Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1st annual class reunion: In with the new: Trick and Treat edition

About a year ago I got my real start in the spanking blog community.  I was featured in one of Bonnie's "In with the new" reports of new spanking blogs.  I missed the "Bonnie appreciation day" but thought that this is one of the most important things Bonnie does for the spanking blogger community.  Making it onto one of these lists is almost like getting your spanking blogger license and thought that it would be fun to check in on my classmates and see how they're doing.  Below is a brief update on each.  I was surprised how many weren't around any more. Blogging is seemingly easy- not a great deal of technical know-how required- but it is kind of tough to stick with it.  Heck I've taken a break or two myself, and have noticed with sadness that a couple of blogs I liked are no longer around. Maybe it makes me appreciate those that have been doing this for years even more.

But back to the class reunion...

A man and his girl
Lots of personal pics on this wordpress blog, she seems to have quit posting in August, then posted a couple in June, and hasn't since then.

Aimless Ramblings
Seems to be a very frequent poster and still going strong.  Would add it to my blogroll, but as the title suggests, seems like much of it is not about spanking.  I'd never do something like that!  I bet she'd be fun to talk to.

no longer active

CP Erotica
Tumblr blog no longer active

DD - A Road Less Traveled
only one post, from Aug. 2011

Diving in with Domestic Discipline
Blog has been removed

Faerie learns to fly
This blog has been going strong for awhile.  Have had it on my blogroll.  Seems like a genuinely amazing lady that's shared quite a bit of herself with her readers.

Fire breather dot me
Stopped posting in January 2012 in an especially depressing manner.  Hope she's alright.

Kendra's Red HOT Tales
Enjoyed this for it's brief history.  Was an especially spicy version of DD while it was active.  Last post was in Nov. 2011.

Kitty Tales
Two posts, the last one was in Oct. 2011.

Otto's Femdom Spanking Art (F/M)
Blog has been removed

Scarlott's Submissive Behaviours
A professional submissive in the U.K. Only a couple of posts a month, but she's still active.  Wish she were in America!


The other Secret Spanko
Two posts, last of which was in Feb 2012.  I talk more about this here.

A submitted wife
Her husband got laid off in March, and after one post, then quit posting.  I feel for them.  Without him having a job and providing for you, I can bet that it's difficult to submit to your husband.  Sadly, this is occurring more and more in American society.  But that's probably a whole 'nother post.

The Blog of Fred
Funny, it was near the bottom of the list and never checked him out.  Seems to be a quite liberal chap in the UK.  Maybe I should start to check his blog out more often.

Veiled Obsessions
Have enjoyed watching her transformation this year in her relationship with her husband.  She's been on my blogroll for awhile.  She recently had twins (and she's kinda cute).


  1. Happy blogiversary! I love that you're celebrating it with a "Where are they now?"... glad you're still alive and kicking!


    1. Still alive and about to start kicking again! Actually wasn't my blogiversary, just the anniversary of getting listed on one of Bonnie's in with the new lists.

  2. Happy blogiversary, Secret Spanko! The overview is really interesting. Maybe I should take a look at the blogs which started out at the same time as Ludwig did. Our blog is nearly five years old, so I guess that the majority of them doesn't exist any more. The only blog from your list (other than yours of course) that I read regularly is Fred's. He has had other blogs before which is why I already knew him when he started his current blog.

    1. Thanks- wasn't really my blogiversary, just the anniversaery of getting listed by Bonnie. And it certainly pales in comparison to your blogiversary post, which I enjoyed quite a bit!

  3. Happy blogaversary! Your alumni have mostly jumped ship, it seems.

    The Blog of Fred is one of my favourites, and Aimless Ramblings is another.


    1. thanks Hermione. I'll never forget that you were one of the 1st commentators. I think I need to add those two to my blog list.