Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Pouting!

Smiling may not be the facial expression one most associates with spanking.  I'd probably say the facial expression one most associates with spanking is a close call between a bratty pout and the looks of pain captured in Bright Bottom's Friday Faces series.  Maybe even the stern scrunched eyebrows and tight lips of a top that means business.  Certainly not a smile, right?! 

I've been in sort of a generally foul mood lately for a variety of reasons.  August is always my least favorite month for some reason.  It's hot, school's starting, and it always seems like the most stressful and least fun time of the year.  There are hurricanes.  Preseason football sucks. The calendar is quickly filling up for the busy fall, and while the busy fall is going on you don't have time to notice, but in August you're still in summer mode of having the weekends mostly free and looking forward it sure seems like a beatdown.  I'll admit that since returning from an early August vacation, my heart hasn't really been in this blog and I've been scrounging for things to write about.  Then last week Tim passed away, and it put me in an even darker place.  His wife's comments on his last post brought tears to my eyes, yet I wondered about what happens to secret spankos in a similar situation.  If I were struck by lightning tomorrow, there'd be no one to mourn among the spanking blog community.  No one would know. I'd simply not post anymore, emails would go unanswered, and people might wonder, but I'd just fade away with no closure

But then I was inspired by the picture at the top of Tim's blog:
They're smiling. Having a good time.  Not sure if that picture was actually Tim and his wife, but I always imagined that it was.  I started this blog because it's fun.  People have fun and gain some form of pleasure from spanking, otherwise they wouldn't pursue it.  I like spanking, and writing about spanking.  You like it too, or you wouldn't be reading this.  There are lots of spanking folks getting ready to have a great time at the grandaddy of all spanking parties this weekend in Vegas.  So I thought in an effort to sort of pull my mood up by my bootstraps, I'd talk about spanking and smiling.  I've always thought smiles are sexy.  The picture at the top is of "Kathy" -one of my all-time favorite spanking models from from years ago.  If she can smile after that spanking, shouldn't everyone?  A bunch of these pictures I'm not sure where to credit, but will credit them where I can.  I thought they were sexy and cool, and hope y'all do too.
So cute!
This was probably just a vanilla nude, but I like to think she's smiling thinking about cutting her own switch! 

Kailee smiling after being paddled
A pretty goofy smile from my friend, Ten

Sorority spankings are always fun!
Your grandma's hot friend smiled anticipating her spanking!
Giving spankings is definitely something worth smiling about!
From one of my first website reviews... I loved this model Sophie on  She was always smiling while being spanked, even through her tears.

While pouts can be sexy, and even ouchy faces too, it's hard to resist a beautiful smile as the sexiest spanking face of all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

spanking blogger tree

I read an article recently on college football coaching trees, and I thought I'd try to apply the concept to spanking blogs.  It's especially timely, but I'll get to that in a minute.  

For those of you not familiar with the concept, a coaching tree works like this: the coach of Kansas State is one of the older and more well respected coaches in all of college football. (I'm leaving names out because I don't really want lots of college football fans flooding my little spanking blog!)  The Kansas State coach had assistant coaches that worked for him and are now head coaches at other schools, like the head coaches at Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Following just one branch of the tree, one-time assistants under the head coach at Oklahoma have become head coaches at Texas Tech and Indiana.  Again following just one branch, assistant coaches under the Texas Tech head coach then became head coaches at West Virginia and Houston.  The coach at Houston moved to Baylor, and his assistant became the head coach at Houston and now Texas A&M.

Now spanking blogs are not at all like college coaching positions, obviously, but I thought a parallel could be drawn between that and the bloggers who influenced and encouraged me to get started.  The main two are definitely Dana Kane and Erica Scott. Those are the roots of my spanking blog tree.  Without the encouragement of the two of them, I would not have gotten started.  I'm grateful for their encouragement and a few helpful tips along the way in how this blog thing works. (Also a tip of the cap to Pink who also encouraged me and came up with the still-amusing "Mr.Marks" name.)

As I said, I think this topic is sort of timely.  I like to think that I have a couple of branches to my blogging tree now.  A few short months ago I mentioned that Flipping Spankcakes had started her blog.  And now Emen, who has graciously provided this blog with material when I was out of town on a couple of occasions, has started her own blog, called Emenessence.  I've corresponded with both ladies for some time before they started their blogs, and they're both talented writers (and both pretty good looking too!)

