Monday, June 18, 2012

TASSP 2012 party report

I used to love reading these party reports back when I couldn't imagine actually going to one. This is by no means a full party report, because I only went for part of the 1st day.  I basically played hooky from work on Friday and went there, but I wasn't there for the actual party part.  Still, it was one of my most interesting days ever, and one I'll always remember.  Here are some memories I thought I'd share, and hope y'all enjoy...

I got to the hotel a little early. (never know with traffic- sometimes it can be a pain in the ass- and I'm usually really early to appointments - it's just a personality quirk of mine).  But I'd read and re-read where I was supposed to go, and something else was there in the ballroom where the 1st event was supposed to be, and I couldn't find any signs pointing to Paul's room for the registration.  I thought I recognized someone but didn't want to stare... so there I was wandering around the lobby of a nice hotel carrying a little leather portfolio/legal pad (a/k/a security blanket) so I thought I'd look like I had something to do there, but having serious doubts... when all of a sudden coming up the stairs was a 6' tall blonde goddess that I instantly recognized.  The heavens opened up, light shone down upon her, and the angels sang- just like in a movie or something. With a sigh of relief, I knew I was in the right place.
kinda like this -courtesy her blog
Okay so maybe she had no makeup on and was sipping from a to-go coffee cup from breakfast, but it was kind of like that.  I went up to Amelia Jane Rutherford and mumbled/stuttered that I was a fan and wasn't sure where to go to register.  Pandora Blake was right behind her, and I was grateful for that, as we'd corresponded prior to her coming here.  They were both exceedingly nice in person, and led me to where I was supposed to go for registration.

Registration was in Paul's suite, and was a little awkward, because there was Sarah Gregory blow drying her hair getting ready for the day, and Paul running around with his shirt off trying to get ready and manage things while also getting ready for the day, but there was also this line of party attendees waiting to register.  I felt like I was intruding.  There was a table though piled high with literally hundreds of spanking implements, and I regret that I didn't get a picture of that.

I was grateful when Amelia had me help her set up furniture for the demonstrations scheduled for the day.  There had been a mix-up, and the demonstrations were going to be in a sort of boardroom rather than a ballroom.  Another little anecdote about how sweet Amelia was in person- at one point we were talking about cowboy boots, and she pointed out mine and how she was amazed that people wore them with "smart clothes" and how she wanted to get a pair while she was here, but didn't want to spend a fortune on them.  There was a younger guy, apparently a little shy, listening to our conversation, and he looked up on his iphone  the name and address of a famous boot shop, and jotted it down on a pad of paper and handed it to her.  My first inclination was to tell her "no, don't go there- you'll pay way too much- it's a tourist trap!" but I didn't want to hurt this guy's feelings.  I could see him blush just handing her the slip of paper and saying "here." but she was very appreciative and thanked him for being sweet enough to help her out.  I figured I'd tell her later, but never got a chance.

So there were demonstrations- the first was Pandora who appeared naked to demonstrate how to do erotic spankings.  It was nice, but the small room was getting crowded, and I tried to stay toward the back, which meant that soon I was crowded into the back kitchenette type area surrounded by well... guys watching naked women.  I thought it was a little creepy, frankly, plus I had on a sportscoat and was getting hot (but not in a good way.)  

The next demonstration was Dana Specht showing how to give a good lecture, and she did so with Sarah Gregory first.  Those two obviously have great chemistry, and know each other well.   I've written a review of Sarah Gregory's website, and that scene was just as good as the many on there with the two of them.  After that though, Dana asked for volunteers, and no one volunteered. (Dana I guess is kind of intimidating!) After a couple of moments of silence with no one volunteering, Amelia did.  As far as I know, Amelia and Dana Specht have never filmed a scene together.  But the two of them were absolutely great together.  That was probably one of my all time favorite scenes, and I sure wish I had it on film to watch again and again.  I don't say that lightly.  I have a bajillion spanking clips saved on my hard drive, and that would be in the small group of my favorites.  Their chemistry was great.  Amelia had the audience in stitches, and Dana delivered a spanking that was probably far more intense than Amelia had been expecting.  

