Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday spankings should be in your birthday suit!

I mean, that's what a birthday spanking is all about, right?  Commemorating when the doctor spanked you on the day you were born to make sure you could cry, or get the gunk out of your mouth, or whatever.  Just seems natural (and more fun) to take a birthday spanking in your birthday suit.  I was thinking about that recently.  No, it's not even close to my birthday.  I did recently enjoy Erica's account of her birthday spanking.  But that (and her abundance of clothes in the birthday spanking pic) wasn't the impetus for this post either.  Actually, I've been working on a story that involves a birthday spanking, of sorts.  Let me tell you... I have tremendous respect for spanking fiction writers.  Feel free to check out thespankinglibray for lots and lots of great stories.  (Giving them another plug because I STILL haven't finished something for Wellred Weekly! I'll try to put my other stories up on that site in the near future.) Writing stories is so much harder and more time consuming than regular blog posts- at least for me.  I'd hoped to have it done this week, but it's not.  So I thought I'd at least mention it and post some cool pictures of what I like to imagine are birthday spankings taken in the spankee's birthday suit.  Not only that, but here's another story from Literotica about a couple of twins getting a birthday spanking. (It's given by their dad, if that makes it squicky for some)
 "But Sarah, that's way more than 22!"
"Uhm... Did you forget that I got a copy of your drivers license for 2257 compliance before this shoot?"
 "That's it... All the way over.  Hold on tight."
"Ooooh... I thought she was joking! She's really getting a birthday spanking!  I'll just tip-toe right out of here and pretend I never saw anything!"

Anyway, another story hopefully early next week.


  1. Can I tell you, while I'm in it for the long run with the Englishman, really, my short term goal is to make it to my birthday. I cannot wait for my birthday spanking, and when it happens, I have no doubt I will be in my birthday suit!


  2. And... When is your birthday?

  3. Thank you for the shout-out, as always. :-)

    You make a very good point -- birthday spanking = birthday suit. I have mixed feelings about nudity and spanking, because I think a lot of the time on video, it's gratuitous (especially with the schoolgirl vids; in what school do they fully strip the girls???). But in a more intimate scenario, it can work well.

    1. The best of your videos, IMO, was taken at Hofbrauhaus. You were elegantly attired, you bent over the table with dignity and humor, and your reaction struck me as genuine and, obviously, memorable.

      Your yourself stated the one defect in the scene: the person wielding the paddle was a woman. The moustache added nothing.

      My point: to an observer, nudity is of no value in well-executed spanking scenes.

      In a bedroom, when the spanking is an mutual, consensual expression of excitement rooted in a caring relationship, clothing--or the lack of it--shpuld be decided only by the participants in the absence of a camera.

      In your blogs you make it abundantly clear that you expect your readers to view you as the person you so honestly reveal. You demand the respect you deserve. Doesn't allowing yourself to be perceived solely as an object of a stranger's entertainment undermine the bright, multidimensional individual your words reveal?

      Just an opinion that implies a question. I have no desire to judge you--only to understand.

  4. If I'm with an intimate partner, I've been spanked while naked and have no problem with that. Sometimes birthday spankings are more casual though and I'm not one to strip down for just anyone.

  5. I'm more of the mindset that staying fully clothes (particularly shoes, etc.) makes the bare bottom feel oh-so-very-bare. It emphasizes that vulnerability very nicely.