Friday, October 12, 2012

Just a heads up...

Going through a crazy busy time in my real life right now.  Not bad, but good...  At least, it will be in the long run (hopefully).  But it's stressful and time consuming and by the time the family has gone to sleep and I have those rare moments to myself... I'm beat and just want to veg.

Or watch the previously recorded presidential debates and yell at the TV about what each candidate should have said.  (Biden couldn't say, when  responding to the question about Iran, "well, our guys wrote the code for malicious software that the Israeli's infected their nuclear labs with that set them back several years!" because, well, we still haven't officially admitted anything.  But he sure as shit could've practiced a better closing statement like Ryan did, or responded to something about running out of time with a quip about how it's hard to tell time in an endurance race.)  Of course, my disdain for Ryan is probably directly proportional to the the fact that my wife thinks he's "cute" and swooned when he talked about the little bean.  We did that too, buddy.  His name was "pinto" for us.

But I'm still around.  And will return with a lot of pent-up thoughts about spanking.  Just give me a week or three.  Please forgive my lack of posts and/or returning emails.


  1. Presidential debates absolutely the comedy hit of the season :)

    Good luck with real life.

  2. If only someone administered good hard whacks for each lie. Then it might be interesting.

  3. He is kind of cute. I know absolutely nothing about him other than that observation.