I don't take any credit for what these ladies have done or will do, just as no one should blame Erica, Dana, or Pink for whatever I've done on this blog.  But I do think it's nice to think about maybe influencing Emen and SpankCakes just a bit to get started blogging, and passing on the encouragement that was given to me.

Curious if any current bloggers are willing to share about other bloggers encouraging them getting started, or about encouraging others.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tim the Friend... Adios

Tim the Turn was a blog started about the same time I started mine.  That wasn't the only thing we shared in common, though.  It was another blog by a guy -which is fairly uncommon. By another guy who mostly likes to spank but had on occasion switched -which is really uncommon.  We were both into spanking videos on the internet, and both started out doing reviews of spanking websites. We both tried our hand at spanking fiction.  We developed a bit of a friendly rivalry about how our blogs grew. Well, in my mind at least.  He was more vocal about how frustrating it was starting out and hoping for page views and comments than I was, but I read what he said and judged myself based on catching up with him.  He was chrossed before I was.  If I'm being honest, it made me a little jealous.

At one point he decided to interview me as the first of his celebrity spanking folks interviews.  This was way before I could even dream of being a "spanking celebrity" and I'm still pretty sure that I still don't qualify as such.  But that interview led to some great discussions (most of which will never be published) and one question he asked led to the inspiration for my post about blogger's 1st posts, which is the 1st post of mine to have been selected as one of Chross's spankings of the week, and is still among the top ten most popular posts on my blog so far. So I give him some credit for that.

This past week, he posted his final blog entry.  I'll miss reading what he had to say about spanking, and I"ll miss him.  For those of you that read his blog regularly, I'd ask that you protect his privacy in the comments. I realize that I risk that in bringing up the fact that he's left this little spanking blogosphere corner of the internet, but I will miss him and wish him the best of luck.  Adios, mi amigo.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why is it so hard to take a pic of your own butt?

So you meet someone online that's into spanking.  Several emails later it seems to be a nice back-and-forth flirting, they can write in complete sentences, seem to have similar desires and interests... then comes the all important (and potentially scary/awkward) moment when you decide to exchange pictures of yourself.  You're putting a lot of trust in this person by doing so.  What if you know them? Yikes!  Maybe this sexy emailer is in reality related to Quasimodo, or has disfigurements, or horrible teeth, or thinks that "curvy" is a good euphemism... 

This is not a blog post about that moment.  

This is about the moment several emails later when one or the both of you ask to see a pic of the other person's rear end.  That part of them you'll hopefully become much more acquainted with in the near future if the two of you can work out scheduling.  Turns out, it's a lot harder to take a pic of your own rear end than you might think.
I found another blog post about this very topic, where the author expressed her frustration with not being able to do so.  There are some decent tips for taking these pics in the comments there.  

As I've mentioned before, I've given phone spankings to a friend several states away, where I instruct her in spanking herself.  afterward, she'd take a pic of her pink bottom with her cell phone and send it to me.  Those pics came out great, the only problem is, the way she held her phone, the pics were upside down.  If you're looking at them on your phone it's no problem- you can just flip the phone around.  That is, unless doing so also flips the image around when you do that!  Here are a couple of those again, just for your enjoyment.  It is a pretty nice bottom!
I've tried taking a picture like that myself a couple of times, just for fun, and it's not nearly as easy as it sounds.  You pretty much HAVE to use a mirror, and even then it required several takes and some coordination- at least for me!
yes, that's an electric toothbrush
I have to say though that maybe the best secret spanko at taking pictures of her own ass is a fellow secret spanko blogger SpankCakes.  Don't believe me? check out her latest blog post.  She almost always includes at least one such shot in her posts, but this last one had four or five.  Maybe she should do a tutorial on it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Maybe the coolest spanking video ever made!

SHOWstudio: The Fashion Body - Buttocks from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

Okay so I've read on lots of blogs that today is "Consensual Spanking Day" earthly idea who came up with that idea or declared it.  So I thought I'd share this video I stumbled across.  It's a few artsy super slo-motion spanking scenes, and I thought it was awesome!  Beautiful people, beautifully shot... and those impact ripples on her bottom -Wow!

