Thursday, July 12, 2012

everyone has a clips store/the state of spanking videos

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell talks about how one needs to spend about 10,000 hours doing something to become an expert at it.  When it comes to watching spanking videos, sadly, I might be close.  I've been doing it for awhile.  Spanking videos have changed a great deal since I started watching them.  I remember when they were so tiny they would fit on a floppy disk. (remember those?)  Even way back then  I was a secret spanko.  I'd use my roommate's computer- we only had one phone line connected to the internet- and surreptitiously download the movies onto my floppy disk and watch them later on my computer, late at night.  In the very very beginning, they were free.  But I subscribed first to realspankings  and then firmhand.

Recently I changed computers, and in the process, I came across a treasure trove of old stuff I'd hidden deep within the bowels of the hard drive.  My even older hard drive couldn't even connect to my new computer.  The earliest video I could find was this:

A Firmhand video from 2002 with Catherine Corbett. (what ever happened to her?)  If you have a problem squinting to see the information in the title, she got 18 swats with the slipper over her gym shorts in this little update.  That little rectangle in the middle of the screen is the size of the movie.

Once upon a time, when I contemplated starting a blog, I figured that the primary way I could contribute to the spanking community was by serving as an informed but opinionated consumer advocate regarding spanking videos.  Up until a few years ago, the only expression of my interest in spanking was in buying subscriptions to spanking movie sites and watching them over and over and over.  (Well, I also read a lot of spanking stories too, I guess, but still.)

I decided that I wanted to write reviews of sites, and gave myself criteria for those reviews:

1. They should be small relatively unknown sites that could use the publicity, not the big mega sites everyone knows.
2. I'd pay for the subscriptions myself, so I could be objective and free to say what I really felt.
3. I wouldn't review a site with someone I had gotten to know online before I wrote the review, because again, it would be hard to be critical or objective.

I've reviewed a few sites: Dreams of Spanking, Girls Spanked Hard, Sarah Gregory Spanking and Spanking Sarah. And since the blog started I've subscribed to several more, that I just didn't get around to reviewing for one reason or another.
Spanking Court- no review for #3 above
Spanking Bare Butts- this one greatly amused me, at least the videos of the main guy, his accent, and his girlfriend, Bryanna. Telling your girlfriend you were "going to spank her hams" can only be pulled off with an accent like that.  Unfortunately there were several scenes not involving them that I liked less, and just couldn't ever decide how to to write the review. (incidently, this is the number 1 store at The Spanking Library)
Marked Butts- I wanted to like this one.  It had a very home-made authentic feel to it, but I don't know, something about it just didn't inspire me quite as much as the ones I did review, and never got around to it.
Real-Life-Spankings - pretty much the same as above.  Just didn't inspire me.
But sadly, there aren't too many pay sites that fit my criteria for reviews.  Dreams of Spanking is the only new large site that I can think of that's launched in a few years.  The last straw was when I decided to subscribe to (warning do not click on this unless you have your sound off!)  Spanking Ms Cali.   Here was a small spanking site that's not even included on Brushstrokes list of spanking sites - which is saying something! - and she's kinda cute on twitter! But... the site didn't work.  Even after I'd signed up and paid.  On the other hand, they have a pay-per-video store on The spanking library that worked fine here. I wound up purchasing a single movie for the same price as I had hoped to pay for access to all the movies on that site.  (It was cute, and so was she- don't get me wrong, but still.)  Clearly, my model for spanking reviews was behind the times.

In my interview with him, Dallas said the number 1 change in the industry was "Over-saturation as more spankos said to themselves 'I can do that!'"

He has a point.  Seems like everyone in the industry has a clips4sale store now.  (The spanking library serves much the same function.) In my party report on TASSP I mentioned that I'd never seen Dana Specht and Amelia Jane Rutherford in a scene together, and how they had great chemistry and had the crowd cracking up.  Since then, video shoots of the two of them have appeared on the clip$4sale store of just about every professional who was there, along with spanking scenes involving every other professional there. There are more choices now than ever before (and the video quality continues to improve.)  This is the current state of spanking videos:

But is the proliferation of individual clips4sale/The Spanking Library stores a good thing for consumers?  In some ways yes, but in some ways no.  
For the most part, individual sites featuring pay-per-individual-downloaded-movie are a TERRIBLE value compared to a monthly subscription to a larger, more established subscription sites.  Say for instance (speaking strictly hypothetically here!) one had developed a crush on a certain spanking model.  You could download individual clips featuring them from the clips sites for anywhere from $5 to $25 per movie.  On the other hand, you could subscribe to an established large site like Punished Brats -happy anniversary, by the way- where this spanking model you were interested in appeared (maybe as the most recent update) and download several movies of them, plus hours and hours of other spanking videos, literally gigs of movies, for between $20 and $30 usually.  That's a much better deal.  It's my understanding that the portion of the price of the individual movies that makes it into the hands of the content provider on these type of stores is surprisingly small, as well.

