Wednesday, August 1, 2012

breast spanking part II

Awhile back I wrote about breast spanking.  It's a pretty esoteric technique or maybe a subgenre of spanking I guess, and you don't see too much of it.  I couldn't even find a picture of the position I've used a couple of times in the past and had to attempt to draw it myself for that post.  Heck, when you google "breast spanking" that's post is the very 1st result on the whole entire internet. (Kinda crazy!)

Most spankos are probably not at all comfortable with it.  It's no replacement for a normal spanking, but it does have some nice advantages.  Breasts are extra sensitive and you don't have to spank hard to get some real ouchies.  It can sort of exacerbate the feelings of exposure, vulnerability, and intimacy that one might experience with a regular spanking.  It's the only way to look at the spankee's face as she's getting it unless you have a mirror or have her in the diaper position.  Still, understandably it's not for everyone, and not for me except as a little extra-spicey spanking fantasy that I've only been able to experience in real life a few times.

I'm going to write about it again because three things made me think about it here recently.

1. Emen mentioned someone spanking her breasts in her last guest post. (and before I go ANY further, thank you again for those!  She's a great writer and I totally agree with Pink that she should start her own blog.  After I took a little break the last thing I wanted to do was let the blog lie dormant for another week, and I'm very grateful to her for those contributions.)

2. I recently have started reading a lot at  again, and there's a forum there where people discuss stories.  Someone recently asked about a story involving breast spanking.  This simple request was met with three pages of (extreme paraphrasing here) "ewww... that's BDSMy... not my thing! that's not even spanking...go somewhere else."

3. In contrast to that, two living legends of the spanking community,  Clare Fonda and Eve Howard,  just teamed up to shoot a couple of clips with -you guessed it- breast spanking.  You can find them on the Shadow Lane clips store (currently the 3rd and 4th clips down).

In case my readers don't know, Eve Howard was one of the founders of Shadow Lane, writes spanking books, is a professional spanker, and normally doesn't appear any more as a sub on film.  Clare Fonda was a prolific spanking model who gradually became more and more of a top, and built a slew of spanking video websites before retiring fairly recently.

Quick funny story- Eve recently published the book Shadow Lane Vol. 11. Years ago, I was pleasantly shocked to find volumes 2, 3 and 4 at a Borders bookstore.  I snapped them up, only to run into one of my old high school teachers in the checkout line. Either he didn't notice or noticed and didn't say anything, but I was petrified and my hands were shaking as I nervously checked out.

I watched the one of Eve Howard getting her breasts (which look nice by the way) spanked.  It looked like the two of them were having fun hamming it up. Maybe it appealed to me a little bit more because here were two strong mostly toppy ladies doing this, and maybe the fact that I like nudity made it appealing to me as well.  But I'll admit that part of me was just happy to see these little clips made because it was an affirmation that breast spanking isn't so crazy after all if these well respected ladies were having some fun with it too.

Oh, yeah, maybe you'd like some pics of those movies (used with permission)...


  1. It's taken me 3 times coming back to look at it till I got the first pic on this, which I should not be admitting.

    I never thought I would want anything to do with breast spanking because, as you say, there's so little fiction about it and most of the vid/pics involve bondage and the breasts flattened between coils of ropes. Which makes me think mammogram. Buzzkill.

    But your post that you referenced and some discussion and a private story someone wrote me has made me think I want to try it.

    I completely understand that people have boundaries and that's important. The one place you have to feel safe and secure is in your kink.

    I like stretching my kink. At least thinking about it. And you always make me think.

    1. well I'm glad somebody caught the robin thing. I'll keep trying to stretch that cute little mind of yours!

  2. So I didn't think I'd be interested, but like Emen, I like stretching my kink. We tried my new floggers out on them this weekend. They were were wonderfully stingy on my nipples. I doubt I would ever orgasm from it, but it's a nice addition...

    1. glad yall tried something new. I figure it's definitely more foreplay than the main event.

  3. Personally, I don't get much out of breast spankings, except for erotic, playful ones. The problem is that more severe whippings of breasts, private parts and the belly (the female womb is where babies are carried to term) give me the feeling that a woman's femininity is supposed to be destroyed. This is of course not a moral judgement! This is just a personal association which makes it impossible for me to enjoy severe whippings of certain body parts. But I'm sure that even severe breast spankings can be played out in a safe way and I think that many people enjoy them.

    What you wrote about the comment thread on the Spanking Library touched me the most. Because it absolutely fits to something I recently wrote about. In my opinion, kinky people are sadly not more open-minded than the average person. There is a lot of black-and-white opinions, of "my kink is okay, yours isn't", "spanking is good, BDSM is weird" and the like, which can be frustrating at times. The comments about breast spankings are just another example.

  4. Thanks for the comment Kaelah. I'm not personally a fan of severe breast whipping either, much less belly whipping. However I totally agree with your thoughts about how being kinky doesn't automatically make you open-minded toward kinks different from your own. That was a great post, by the way. I didn't comment on it only because it was old by the time I got caught up on the spanking blogs recently.