Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Post by Emen -I Know I Need To Be Spanked

I know that now. I went without it for a long time, although the hunger never left me and it was always the core of my fantasies. Then just a little short of a year ago I woke up and realized how much I needed to be spanked. How much I needed the submission to the hand and the roaring in the blood with every blow. And I realized I had to do it in secret.

I’m a Secret Spanko. Are you? Is that why you’re reading? I married vanilla for many good reasons that I don’t regret. Thinking I could live without the kink, that that wasn’t all there was to me. And it isn't, it just happens to be one of the best things there is to me.

There’s no approaching This Thing with my husband. It would only confuse and hurt him. I respect that. And now I respect that it makes me whole. It makes me much better able to deal with life. It makes me happy and horny and once again capable of the rocking orgasms I used to have when I was free to live my kink. It calms me, it soothes me, it makes me insane with desire, it gives me hope and something to look forward to. And it has brought the most amazing people into my life.
So I do it. In secret.

How about you? Which do you crave? Dream about, anticipate? Do you get the wetness between your legs, the tremor in your cock, about being bared and bent and shaking, waiting, every sense so heightened that the smallest sound is painful to your ears the way the strap, the brush, the cane, the hardest hand will pain your helpless flesh?

Or do you dream of cool command? The careful calculations. The finest shadings to your dominance, guided by all your experience, the physical stamina and the mentality of a born gambler. Willing to take the responsibility, shoulder the trust, risk it all on this crazy crapshoot that you can create reality.

Do you dream it? Do you do it? Secretly? It can be hard sometimes. It can be ridiculous sometimes, the things you have to go through.

I know I need to be spanked. And I will be soon. But while we wait, can you tell me about you?

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  1. Yes...I must be spanked. I just came out of the closet to my vanilla husband. He's doing an awesome job catching up... Hard to believe I kept that bottled up for so many years.

    PS - white background problem above - highlight and hit the "remove formatting" button.

  2. How lucky you are. And what a great husband you have!

    Thanks for the tip but I'm not "running" this remotely. We haven't figured out how to do that :)

    So... Guest post! Eye strain! All good!

    Thank you :) :)

  3. I love being spanked, and I love even more being spanked by a man who loves to spank me. I love the moment where I first stretch myself across his lap, his hand gently stroking the bottom he's about to so lovingly punish. I love the whispers in my ear, the kisses of my tears and the soothing lap that cools the heat radiating from my freshly caned bottom. All of this is done in our own private world, behind closed doors, that when opened, exposes us to the harsh sunlight of reality.

    xo, SC

  4. In our private world, in our secret garden. Yes.

    In our time when time stops.


  5. Great post. We only dabble in a little light spanking, but it is becoming more and more a part of how we play.

    Mr. No Name

  6. Thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your spanky play :)

  7. Lovely writing Emen. Although I owe this thanks to Mr. Marks this seems like a good post to say thanks for the writings on this blog. I used to be a secret spanko in the sense that I secretly obsessed over it. My wife knew I was into it ( we are switches) but would rarely indulge me. After reading this blog frequently I decided to come forward with just how obsessed with spanking I am to my wife. Turns out although she isn't a spanko like me she is totally fine with it on the condition that I don't ask to do it I just do it. She isn't a spanko per se but she does like the domination factor. And she discovered the cathartic and potentially orgasm enhancing effects of a good spanking. So now we have an agreement that I can spank her as I see fit for real or fantasy reasons and she can do so with me if she so chooses. She needs some practice topping but she's got some fire in her and after the last really good hard spankings she got I think she will have a better idea of how to do it once she decides to take me over her lap. Thanks SS and Emen.

    -Z Spanko-

  8. Thank you Z Spanko. What a great story. Please come back and let everybody know how it's going :)

    1. I LOVE hearing from anonymous people that are into it but not "into" the spanking scene, and I'm so happy that Emen has inspired a new one to come forward with a comment!

  9. I let the freak flag private. Although I've openly admitted it to all of my partners since I was 19, it still is very much a secret to anyone else who knows me. So even for those of us who are not-so-secret, the stolen looks, the wet panties in my purse, the promise of closed doors after everyone leaves, accessorize the intimacy between us.

    I love this post, Emen. You have a beautiful way with words and I still stand by my belief that you would make an exceptional blogger. (That's no secret to anyone who reads this guest spots!)


    1. What a lovely way to embrace the secrecy. Which is inherent. I don't think there's anyone in this world who could live out.

      Thank you Pink. We know what I think of your beautiful way with words.

      :) Emen

    2. Ditto Pink's second paragraph! I'm blessed to have an amazing guest host!

  10. oh very nice Emen..i still want you to start writing in your own blog xx. I wn't tell you my secrets know them!

    1. I know your secrets and how beautifully you tell them.

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