Still though, it was so far very different from what I was expecting.  It was basically like the difference in seeing a movie and a play.  There's something to be said for live action witnessed in person, but I didn't have much interaction with the other spanking party attendees- other than a smile or two across the room, or whispered conversations with the guys standing around me.  

But that was soon to change... I'd been talking to Pandora in the last few months about getting together and her teaching me how to use the cane.  I'm quite a fan of hers.  And after the Amelia/Dana Specht scene we did.  As a Secret Spanko, in some ways the cane is the most useless implement. A hairbrush, a ruler, and old belt- you can explain away those being in your messy trunk.  But a cane? -that only serves one purpose... but in my mind, at least, it's still sort of the ultimate spanking implement.  So even if I couldn't use it any time soon, I wanted to learn how- and from one of the ultimate English gals with tons of experience with it.  And I did.  I've agreed not to reveal or show pics of the demonstration/training bottom, but I both gave and received during her training.  By the end, she said I was certified to give a caning and even a natural.  Here's a pic of my ass she took after receiving quite a warm up and then six of her best.
After that, I wandered the halls a bit and went out to my car to return some phone calls and get some fresh air.  Wandering the halls was pretty interesting.  About every third room you'd hear the sound of spanking.  I think it would have been far more relaxing had I actually had my own room there, as most party participants did.  But I was looking forward to meeting Ten Amourette, and was perplexed and frankly a bit irritated that I hadn't seen her yet.  We'd corresponded beforehand, and let's just say I was a big fan of her work.  Well,  that afternoon, we did meet, and even in spite of missing the demonstrations that were still going on, we had a lot of fun on our own.  I met her boyfriend, and Alex, very briefly, but we had agreed to play and play we did.  Chemistry is a weird thing, but I felt like we sure had it, and it was maybe one of the most fun play sessions I've ever experienced.  Her butt was amazing, and seemingly unmarkable, even though I know it hurt.  Here's a pic about midway through... notice both my boots in the background (upper left corner) and her amazing constantly hard nipples peeking out. (and yes, a wide stance just because she knew I liked it!)
What else can I say about Ten?  She's fun.  She's sharp.  How about... Even though every other word is "fuck" and "shit" and maybe she drinks too much and is a little rough around the edges, she has a heart of gold?  How about... Maybe I have a little crush on her?  

After we played, we were both hungry and went downstairs to grab a bite to eat.  She sits down next to a sweet older man that was attending the party.  He's hard of hearing.  I'm thinking that we must be making all the other folks there wonder what the hell's going on.  An older man, a younger man dressed for work, and her in a short skirt.  She's talking loudly so that he can hear about how she's gonna be be spanked because she's worried she'll be late for the schoolgirl party.  A few minutes later as we're waiting on our food she looks at me.

"You're uncomfortable, aren't you? That's right, you're local and don't want to be recognized.  Lemme run get the room key, and let's just get this to go."   

She nailed it.  I hadn't said anything, and was just going to endure it, but she read me like a book.  As she left and we were waiting on our food, the older gentleman spoke loudly about how a few years back someone had been outed for attending this.  The table of little old ladies stared at us.  Yes, I was intensely uncomfortable.  Food finally arrived, we wished the man adios, and scurried back to her room to eat in peace.  As we waited for her boyfriend to arrive with the keg for their party that night we talked even more, and I enjoyed it.  Props to her boyfriend, Dr. Lectr, who seems like a genuinely nice guy.  I wish I could have stayed and partied with them that night.

She wound up going to the school girl party late, and got spanked for it (of course).  The school girl party was again an instance of the audience sitting down and watching professionals spank and be spanked.  It was in the ballroom, but by this time I was about to have to go back home.  So I risked interrupting, and made my way to the front to wave and mouth goodbye to Amelia, Pandora, and Ten before heading out.

