Monday, August 20, 2012

spanking blogger tree

I read an article recently on college football coaching trees, and I thought I'd try to apply the concept to spanking blogs.  It's especially timely, but I'll get to that in a minute.  

For those of you not familiar with the concept, a coaching tree works like this: the coach of Kansas State is one of the older and more well respected coaches in all of college football. (I'm leaving names out because I don't really want lots of college football fans flooding my little spanking blog!)  The Kansas State coach had assistant coaches that worked for him and are now head coaches at other schools, like the head coaches at Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Following just one branch of the tree, one-time assistants under the head coach at Oklahoma have become head coaches at Texas Tech and Indiana.  Again following just one branch, assistant coaches under the Texas Tech head coach then became head coaches at West Virginia and Houston.  The coach at Houston moved to Baylor, and his assistant became the head coach at Houston and now Texas A&M.

Now spanking blogs are not at all like college coaching positions, obviously, but I thought a parallel could be drawn between that and the bloggers who influenced and encouraged me to get started.  The main two are definitely Dana Kane and Erica Scott. Those are the roots of my spanking blog tree.  Without the encouragement of the two of them, I would not have gotten started.  I'm grateful for their encouragement and a few helpful tips along the way in how this blog thing works. (Also a tip of the cap to Pink who also encouraged me and came up with the still-amusing "Mr.Marks" name.)

As I said, I think this topic is sort of timely.  I like to think that I have a couple of branches to my blogging tree now.  A few short months ago I mentioned that Flipping Spankcakes had started her blog.  And now Emen, who has graciously provided this blog with material when I was out of town on a couple of occasions, has started her own blog, called Emenessence.  I've corresponded with both ladies for some time before they started their blogs, and they're both talented writers (and both pretty good looking too!)

I don't take any credit for what these ladies have done or will do, just as no one should blame Erica, Dana, or Pink for whatever I've done on this blog.  But I do think it's nice to think about maybe influencing Emen and SpankCakes just a bit to get started blogging, and passing on the encouragement that was given to me.

Curious if any current bloggers are willing to share about other bloggers encouraging them getting started, or about encouraging others.


  1. Bonnie very kindly posted some of my writing on her blog, and once I became comfortable with seeing my innermost thoughts in print, I decided I wanted to be a blogger too.


  2. I like this concept. Definitely I got great encouragement from you since one of the earliest emails. Pink always published whatever I commented, and I had no sense of what to do, just took off and wrote whatever I thought of no matter how unrelated to the post. She was always encouraging. Michael of Blossom and Thorn wrote me an email complimenting my comments to Pink! What a kindness, what an acknowledgment that was.

    And finally SC stepped in and kicked butt until there was a post up :)

    Speaking of butt, Dude, "pretty good looking"? SC's butt is a work of art.

    I love this idea. I hope to pass it on. I hope my branch of the tree grows very long.

  3. The first spanking blog post I ever was yours on the ritual of sleeve rolling. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks for providing a great blog for all us SS out there!


  4. I'm happy to be one of your "roots," SS. :-)

    I didn't have anyone actually encourage me to start blogging; I did that on my own. But I believe my earliest influence was Bonnie. She linked me when I was a fledgling on MySpace (my what??) and I read her tips religiously. If I had to pick the best advice out of all the valuable info she offered, I'd say it was her suggestion to reply to each comment individually whenever possible. People like their efforts to be acknowledged, even if it's just with a "thank you."

  5. Hermione and Erica- Bonnie has certainly contributed a lot so many individual bloggers and to the spanking blogger community as a whole- by encouraging the two of you, she did both.

    SC- You;re welcome, but thank you too- that's one reason why I decided to start it when there were already so many good one.

    Emen- SC's butt certainly is nice, and so is yours. (oops, did I just let that slip?) ;)

  6. Wow, thanks Hermione, Erica and SS! I'm pleased to have been hanging around when greatness was born.

    I love the tree idea, though we all have a lot of roots.

    At least one of my early influences is still active. That's Dan (Spankboss) from the Spanking Blog. I looked at what he and others were publishing and said, "I think I can do that." His blog has evolved considerably over time, as has mine. I believe one key to blogging longevity may be the ability to adjust the formula over time.

    Thanks for an interesting post!

  7. Thanks Bonnie, I'm happy that you commented on this, given that you're probably the roots to so many spanking bloggers. Blogs evolve, but I loved your recent graphs of spankings post. That was both insightful and fresh, and proves that you have something original to say and not just a host for spanking brunches and new blogs. I hope that didn't come out wrong, and was truly intended as a compliment. A tip of the hat to Bonnie!

  8. No offense taken at all, SS. The truth is that after seven years, I struggle to find new topics or even new angles on old topics.

    There was a time when I posted every day and a lot of it was fairly creative original stuff. When I reached the point where I felt I had no more to give, I expected to walk away from the blog. My readers convinced me that I should stay even if I didn't have that much new material. That was the genesis of the MBS you see today.

    My muse passes through every so often now and I share what I can.


    1. Heck, I have a hard time coming up with post ideas after doing this for less than a year! Don't know how you've done it. I saw the first post from your 2006(!) archives in that link and it was highlighting stories you'd written before you became well read. Wow. Great stuff.

      I hope your muse passes through some more!

  9. Hello,

    First time reader of your blog, from Cleveland. I love the analogy of the blogging tree and it's quite common. I follow crafting blogs across the country. They have blog hops throughout the year. You link your friends' blog and in each blog there will be something everyone who participates has to read or see and then who ever hosts the blog hop will give away a prize. In this case perhaps a paddle. That would be cool. One way to unite spankos across the country!


    PS My condolences to Tim's family and friends (from the previous post I read)