Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Very 1st Spanking Party

Yup.  I'm going to a spanking party.  Well, sort of... I'm going to the Texas All State Spanking Party -at least, the Friday during the day part of it.  My guess is that most of my readers fall into two camps... A few of you have been to a whole bunch of spanking parties.  Probably most of you have never been to, nor even seriously considered going to one.  For those of you who have never been, well, I'm your guinea pig.  It seems to be a very well organized endeavor, and I've had the fortune of getting to know Paul/tubaman in preparation for it. 

I'm only going during the day Friday because, well, I'm a Secret Spanko and being gone on nights and weekends are a lot harder to explain than "being gone for a meeting across town" during work hours.  I understand that may not be all that usual, but that's how my life is.  So I won't get a real feel for a spanking party, I know.  The schedule shows that Friday will mostly be demonstrations, and I'll miss out on the vendor fair and the ice breaking exercises, ballroom dances, etc... not to mention the real parties on Fri. and Sat. nights.  I don't have much expectation that I'll get to play a whole lot.  My guess is that with a full weekend ahead of them, most party-goers are not looking to play a whole lot on Friday afternoon.  Still, I'm very much looking forward to meeting in real life people I've gotten to know online.  People like Alex and Pandora and Sarah Gregory and Ten Amourette and Amelia Jane Rutherford (I've had bit of a crush on her since the first time I saw her on DallasSpanksHard!)  So I'm excited.  But I'm also a bit nervous.  Seriously.

1) I'm not outgoing.  I've described myself before (not on this blog) as the most outgoing introvert I know, and there's some truth to that.  I can make myself be sociable, and can usually do a decent job of it, but I don't naturally seek out people to meet.  A large spanking party seems like it would be enjoyed most by someone that's naturally outgoing.  I'm not.

2) Okay, so I'm a switch.  I've been spanked, but it's on a very limited basis, and by a very few ladies I trust.  I pursued that initially to make me a better spanker, and know that I could take what I dish out.  Sometimes I enjoy it.  But when I do, I absolutely "top from the bottom" and make no apologies for it.  I have no desire, if I might have a chance to play at a spanking party, to bottom or switch unless I feel like I really know and trust that person.  I frankly don't want to get hit on by female dommes (and there will be several in attendance) looking for a sub.  But still, you have to pick a colored name tag that designates you as a bottom, a switch, or a top.  So I'll pick switch, because I want to be truthful, and because well, I think a top that's never seen whether he can take it is, in the words of an accomplished lady spanker I hold in high regard, well... a pussy.  So there.  But this moral stance may not play well, I guess we'll see.

3) Alpha maleness is relative.  I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin, and rightfully proud of what I've done with my life.  But the guy that mows my lawn and my plumber might could kick my ass.  I can write cute emails and charm my way into meeting these ladies for real life sessions, but in a setting where 1st impressions make all the difference, would a lady care about how successful or charming one is when given the option between me and some guy with strong calloused working hands?  Again, guess we'll see.

4) I'm scheduled to spank Ten Amourette, and really looking forward to it- but she's been known to relish in the injuries her ass deals to hands.  Maybe I should fear getting "assed" by her! (But I bet not.)

5) The meeting your preacher in the liquor store scenario- I'm pretty active in my community.  There wil be a whole lot of people in attendance.  What happens if I know someone there?! Yikes!  But then, they're there too, so maybe neither of us will be able to say anything, right?

6) On the other hand, what if I don't meet anyone I click with and stand around awkwardly by myself a lot? My guess is that a relatively small percentage of folks there actively participate on spanking blogs, and so even with a nametag, most probably will not know anything about me.

All those worries aside - I AM really looking forward to it, and meeting people, and taking one more tentative step toward fulfilling my spanking desires.   I'd love to hear some "my 1st spanking party experiences" or even "why I'm nervous about attending a spanking party" comments.  

Rest assured readers, you'll get a full report of any and all activities- (Well, at least all those that occur on Friday afternoon) and hope y'all are looking forward to those updates as much as I'm looking forward to reporting on some wild and crazy times I had in my brief time there.


  1. I wouldn't be nervous about going to a spanking party. I'd be catatonic with self-doubt and indecision. So I very much appreciate your research efforts.
    1) Nobody will want me
    2) Nobody will approach me
    3) No one will even look at me when they walk by
    4) I will stand there by myself praying my preacher or my dentist or my mother in law shows up so I have someone to walk out of here with.

    But that won't happen to you. You'll have every wild and crazy thing it is possible to have on a Friday afternoon. And a sore hand to drive home with. Sweet.

    A friend has taught me some exercises to get over shyness. Be happy to send those on to you. :)E

  2. Amen to what Emen said! You'll have a blast and wonder why you haven't made it to more. I'm totally with you on the "outgoing introvert" bit... but I'm guessing a name tag stating "Secret Spanko" will have people curious and breaking the ice for you.

    Have fun and can't wait for the full report!


  3. Have a great time! I'm sure you'll do fine. You're a really nice guy and anybody would be honored to call you friend, as I do.


  4. News flash, darlin' -- I've been going to these parties since 1997, and I STILL get nervous. Not the same as the first time, because I know what to expect, but it's still a nerve-wracking experience for some of us, no matter how much fun it is or how many times we've gone. So you are definitely not alone. Perhaps doing just one day of it is a good way to ease in. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    Oh, and I respectfully disagree with the bit about a top who has never tried bottoming being a pussy. But that's a subject for another blog. :-)

  5. Thanks ladies... I appreciate all of your support. On the other hand, I feel a little silly posting about my worries. I think a little anxiety and nervousness is probably natural, it's just that not everyone going to spanking parties has an outlet like this to write about it.

    Emen- I hadn't thought about my dentist being there- geez thanks! Seriously I hope I have at least some good stories to tell after an afternoon there.

    SC- My name tag will actually say "Marky Marks a/k/a SecretSpanko" so yes, I suppose it will be a conversation starter. On the other hand I think a lot of folks go to these with their significant others and that might make it sort of an awkward conversation if they disapprove (and there are many that disapprove.)

    Thanks Kitty- you're so sweet, and honored to call you a friend too.

    Thanks Erica- Having read your famous party reports is one reason I decided to make the effort and go to this (at least a little bit of this) and I appreciate that even you get a little nervous too. Actually, the day of I doubt I'll be very nervous- I'll be "on" but before hand- that's when I worry and plan. And yes, that's probably several separate blog posts right there... Maybe I shouldn't over-generalize that that's the case with everyone- but I think there's some validity to that thought.

  6. Can you still be the Secret Spanko if you go to this party? Won't you have to re-brand your blog 'The Out-of-the-clost Spanko'?:)

  7. Enjoy what ever your venture may bring SS . i myself have never visited a spanking part but many do; and if like most parties usualy ends up being well worth while.

    Correction Man.

  8. Good question, Oldfashionedgirl. Nah- I won't use my real name or anything; maybe it's more like the movie Monsters, Inc. where one the other side of the closet the monsters really aren't scary, and have some fun together- unbeknownst to everyone else.

    Thank you, Correction Man- I certainly hope so.

  9. Secret Spanko becomes Undercover Spanko - sounds exciting. Have fun.