I'd actually planned to write my thoughts on one of Kaelah's posts about acceptance of spanking and other kinks as a black or white issue in too many peoples' minds.  But then I started looking for black and white spanking illustrations and came across this, and thought it would make a much more fun post for "Consensual Spanking Day".   (Who else thinks that sexy ladies giving spankings should do so with their breasts exposed far more often?!)

Boring, Not Fun Stuff
For all I know it's been featured on other blogs before, but it was new to me.  In light of a couple of other posts on two of my favorite blogs about copyright infringement, I want to give credit where it's due.  However, I have no idea who made the video.  It's posted a number of places on the internet.  I picked the largest version to embed.  I try to give proper credit for images I use to illustrate my posts, but I didn't when I first started out- didn't know any better.  I'm not going to say I always will- I don't always know who created a picture I find on google image search, especially if it's used on some other blog.  I have limited time to write these posts and don't always feel like researching it.  However, I borrowed (with his permission) some of Brushstrokes' language about how this is just a hobby for me but I understand that it's a business for some and if I've mistakenly used someone's copyrighted image I'll be glad to remove it.  It's posted in bold right under the "About Me" section on the left.  

Now if you made it through reading that, you deserve some sort of award, right?  How about another sexy video clip? This is maybe the sexiest PG-rated clip I've ever seen.  It's apparently all over the internet too,  but was new to me and sort of timely, because it involves track and field.  Make sure you watch until the end and see how the race turns out.  Unfortunately this lady didn't make it to the Olympics this year, but here's hoping for 2016!

- Watch More Funny Videos

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let me be Clare, er... I mean clear; I'm kinda Fonda this Jamie Foster lady

This is sort of a follow up to my second post on breast spanking.  In that post I mentioned that Clare Fonda and Eve Howard had just shot a couple of clips of them spanking each other's breasts.  Well, that turned into learning what the lovely Clare Fonda has been doing recently.  After creating about six different spanking websites, which are still going strong and updating, Ms. Fonda "retired" and is now contractually obligated to not engage in making bottom spanking videos.

But that hasn't stopped this insatiably kinky lady.  She's making videos at under the screen name Jamie Foster.  Now these videos do not feature bottom spanking.  They do feature a bit of this:

They also feature even kinkier things than you'll find on most spanking video websites:  strip tease, masturbation, BJ's, anal play, dildos, facials, diapers, etc...

One of the tamer shots
So for all the Clare Fonda fans out there, if you're missing her, or want to see her as you've never seen her before... now you know where to go.  

And before the comments, know that I obtained her explicit permission to post about this and am not just trying to expose her new persona.  At the same time I wasn't asked to do so either.  This isn't just a plug for her new site; I thought some of the spanking video aficionados among my readers would be curious and genuinely interested in what she's doing now.  I was.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick-fil-a, Al-Jazeera, and the politics of spankos

Being a secret spanko, in some ways I can identify with gays and lesbians.  Like them, I get my sexual jollies in ways that makes most of society uncomfortable.  For a heterosexual male, I'd say I'm very un-homophobic.  I have a gay friend at work.  He's funny.

Having said all that, I think the Chick-fil-a controversy is absolutely silly, and can't understand why both sides are worked up about it.  

I've noticed several tweets from among spanking industry folks about it, and it made me think about the odd mix of politics among spankos.  On the one hand, the vast majority of spanking stories one reads on the internet are extremely traditional.  Family values and a firm-handed but golden-hearted leader of the household husband is a theme of story after story. There's the whole extremely conservative domestic discipline type realm of spankingland.  On the other hand, there's the sexually liberated, spanking porn producing, probably way more vocal side of spankingland. 

Here's my take on the controversy, by way of an analogy... Probably 90% of the time I get gas it's from eating Mexican food one of two convenience stores.  I try to avoid going into each of them, but sometimes I do.  

One is a significantly grungier than the other.  It's filled with regular convenience store junk food, candy, gum, Coke, beer, etc... but it also has a truly bizarre collection of... knick-knacks and knives and just weird stuff.  The guys behind the counter barely speak English, and behind the counter there are nudie magazines and an ancient little TV set turned to a foreign language station that I swear is Al-Jazeera.  On Saturdays a lady works there and she wears a scarf over her head even in this dreadful heat.  I'm pretty sure the owners of the place have religious beliefs that are significantly different from mine.