It was a great experience.  Don't get me wrong.  But I have a few regrets:
I wish I had had a chance to talk to a few seemingly normal couples that smiled at me but seemed bewildered.  There were a bunch of obvious spanking party veterans with t-shirts with spanking phrases on them, but a few couples that looked like deer-in-the-headlights and I wished I'd been there to reassure them- just never had a chance.  Hopefully that happened with someone else after I was gone.

I meant to talk to Alex but didn't get a chance.

I felt like I didn't get to know many new folks, but again, the 1st day's activities weren't all that conducive.  I did meet "Mike" who I recognized as a top from Firmhand, and a young guy interested in getting into the industry as a bottom, but I felt like I didn't have much of an opportunity to connect with most of the people there, and that there was maybe a bit of an unintended disconnect between the industry folks and the non-industry folks- at least on the 1st day.  

Wish I could have been there longer, and will work on planning to do so next year!  Thanks again to Paul for organizing it!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading about your time.


  2. Wow! I never had anywhere near that much fun playing hooky from work. My big thrill was shopping for porn to read on the train home. You know how to hooky!

    Can't believe you got that much into one short day. I fear if you had more time we'd never hear from you again.

    So many things -- I love the goddess ascending the stairs with her togo coffee (how sweet is "cowboy boots with smart clothes"?), and I know you're proud of those Pandorastripes. The scene when you're waiting for the food is priceless. How great of Ten Amorette to realize and give you an out.

    I'm huge fan of Dana Specht and completely understand why nobody volunteered. She terrifies me.

    There's too much to tap on a phone. Thanks for a trip! I've read a lot of reports too but nobody does it like you.

    Don't get backed into a sweaty kitchenette again. Squick. :):):)

  3. I agree with Emen -- you did manage to cram a whole lot into a very short time! I've never had the pleasure of meeting Amelia Jane, but I've never heard anything but the nicest things about her. Pandora seems like a sweetheart. And isn't Ten a blast and a half? :-)

    I hope you'll be able to spend at least one night sometime in the future. The suite parties that go late into the night are really something. Glad you had fun!

  4. Thanks ladies- glad y'all enjoyed reading it, and yes, I crammed a whole lot into an afternoon. Maybe someday Erica.

  5. I'm glad I at least got to meet you for a second! I wasn't able to spend time with a lot of people that I intended to. I'm glad you got to connect with Pandora and Ten-- I spent a lot of the party with them, and they're just the loveliest of people. :)

  6. Sweet cane marks on a sweet ass!

    Great report! It sounds like you had a very educational experience. Now when are you going to practice your newly aquired caning skills?


  7. Agreed, Alex. Thanks, spankcakes... sadly, not sure when.

  8. Awesome writeup, thanks so much! And finally I can link to it from my post, hooray :)

    I hear you on the pro/non-pro divide. It was a strain on us as well as we had to be "on" almost all the time and the days were very over-full. I can see how your experience was a bit alienating. But over the weekend as a whole those lines were blurred more than in the short period you were there, I think. For a start, most of the ladies at the naughty schoolgirl party were non-pro.

    It was a pleasure meeting you and playing with you, and I'm really glad we found the time. What an honour to introduce you to my favourite implement from both directions. I hope you got away with the stripes.

    And bless Ten for rescuing you in the hotel restaurant. She's a good 'un.

  9. I'm so sorry Pandora, somehow this comment wound up in my spam folder. It was such a pleasure meeting you (and playing with you) as well, and yes, Ten is a good 'un!

  10. I enjoyed reading your report. Emen sent me the link as I asked a few questions about spanking parties. Never been to one myself but have always been interested. Maybe one day.


  11. Oh golly, I'm SO sorry I've only just caught up on this! I don't use my Fetlife account (in fact, I never remember my login and it just seems easier not to bother) but I just logged in successfully and found your message and link. What a lovely post :) It was super to meet, you, albeit rather briefly. I'm really glad you had a good time, and sorry I wasn't around more to talk.