Saturday, November 10, 2012

You're not alone

I decided I'd pop my head back in and try to post a few words because I was inspired by something I read this week.  
No, nothing about that little thing we had this week called the election.
Not anything about Veteran's Day, or the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, though I care a great deal about both. 
Not a secret spanko tip about email paranoia (If the director of the CIA can be brought down by his activities on Gmail, what hope do secret spankos have of keeping this a secret?) 
No, not even Love Our Lurkers Day -though I hate that I completely missed it!
I was inspired to write something about an article in the New York Times written by a woman who revealed the fact that she had a spanking fetish- not just to her boyfriend, but to the world.  I have this phrase, "'re not alone" up there as a part of the masthead of this blog, and I truly hope that some of the lurkers reading the blog at some point have come to realize that they're not alone.  Almost every writer of spanking blogs and almost every attendee at spanking parties is able to be open about their interest and desires involving spankings.  However, not everyone with a spanking fetish is living it out or has it fulfilled by their spouse or significant other.  If you're one of those who keeps this desire hidden and bottled up, and you read too many spanking blogs, you might think that you're alone in keeping this deep desire a secret.  One of my goals in starting the blog was to both give a voice to those secret spankos and assure them that, well, you're not alone. 
On the other hand, even those who are open about their spanking desires to their spouse or significant other still mostly keep it somewhat a secret.  There are exceptions, but most folks retain some level of anonymity.  Jillian Keenan, the author of that article, took things well beyond that.  She wrote about herself and used her own name in a widely read and respected publication.  I encourage my readers to read it.  She talks about having the interest from an early age, and parts of her story will no-doubt be very familiar to many other spankos out there.  To do so took huge, brass, uhm... ovaries tremendous courage, and I salute her for it.  In doing so, she reached far more readers than any spanking blogger could hope to attain, and probably assured far more spankos (whatever their level of personal secretness) that, well, they're not alone. 
Thank you, Jillian Keenan.


  1. Thanks for sharing... this hits so close to home.


  2. I read it. Classic spanko story and told with no apology. So good to see. Thank you for mentioning it and thank you Jillian although I was sorry to see no place to comment. I'm reading mobile NYT but I've always been able to comment.

    Your post speaks beautifully to LOL.

  3. It was a great article and definitely something I can relate to, and probably many others.

  4. I thanked her as well, both on Twitter and on my own blog. The buzz over her article has spread like wildfire, and all the attention is well deserved.

  5. I read that article and I think her courage is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing