Thursday, November 29, 2012

gripping the sheets and the roller coaster ride

That moment when things escalate past what's mildly uncomfortable...

When things start to really heat up...

When you start to wonder, "Wait, why am I doing this?!"

When that thought is overwhelmed by an emotional response- This HURTS! GRRRR!

When this happens...
Okay so maybe she's not getting spanked, but you can imagine...
So... why is it that you're doing this?

I have a partial explanation.  Awhile back I wrote about breaking down the elements of a spanking and compared them to the ingredients of a hamburger.  I missed one. 

Once upon a time, I was a little kid who was just tall enough to ride the big roller coaster.  A little scared, hell a lot scared, I rode it anyway after some convincing. 
I held on to the rail just as tight as I could, and somehow survived.  When I got off, my mom asked me what I thought.  Still shell-shocked and wide-eyed, I said it was scary but I wanted to get in line again!  I was elated, and giddy, and amazed.  I was terrified, but I'd survived!

I think one of the elements of a spanking that can appeal to some is the same sort of scary wild ride followed by the elation and happiness and well, enjoying the comforting and aftercare.  Why else do people ride roller coasters? or watch scary movies? or watch tear-jerker movies?  To hang on tight- to the roller coaster rail, to the sheets, to their date, or to their Kleenex brand tissue- and have a wild experience and heightened emotions, but then the satisfaction that "I did it!" and they survived, and things are much better know.

Just something I was thinking about this week.  Curious if y'all agree or disagree, and what hamburger ingredient I should make this element of the appeal of spanking.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Can't Lieb her hangin'

Okay so my friend Spankcakes invited me to answer some questions.  It has something to do with a "Liebster award" but I'm not at all sure what the origin was, other than it's an excuse to ask and answer questions and come up with terrible puns as titles.  By the way, in looking for pics to go along with my terrible pun title, I got a little distracted and found this fetlife pic.  Sort of (but not literally) a friend of a friend stumble upon.  All I can say is wow! It's pretty amazing. 

So anyway, on to answering these questions... here goes:
1. What inspired your first step into the spanking world? Always interested... a few years ago stumbled onto an ad for and was like "wow! this is for real! I could really do this!" and I did.
2. What scene defines your ultimate fantasy? Hard to pick just one.  I guess the top-of-her-class-schoolgirl-that-gets-sent-to-the-principal-for-the-1st-time-after-being-caught-on-senior-skip-day-just-so-she-can-have-the-experience-and-is-confronted-by-a-principal-who-admires-her-but-is-determined-to-give-her-the-full-experience one.  (is that one? if not it should be).  Hate to say it but I also get a secret thrill about the pure fantasies involving alternative societies or religions where spanking women is socially acceptable, like Rollin Hand's Atonement or the one about another medieval planet at Bethany's woodshed.
3. Do you enjoy spanking/being spanked anywhere other than a/your bottom? thighs and breasts too! 
4. How do you feel about tears and spanking? nice but rare, and not something I try to achieve- more like icing on the cake.
5. Does anything intimidate you? Spanking related or not? Blue collar men with calloused hands.  Just being honest.  I'm in decent shape and even used to play football, but sorry ladies, my hands are now soft and maybe have paper cuts.  I'm not a handyman and take my car to the shop instead of fixing it myself.
6. What gets your blood flowing? Spanking related or not? jogging, playing basketball, politics, college sports, cooking, moving boxes, working in the yard, and uhm... the female bottom.
7. Name three things off your bucket list. Wait "off" our bucket list, as in something that was on it but now is not? or as in pick three of the things on it?  I'll assume things that were on it and are now off, just because that more interesting... 1) swim in the Mediterranean (it was cold). 2) attend a state of the union address (it was crowded) 3) rescue a young lady on horseback. (her horse was spooked and she was a camper, not a lady, but still...) 
8. What is your favorite film? Favorite book? boring... Star Wars and Lonesome Dove
9. What will be written on your epitaph? It won't read "Marky Marks" I can assure you.
10. Marsha, Jan and Cindy... which one do you fuck, marry and kill? Though I sort of like these games...Dating myself... don't have an opinion here because don't know.  Will go with the oldest, just to be safe!
11. What would be your Groundhog's Day... a day to be lived over and over again?  Had a day like that last week before Thanksgiving.  Not going to get into it, and nothing spanking related... just a good day on several fronts- work, home, weather... I thought to myself that it was a good regular day and how I'm thankful for so much, even though I wasn't looking forward to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks for asking.  Hope y'all enjoyed my answers.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who's been nominated and who hasn't been because lately I've been doing well to keep up with my own blog, much less others!  Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or email me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has got to be the least sexy holiday of the year, right? I mean, you travel, you hang out with your family. (You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family!)  You eat traditional dishes that are awfully bland to begin with, and you put on a smile and pretend like the food is great and you're enjoying yourself.  (And sneak a beer when my 90 year old grandmother isn't looking, because that's still a big no-no with her.) 

The guys pretend to care about the Detroit Lions game, but by the time the elaborate feast is ready, the Cowboys game (which some actually care about) has started, but we can't watch that because we're all enjoying this yummy bland food that's just like what our grandparents made, without any shred of MadMen glamour or fun.  And we get caught up on the illnesses and gossip in the family about our extended family.  Then we pretend to enjoy dessert, despite the fact that if anyone picked their favorite dessert, it would have some chocolate in it, but for some reason red meat and chocolate are forbidden from this supposedly indulgent holiday feast.   At least, that's what it's like for me. I have a jewish friend that said thanksgiving is like a jewish holiday- while quasi-religious, you eat traditional yet disgusting food and pretend to have fun with your extended family.  And sure, we're celebrating a year of being thankful based on the experiences of a group of religious radicals that helped to colonize a continent and were extraordinarily lucky not to have been slain by the native inhabitants. (Who "thankfully" had succumbed the year before to a disease spread through european rat urine.)

On the other hand, I have a great deal to be thankful for this year.  My life is finally settling down in several ways, and in good ways.  On a level that my readers care about, I'm recapturing this blog thing that was a great creative outlet for me that I feared was slipping away.  I miss y'all!  I'm also once again active in pursuing a spanking play-partner, something that I didn't have time for during the last few months.  For all of that, I'm grateful.  In fact, I'm, well... thankful. So, in gratitude here are some sexy thanksgiving images. (yes, they do exist.)
Ms. Monroe herself

Sexy pilgrim Halloween costume- on sale now!

this is actually me in costume.  call me "SquantoSpanko"
Bend over my lap, Prudence Lancaster.  I intend to spank you before I stuff your turkey!  (And no, I wouldn't dare dream of making a joke about the oil of fish improving the cornhole!)

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.  Enjoy it... as much as you can!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the coat hanger

Howdy folks.  I'm back.  Missed y'all.  I have a couple of interesting posts in store, but thought id start out by trying out a little story snippet.  It's not something i've done before, and there are several others who are really good at it, but thought I'd give it a shot.  It's a little dark, but hope y'all enjoy.

"The only thing that's off limits is a coat hanger.  My dad used to use that on me, and I just think it evil."

"I won't hit you with a coat hanger, I promise.  No worries there.  But you said you might like a little more than just a spanking.  A little bondage type action right?"

"uhm... yeah.  I kinda like feeling helpless, but trusting that I'm in good hands. So to speak.  I want someone to get into my head and rock my world, my mind and my body, but be safe.  Someone who knows my boundaries and pushes me.  Push me.  Does that make sense?"

"That's not really my forte, but I'll try to make it memorable for you.  I'll get a room at...."

A week later...

"Oowwww! That one hurt bad!"

"Back into position sweetie.  Bend over."

Whack! You stand up again and do a little dance. Then you turn your head around and see my face. I don't look pleased.

"Sorry Mark, I can't help it. It hurts and it's just my natural reaction."