The other is also full of unhealthy stuff,  but it's bigger, brighter, cleaner, and the people behind the counter are pimply clean cut white kids that are extremely friendly.

I don't really care though.  I go to the one on the side of the street I'm on either going to or coming home from work.  That's how I feel about this Chick-fil-a controversy.  If my kids want chicken nuggets, I'd rather take them to Chick-fil-a where the nuggets are pieces of chicken breasts than McDonald's where the nuggets are pieces of chicken parts.  That's it.  I'm certainly not making a political statement.

Good question!  But they sure seem to a lot recently.  Or at least one side or the other THINKS they do.  According to this article I read on, Chick-fil-a is not alone in being the subject of a political food fight.  In the last several years the National Organization of Women attempted a nationwide boycott of Domino's pizza; gay rights and pro-choice advocates have protested against Carl's Jr.; Wendy's, under fire from conservatives, pulled it's advertising from the then-controversial show "Ellen" after she came out on the show, which prompted gay and lesbian protests of Wendy's; conservatives protested against Burger King for their ads, gays protested when McDonald's said it wouldn't air ads featuring gay people, but conservatives protested when McDonald's was a sponsor of a gay pride parade in San Fransisco. Whew! 

I'm sure I'll go to Chick-fil-a again, but I won't go this week.  Not that I'm protesting, but... because it's crowded!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

breast spanking part II

Awhile back I wrote about breast spanking.  It's a pretty esoteric technique or maybe a subgenre of spanking I guess, and you don't see too much of it.  I couldn't even find a picture of the position I've used a couple of times in the past and had to attempt to draw it myself for that post.  Heck, when you google "breast spanking" that's post is the very 1st result on the whole entire internet. (Kinda crazy!)

Most spankos are probably not at all comfortable with it.  It's no replacement for a normal spanking, but it does have some nice advantages.  Breasts are extra sensitive and you don't have to spank hard to get some real ouchies.  It can sort of exacerbate the feelings of exposure, vulnerability, and intimacy that one might experience with a regular spanking.  It's the only way to look at the spankee's face as she's getting it unless you have a mirror or have her in the diaper position.  Still, understandably it's not for everyone, and not for me except as a little extra-spicey spanking fantasy that I've only been able to experience in real life a few times.

I'm going to write about it again because three things made me think about it here recently.

1. Emen mentioned someone spanking her breasts in her last guest post. (and before I go ANY further, thank you again for those!  She's a great writer and I totally agree with Pink that she should start her own blog.  After I took a little break the last thing I wanted to do was let the blog lie dormant for another week, and I'm very grateful to her for those contributions.)

2. I recently have started reading a lot at  again, and there's a forum there where people discuss stories.  Someone recently asked about a story involving breast spanking.  This simple request was met with three pages of (extreme paraphrasing here) "ewww... that's BDSMy... not my thing! that's not even spanking...go somewhere else."

3. In contrast to that, two living legends of the spanking community,  Clare Fonda and Eve Howard,  just teamed up to shoot a couple of clips with -you guessed it- breast spanking.  You can find them on the Shadow Lane clips store (currently the 3rd and 4th clips down).

In case my readers don't know, Eve Howard was one of the founders of Shadow Lane, writes spanking books, is a professional spanker, and normally doesn't appear any more as a sub on film.  Clare Fonda was a prolific spanking model who gradually became more and more of a top, and built a slew of spanking video websites before retiring fairly recently.

Quick funny story- Eve recently published the book Shadow Lane Vol. 11. Years ago, I was pleasantly shocked to find volumes 2, 3 and 4 at a Borders bookstore.  I snapped them up, only to run into one of my old high school teachers in the checkout line. Either he didn't notice or noticed and didn't say anything, but I was petrified and my hands were shaking as I nervously checked out.

I watched the one of Eve Howard getting her breasts (which look nice by the way) spanked.  It looked like the two of them were having fun hamming it up. Maybe it appealed to me a little bit more because here were two strong mostly toppy ladies doing this, and maybe the fact that I like nudity made it appealing to me as well.  But I'll admit that part of me was just happy to see these little clips made because it was an affirmation that breast spanking isn't so crazy after all if these well respected ladies were having some fun with it too.

Oh, yeah, maybe you'd like some pics of those movies (used with permission)...