Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tim the Friend... Adios

Tim the Turn was a blog started about the same time I started mine.  That wasn't the only thing we shared in common, though.  It was another blog by a guy -which is fairly uncommon. By another guy who mostly likes to spank but had on occasion switched -which is really uncommon.  We were both into spanking videos on the internet, and both started out doing reviews of spanking websites. We both tried our hand at spanking fiction.  We developed a bit of a friendly rivalry about how our blogs grew. Well, in my mind at least.  He was more vocal about how frustrating it was starting out and hoping for page views and comments than I was, but I read what he said and judged myself based on catching up with him.  He was chrossed before I was.  If I'm being honest, it made me a little jealous.

At one point he decided to interview me as the first of his celebrity spanking folks interviews.  This was way before I could even dream of being a "spanking celebrity" and I'm still pretty sure that I still don't qualify as such.  But that interview led to some great discussions (most of which will never be published) and one question he asked led to the inspiration for my post about blogger's 1st posts, which is the 1st post of mine to have been selected as one of Chross's spankings of the week, and is still among the top ten most popular posts on my blog so far. So I give him some credit for that.

This past week, he posted his final blog entry.  I'll miss reading what he had to say about spanking, and I"ll miss him.  For those of you that read his blog regularly, I'd ask that you protect his privacy in the comments. I realize that I risk that in bringing up the fact that he's left this little spanking blogosphere corner of the internet, but I will miss him and wish him the best of luck.  Adios, mi amigo.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that. I have read Tim's blog since it started and always enjoyed what he had to say.


  2. Thanks for this post, SS. I've found this whole thing really affecting; Tim's in my thoughts a lot. He'll be sadly missed.

  3. So sorry to hear this. He'll be missed. Thanks for the post.

  4. Not really sure what to say to these comments. I try to reply individually to comments but not sure I need to here. His last posthumous humorous post got me a little choked up.