I grab your hair and your hands instinctively go up to your head, leaving your bottom uncovered once again.



I suppose it could be fun to spank you standing up.  I do like watching you dance.

Whack! "Oooo..."

"And didn't you say you wanted to call me Sir?"


"yes... Sir."

"I know it can be hard to hold your position and I know that it hurts. It's supposed to. But let me see if I can help you out a little bit."

I walk over and open the drapes. We're high enough up that likely no one can see in, but you're still on edge as I lead you over to the window.  "Stay here. Hands on your head."

I fondle your breasts for a brief bit. "hmm..." before walking off to the small closet next to the hotel room door.

You hear me rustling about and I return carrying a coat hanger.

"you're not gonna hit me with THAT are you?"

"It's not your place to question me at this point, little one."

I set the hanger down on the little hotel desk/table and grab one of your breasts. Lifting it and enjoying its substantial weight before bringing my mouth to your nipple and sucking greedily, then flicking it with my tongue before sucking it again. I pick up the hanger and your eyes grow wide.

You notice that it's not a regular hanger but a skirt hanger. The kind that has 2 clips on the bottom. You gasp as you watch me squeeze one of the clips open and then again as it clamps down on your now engorged nipple.

Then I do the same to your other nipple. Taking my time and enjoying the sucking. You don't enjoy it quite as much because you know it has a purpose. After the hanger is firmly secured to both nipples, I lift the hanger up, and tug slightly. Then I do it again, smiling as I play with my new toy.

"this is sort of fun" roll your eyes.

"I can lead you all around the room and you'll follow" with one finger on the curved hanger part I walk you in a circle around the room.

"but this wasn't JUST for fun. It should help you stay in position and help you take your spanking like a big girl. Here, I'll show you."

I lead you over to the dresser and pull down, causing you to bend over, and I hook the hanging end onto the handle drawer. I help you into position, your face to the side against the cool hard surface.

"Legs straight. Arch your back. That's it. Spread em a bit more. I love seeing that --mmm... One more thing."

I go over next to the bed and grab the long since discarded tie and return to bind your hand behind your back.

It's a lovely sight, and I can't help myself from playing with you a bit. Teasing your pussy and bottom. I want you still turned on. I run my cock between your cheeks and through your lips. Teasing,  I bend down on one knee and deliver some licks with my tongue instead of a paddle or belt. You moan and beg.


Still I tease. "Not yet sweetie. Not yet. You still have at least a dozen more with my belt. But this way, you won't be tempted to stand up again. If you do-"

I pull your hair up just a bit, and you gasp as it stretches your nipples painfully.

"-well, you won't."

"Now, let's make these fast so we can get onto the really fun parts, shall we?  Deep breath. Here they come..."

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1st annual class reunion: In with the new: Trick and Treat edition

About a year ago I got my real start in the spanking blog community.  I was featured in one of Bonnie's "In with the new" reports of new spanking blogs.  I missed the "Bonnie appreciation day" but thought that this is one of the most important things Bonnie does for the spanking blogger community.  Making it onto one of these lists is almost like getting your spanking blogger license and thought that it would be fun to check in on my classmates and see how they're doing.  Below is a brief update on each.  I was surprised how many weren't around any more. Blogging is seemingly easy- not a great deal of technical know-how required- but it is kind of tough to stick with it.  Heck I've taken a break or two myself, and have noticed with sadness that a couple of blogs I liked are no longer around. Maybe it makes me appreciate those that have been doing this for years even more.

But back to the class reunion...

A man and his girl
Lots of personal pics on this wordpress blog, she seems to have quit posting in August, then posted a couple in June, and hasn't since then.

Aimless Ramblings
Seems to be a very frequent poster and still going strong.  Would add it to my blogroll, but as the title suggests, seems like much of it is not about spanking.  I'd never do something like that!  I bet she'd be fun to talk to.

no longer active

CP Erotica
Tumblr blog no longer active

DD - A Road Less Traveled
only one post, from Aug. 2011

Diving in with Domestic Discipline
Blog has been removed

Faerie learns to fly
This blog has been going strong for awhile.  Have had it on my blogroll.  Seems like a genuinely amazing lady that's shared quite a bit of herself with her readers.

