Sunday, July 8, 2012

Secrets Revealed

Welcome back!  After a little fear-induced time off where I made the blog private, well... I'm back!

To those of you who requested invites to my "private" blog, I appreciate it and I'm flattered, but no one got an invite.  Not even Erica.  I wanted to take it down for just a bit... just in case.  Please don't ask.  Seems like the issue of keeping this kinky private side of our lives is not just an issue for me, and I very much appreciate those of you who have reached out to me.  Here's a recent blog post from someone else discussing this same issue.  It's frankly a bigger topic than I feel like tackling tonight though.  I mainly just wanted to say hi.  I missed reading the blogs, and apologize for not responding to a couple of comments.  Can't help it- in spite of my trepidation, this blog means a lot to me, and I missed it.  I missed y'all.

But in keeping with the theme of "Secrets Revealed" I thought I'd share a couple about my blog...

Not too long ago, I posted about someone I'd spanked and how she opened up to me about her "Daddy issues" and how it moved me.  Well, dear readers, I fibbed a bit about the details of that encounter.  I did so intentionally with the purpose of protecting her identity.  Until she recognized the story and tweeted that it was about her.  So much for that concealing her identity idea!  On a related note, Ten's two most recent blog posts are about identity and revealing it in light of this kinky spanking thing.

Keeping with the theme... I also posted fairly recently about my one day experience at my 1st spanking party.  In that post I described taking a caning lesson from Pandora Blake, but I said at the time I had agreed not to reveal the bottom I had practiced on in learning how to give a proper caning.  I had.  Well, she spilled the beans in one of her recent blog posts.  Yes, she taught me how and let me practice on her bottom. (And an awesome one at that!)  Oh yeah... She recently celebrated a birthday. and as a present for her fans gave them a free video of her birthday spanking!

Oh, and while we're at it... I'm flattered that Bright Bottom (always amusing) would include a little video of me as his Sunday movie.

I have a lot of pent-up blog postings to come, but please bear with me as I'm trying to limit my naughty internet time.


  1. Glad to be back, and couldn't be happier to read those words!

  2. Welcome back. Missed you. And thanks for all the links to the bonus blogs!

  3. Very pleased to see you back :)

  4. It's good to have you back! :-)

  5. Welcome back! just FYI...for whatever reason this didn't show up on my blog roll. I almost missed it!

  6. Thanks ladies!

    Pandora, if I can ever get around to finishing my next couple of posts, you'll have made it something like 5 consecutive posts mentioning you.

    Kaelah- it's good to be back. One of the upcoming posts is a continuation (sort of) of our switching discussion.

    SpankCakes- woops. I had it pretty locked down and realized i had missed a setting. Big THANK YOU for pointing it out to me!