of exhaustive research I've concluded that I don't think you have them. But that was time well spent in contemplation.

    1. You're right. I don't. Maybe that's why I like them so much. Glad you enjoyed your research!

  3. Oh, this is funny. I start reading this post, and as I'm scrolling down and reading the description/looking at the pictures, I think, "Hey, I have those!" Then I scroll down further -- "Hey! It's ME!" LOL

    Fun facts to know and learn! I'd commented on Alex's Fet picture that I thought everyone had back dimples. I have been enlightened.

    1. Glad you liked that. I was sort of hesitant to include other blogger's pics, but figured it would make the post a lot more interesting, they'd already published them and I credited where I found them.

  4. When I was little, all the dolls I ever dressed and undressed had butt dimples. I always wondered about that. They looked very spankable, but were hard on the hands.


    1. That's cute. Will add that to the "You might have into spanking if..." list.

      Erica, when you're talking to the manufacturer about making the pull the string Erica doll, please make sure she has butt dimples.

  5. Baaaaack dimples! (Sorry, "Dimples of Venus" feels as pretentious as "mound of Venus" to me, and as such is inextricably associated with badly-written erotica). Back dimples! Sterling research, Mr Marks. Also kudos on finding a blog topic which will get all your favourite models to leave a comment ;)

    Next question: how many of us also have the matched pair behind the shoulders? (You can't see them clearly in that picture, but I definitely have them, and it looks like Amelia and Erica do too...)

    1. Thanks for providing me with the inspiration for the topic! Now that you mention it, I think I've referenced you in 3 straight posts. About time for a "Pandora" label, I think!

  6. Lol great post, and great pictures as well. :)

  7. I like to see dimples be they in a smiling female face or a well rounded female bottom, i just like them.

    Correction Man.