Fire breather dot me
Stopped posting in January 2012 in an especially depressing manner.  Hope she's alright.

Kendra's Red HOT Tales
Enjoyed this for it's brief history.  Was an especially spicy version of DD while it was active.  Last post was in Nov. 2011.

Kitty Tales
Two posts, the last one was in Oct. 2011.

Otto's Femdom Spanking Art (F/M)
Blog has been removed

Scarlott's Submissive Behaviours
A professional submissive in the U.K. Only a couple of posts a month, but she's still active.  Wish she were in America!


The other Secret Spanko
Two posts, last of which was in Feb 2012.  I talk more about this here.

A submitted wife
Her husband got laid off in March, and after one post, then quit posting.  I feel for them.  Without him having a job and providing for you, I can bet that it's difficult to submit to your husband.  Sadly, this is occurring more and more in American society.  But that's probably a whole 'nother post.

The Blog of Fred
Funny, it was near the bottom of the list and never checked him out.  Seems to be a quite liberal chap in the UK.  Maybe I should start to check his blog out more often.

Veiled Obsessions
Have enjoyed watching her transformation this year in her relationship with her husband.  She's been on my blogroll for awhile.  She recently had twins (and she's kinda cute).

Saturday, November 10, 2012

You're not alone

I decided I'd pop my head back in and try to post a few words because I was inspired by something I read this week.  
No, nothing about that little thing we had this week called the election.
Not anything about Veteran's Day, or the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, though I care a great deal about both. 
Not a secret spanko tip about email paranoia (If the director of the CIA can be brought down by his activities on Gmail, what hope do secret spankos have of keeping this a secret?) 
No, not even Love Our Lurkers Day -though I hate that I completely missed it!
I was inspired to write something about an article in the New York Times written by a woman who revealed the fact that she had a spanking fetish- not just to her boyfriend, but to the world.  I have this phrase, "'re not alone" up there as a part of the masthead of this blog, and I truly hope that some of the lurkers reading the blog at some point have come to realize that they're not alone.  Almost every writer of spanking blogs and almost every attendee at spanking parties is able to be open about their interest and desires involving spankings.  However, not everyone with a spanking fetish is living it out or has it fulfilled by their spouse or significant other.  If you're one of those who keeps this desire hidden and bottled up, and you read too many spanking blogs, you might think that you're alone in keeping this deep desire a secret.  One of my goals in starting the blog was to both give a voice to those secret spankos and assure them that, well, you're not alone. 
On the other hand, even those who are open about their spanking desires to their spouse or significant other still mostly keep it somewhat a secret.  There are exceptions, but most folks retain some level of anonymity.  Jillian Keenan, the author of that article, took things well beyond that.  She wrote about herself and used her own name in a widely read and respected publication.  I encourage my readers to read it.  She talks about having the interest from an early age, and parts of her story will no-doubt be very familiar to many other spankos out there.  To do so took huge, brass, uhm... ovaries tremendous courage, and I salute her for it.  In doing so, she reached far more readers than any spanking blogger could hope to attain, and probably assured far more spankos (whatever their level of personal secretness) that, well, they're not alone. 
Thank you, Jillian Keenan.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Still here- sort of.

Hi y'all. I'm still here.  Work is still nuts and I don't have a lot of free time, much less regular access to the Internet for naughty purposes. Not only that, but iPhones, while relatively good at consuming Internet content are not that great at helping one produce content. (so no illustrations) but maybe I'm just not good at figuring it out yet. I miss all my blogger friends. A belated note of appreciation to Bonnie for all she does for the spanking blogger community.

Hope all my readers are doing well. Thoughts go out to those affected by Sandy.

One more note- please vote. If you don't you shouldn't be able to bitch about politics for 4 more years.

Hope to be back and blogging regularly by Thanksgiving.