Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the coat hanger

Howdy folks.  I'm back.  Missed y'all.  I have a couple of interesting posts in store, but thought id start out by trying out a little story snippet.  It's not something i've done before, and there are several others who are really good at it, but thought I'd give it a shot.  It's a little dark, but hope y'all enjoy.

"The only thing that's off limits is a coat hanger.  My dad used to use that on me, and I just think it evil."

"I won't hit you with a coat hanger, I promise.  No worries there.  But you said you might like a little more than just a spanking.  A little bondage type action right?"

"uhm... yeah.  I kinda like feeling helpless, but trusting that I'm in good hands. So to speak.  I want someone to get into my head and rock my world, my mind and my body, but be safe.  Someone who knows my boundaries and pushes me.  Push me.  Does that make sense?"

"That's not really my forte, but I'll try to make it memorable for you.  I'll get a room at...."

A week later...

"Oowwww! That one hurt bad!"

"Back into position sweetie.  Bend over."

Whack! You stand up again and do a little dance. Then you turn your head around and see my face. I don't look pleased.

"Sorry Mark, I can't help it. It hurts and it's just my natural reaction."

I grab your hair and your hands instinctively go up to your head, leaving your bottom uncovered once again.



I suppose it could be fun to spank you standing up.  I do like watching you dance.

Whack! "Oooo..."

"And didn't you say you wanted to call me Sir?"


"yes... Sir."

"I know it can be hard to hold your position and I know that it hurts. It's supposed to. But let me see if I can help you out a little bit."

I walk over and open the drapes. We're high enough up that likely no one can see in, but you're still on edge as I lead you over to the window.  "Stay here. Hands on your head."

I fondle your breasts for a brief bit. "hmm..." before walking off to the small closet next to the hotel room door.

You hear me rustling about and I return carrying a coat hanger.

"you're not gonna hit me with THAT are you?"

"It's not your place to question me at this point, little one."

I set the hanger down on the little hotel desk/table and grab one of your breasts. Lifting it and enjoying its substantial weight before bringing my mouth to your nipple and sucking greedily, then flicking it with my tongue before sucking it again. I pick up the hanger and your eyes grow wide.

You notice that it's not a regular hanger but a skirt hanger. The kind that has 2 clips on the bottom. You gasp as you watch me squeeze one of the clips open and then again as it clamps down on your now engorged nipple.

Then I do the same to your other nipple. Taking my time and enjoying the sucking. You don't enjoy it quite as much because you know it has a purpose. After the hanger is firmly secured to both nipples, I lift the hanger up, and tug slightly. Then I do it again, smiling as I play with my new toy.

"this is sort of fun" ...you roll your eyes.

"I can lead you all around the room and you'll follow" with one finger on the curved hanger part I walk you in a circle around the room.

"but this wasn't JUST for fun. It should help you stay in position and help you take your spanking like a big girl. Here, I'll show you."

I lead you over to the dresser and pull down, causing you to bend over, and I hook the hanging end onto the handle drawer. I help you into position, your face to the side against the cool hard surface.

"Legs straight. Arch your back. That's it. Spread em a bit more. I love seeing that --mmm... One more thing."

I go over next to the bed and grab the long since discarded tie and return to bind your hand behind your back.

It's a lovely sight, and I can't help myself from playing with you a bit. Teasing your pussy and bottom. I want you still turned on. I run my cock between your cheeks and through your lips. Teasing,  I bend down on one knee and deliver some licks with my tongue instead of a paddle or belt. You moan and beg.


Still I tease. "Not yet sweetie. Not yet. You still have at least a dozen more with my belt. But this way, you won't be tempted to stand up again. If you do-"

I pull your hair up just a bit, and you gasp as it stretches your nipples painfully.

"-well, you won't."

"Now, let's make these fast so we can get onto the really fun parts, shall we?  Deep breath. Here they come..."


  1. Good story. A little ouchy for me but good.

    1. glad you liked it. A little extreme, even for me, but I was inspired to use a coathanger, right?

  2. Replies
    1. I know it hurts sweetie. That was kinda the point.

  3. Wow, you're back and you're hot. I liked it. Definite squish factor. Love the format. Very intense and immediate. Beautifully done.

    The only thing I might say is that women probably have experience of skirt or pants hangers where the clamps are so tight you have to stand on them to get them open and that's maybe too ouchey, breaks the mood.

    But change that, make some mention that it's an older looser clamp and I think you've started your career in fiction and you should submit it somewhere.

    Very powerful, minimalist shot to the heart. Would very much like to see more.

    Welcome back.

    1. Thanks darling. I'll be honest- one of the few times I've written about something I've not experienced first hand, and will take your word for it about skirt hanger clips that are extra tight. and for your benefit, yes, it was an older, looser, clipped hanger that had clamps that were just tight enough to feel.

  4. Glad to see you're back! I have to agree with Emen... after you get done with a girl and a skirt hanger, she'll be able to screw you since she'll be armed with two flat head screwdrivers as nipples.

    Hot hot hot!


    1. touche' --great and funny comment. Glad you still thought it was hot though.

  5. Replies
    1. glad you liked it. Maybe a bit edgy but I'm hoping to post a few more story snippet type mini-stories.

  6. OMG! I would love for you to restrain me and pull my hair like that. Sometimes I like it a little on the rough side. You don't always have to be nice and comforting. - Spankme8583