On the other hand, there are more choices, and if you're looking for a special scene, like maybe this certain model playing with Pandora Blake in a scene too hot for most of the subscription sites, the individual stores are the way to go.  While most of the movies available for purchase on the individual sites have much lower production values than the subscription sites, some of the Clips4sale stores are very good. I really like the scenes from Strictly Spanking featuring a discussion in the car on the way and then some intense spanking action.  (And "Amber from Texas" is adorable and have only seen her there!) It takes more searching though, and the preview clips these stores put up on spanking tube aren't always the best measure to judge them on- you really have to buy a few before you can get the flavor of the spanking scenes delivered by these stores.

My hunch is that the state of spanking videos is in flux.  New individual stores are blossoming, maybe at the expense of the older established subscription website model.  Pirating is a big deal.  There's more competition and choices for consumers than ever, even if some of those choices are not a good value and you pay a premium for good content.  My hunch is that the spanking video industry will continue to evolve, and maybe, hopefully, someday consumers and producers will get a distribution system similar to itunes where consumers can get the content they want easily,cheaply, and in abundance.  Meanwhile, producers won't have to worry about people stealing their content and can rely on consumers saying to themselves, "Hey, what's another 99 cents? I'll get another and another and another and another one too!"


  1. Interesting stuff! Personally I think it's amazing that technology has made content creation so much more accessible. A binary, probably class or income-based divide between creators and consumers is pretty stagnant. When anyone can join in, a genre evolves and progresses much more quickly... and rapidly become more diverse and representative.

    I particularly love how the clips stores have made it so much easier for models and performers to create and sell their own content without having to invest huge amounts of time and money in setting up a business. (A clips store was my backup option for Dreams if the ambitious website plan fell through... and without being a web designer/developer myself, I'd never have been able to afford to pay for a site like that). It pretty much goes without saying that performer-driven porn is better for performers, and performer welfare is still one of the hot buttons for anti-porn activists. Then there's the tube sites, which even further break down the distinctions between amateur and pro, consumer and creator. I love the way the internet has facilitated creation and sharing. In my opinion it can only be a good thing.

  2. I'm glad you liked the clip with Ten btw! It was the first of its kind for me in some ways, will write about that in one of the next two posts about TASSP.

    I was a bit jealous not to have it on my site (TOTALLY not too hot for Dreams, anything goes on there) but I'll just have to make sure I make up for it next time I see her :)

  3. Pandora thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. While I'm approaching the subject as a consumer... you, as both a performer and a producer, are one of the most uniquely qualified folks to comment on this, and I really appreciate it. You're absolutely right in that without the development of technology in the last decade, the rise of individual stores would not have been possible.

    One interesting thing you mentioned that I had not... spanking tube and many of the clips stores allow amateurs (like me) to occasionally appear in their own videos. I think that's fun. On the other hand, amateurs like me that are not dedicated to it to the extent they're willing to show their face (totally understandable!) unfortunately detracts significantly from a good spanking video. To me, at least. This could be several blog posts worth of discussion. Thanks again. I need to subscribe to your site again soon!

  4. I agree. The evolution in production values and performances on the pro level is amazing and encouraging. Even the "hey, I can do that" mentality drives diversity in its own way. I'll always have a soft spot for the blatantly homemade. So your idea for an itune distribution structure is perfect. What could be more fair? Or a better market indicator?

    Great post.

  5. Thanks Emen! we can dream of the day for a spanking clips itunes!


    You requested my response, you can read it on my blog.

  7. I didn't request your response, but after thinking about it, I thought I should give you a heads up in case you felt like you needed to respond. Meant you no ill will.

    My response to your response is on your blog as well.

  8. After reading this, it occurred to me that I have never seen a spanking video! I think I've always gone to stories because I didn't want to deal with credit cards, etc. I'll have to check one out!


  9. Well, my little short stack, you're missing out!