Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let me be Clare, er... I mean clear; I'm kinda Fonda this Jamie Foster lady

This is sort of a follow up to my second post on breast spanking.  In that post I mentioned that Clare Fonda and Eve Howard had just shot a couple of clips of them spanking each other's breasts.  Well, that turned into learning what the lovely Clare Fonda has been doing recently.  After creating about six different spanking websites, which are still going strong and updating, Ms. Fonda "retired" and is now contractually obligated to not engage in making bottom spanking videos.

But that hasn't stopped this insatiably kinky lady.  She's making videos at cutecougar.com under the screen name Jamie Foster.  Now these videos do not feature bottom spanking.  They do feature a bit of this:

They also feature even kinkier things than you'll find on most spanking video websites:  strip tease, masturbation, BJ's, anal play, dildos, facials, diapers, etc...

One of the tamer shots
So for all the Clare Fonda fans out there, if you're missing her, or want to see her as you've never seen her before... now you know where to go.  

And before the comments, know that I obtained her explicit permission to post about this and am not just trying to expose her new persona.  At the same time I wasn't asked to do so either.  This isn't just a plug for her new site; I thought some of the spanking video aficionados among my readers would be curious and genuinely interested in what she's doing now.  I was.


  1. I knew she had "retired" but didn't know she couldn't do bottom spanking videos anymore. That seems a loss, but there's clearly no limit to her interests. Reading the titles list is an education. I'd watch these. She was great in her first career, I wish her many fierce cougar years.

    1. it certainly was educational- and there are a whole lot of titles. I was amazed at the volume.

  2. Thank you for the support Emen and I also appreciatethis post. Thanks for handling what I am "up to" now in a respectful way!

  3. I just came across her "Jamie Foster" account on twitter, I looked at the picture and said : DAMN I KNOW YOU!!

  4. that's awesome- I love comments on old posts! thank you. And I hope I helped point you in the right direction!