Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interview with Betty Blaze of Realspankings

I feel like I grew up on realspankings.com  I can remember back in college when they were one of the first sites around offering premium content, and I maintained a membership with them even though I didn't have internet access.  (The roommate in my house did, and I'd download the videos to a floppy disk, cover my tracks, and load them onto my computer. Remember when spanking videos were so small they'd load onto a diskette?)  I'm pleased to have the chance to interview Betty Blaze, who apart from their owner, Michael Masterson, is, I believe, the only full time employee of what has become one of the largest providers of spanking content on the internet.
How's it going Betty?

BUSY! We've been shooting lots of content, acquired some lovely new models and have been working on some new ideas for videos and DVDs. Things are great here in Colorado! 

I've given a little bit of my history with the realspankings network of sites... I'm curious... tell me about your first interaction with them and your feelings involved with your first spanking shoot.  Was that your first spanking shoot?  Did you have much/any experience in spanking before you began working with realspankings?

Not at all!!! None, zero!   Yes, that was my first spanking shoot, EVER! I had been interested in it for a long time as I got more into the world of "fetishes". It was something I felt was more attainable than some of the other things out in the world. And when I  found the add in the local city paper, I was very excited and nervous all at the same time. Like, they do this in my town?!? When I first chatted with Lady D about what the job entailed, I thought, oh I can do this. When I went to my first shoot everyone was so nice and professional. I was a bit nervous of course about being naked and vulnerable in front of the camera, but with how comforting everyone was, I quickly relaxed and got right into it. I found that over time the more I got to know the people I worked with, the more open and willing to trust what they wanted to do. I have learned so much over all these years of being in this industry. I have learned alot about myself, my limits, where I am willing to take a scene, and how much I will give. It's pretty trippy on occasion to think how long I've been doing this! 
You're pretty much running the show on women spanking men, right? Hows that going?  Tell me about the differences in spanking men vs. women, and the differences in the audience. 
Yes I am, and its very different than it used to be. We could get male models in all the time who had no problem shooting with us without pay, they just wanted to work with us! These days it's a different story. I have no problem paying men to work with us, but there seems to be a lack of variety, and people are more unwilling to reveal their identities on camera. Which I also respect and understand. SO I work with  the men I can get in. I really enjoy the group I have right now. I know they have learned to trust me and seem rather excited to come in and work with myself or any of the other lovely ladies that come in to spank. 
I think some of the differences of spanking men, is, they tend to try their hardest to tough it out, not make much noise, grit their teeth and bare it. Sort of more of a challenge. Where I see that some of the ladies I work with are willing to open up, and express more emotion and give into it a bit more. I also feel as though some of the men that I spank, who are a bit younger and inexperienced, are just excited to be doing this sort of work at all. I can introduce them to scenarios and situations they may never have thought of (same goes for the ladies). I will tell you that I only have one gentleman who has really expressed any desires, scenarios,  implements that he's wanted to do/use in his scenes. Lots of the men I have worked don't seem to have any ideas, or aren't willing to tell me what they want. Not that they will always get what they want, but of course if it's along the lines of what is acceptable, I will of course oblige. Now the ladies on the other hand always have ideas, or are picking implements and really like to put their two cents in. Which I love! I enjoy spanking both men and women very much. 
As far as the audience goes, I believe for women spanking men, the viewers want to see the woman spanking the man. They don't always want a face and butt shot of the man, they would rather have focus on the spanker. And for the other sites that feature the ladies I believe its the opposite. I try to mix it up as much as possible, so that everyone can get what they want. But it's a never ending challenge to please the masses. I try! 
That's fascinating.  I would have thought that the men have more suggestions.  Maybe the audiences are more interested in the girls/ladies whether they're spanking or being spanked because, well... they're better looking.  Just a thought. Here's your chance for a plug- tell us about something upcoming on that site, and anything new and exciting on any of the other sites...

We are in the process of making our websites fully mobile! So now you can take our content anywhere you go!
We are also working on some new ideas for some compilation DVDs, and a possible full length Sorority movie. And as always we are working on bringing it fabulous new models!! 

That sounds awesome- I may have to renew my membership if I can watch those movies in the drive-thru line on my phone! Actually, in all seriousness, I've been known to ahem, partake in spanking activities at lunch time.  You've been at this awhile- what's the biggest change in the industry in that time period? 

I think since it (spanking) has become more accepted and is more main stream, you're seeing it in movies and on TV shows and social networks online- that more people are embracing their kinks and want to express themselves. I receive loads of emails daily of people from around the world wanting to work with us. Who have followed our sites, are into it, want to be the next spanking star, or just to see what its like.
I think people are much more open about it now then they used to be. I see that as a big change. Its not as scary or underground. And I also believe that people that are producing content are also more professional then maybe in the past, they pay well and and I see such awesome creativity out there!!! I'm always scoping out what other people are doing. I think people are pushing the envelope and when you have stellar models who really enjoy their work, (which it seems like there are more and more of) the possibilities are endless. 
But that being said,  I also do feel that there's a bit of over-saturation with spanking. Seems like everyone thinks they can do it and have a website and charge people for their, well, not so fantastic content. Just because you love spanking doesn't mean you [should] be a spanking website content producer.
I'll ask you one of the same questions I asked Dallas- on a scale of a-minor-nuisance to we-may-as-well-pack-it-in-we-can't-win... how serious an issue do you think piracy and file sharing are to spanking content providers?

This is HUGE!!! It's destroying the industry. All adult companies are being affected. This is not something that should be tolerated. Buy Memberships and support the people in the industry- stop being a slob and stealing and pirating content!!!!!!
We all work HARD to put this out there for people to enjoy. You pay for other things you like? Right? You buy products, and pay for downloads of music, books, etc. Why cant you pay for our products?
It's a real shame.

Once upon a time I thought I was going to be in Denver area for awhile and might be able to shoot with y'all.  Tell me- how much of your day is spent "model wrangling" and where do y'all find them?

Like I mentioned earlier, I get loads of emails from people who have seen our add online, to fetlife, to our spanking modeling website that want to work for us. So I spend quite a bit of time everyday responding to these. Of course we mainly hire models who are local, but have worked with some fantastic men and women from out of state who really want to fly in and work with us.
We also have a referral program here, so if a model referrers a friend they are paid a little extra bonus if that person works with us. We have gotten some great models with this incentive and it always makes for a super fun shooting day when the ladies know each other and are comfortable working together. The majority of the time the models find us, we aren't out scouting for them. I would say 80% of our models are from online responses to our ads. And I would also like to stress that 90% of our models are the true girls next door who reply to these adds. They have never done this kind of work before and it is TRULY their first time on camera. I spend a TON of time getting to know these girls so that they are comfortable, and trust us to make this experience a good one. We have never had a model NOT want to come back and work with us.

One concern I had was that someone from my real life would recognize me.  Has that ever happened to you? To any of your models?

I have had it happen to me before yes, but the person was not disrespectful and did not yell out "BETTY!" when they saw me. I actually received a message on our World Spanking Forum, that said they had seen me out and about, but to respect my "normal, vanilla life" they would never have approached me. And I was a little shocked, but appreciated it. I would never run up to someone in the industry on their off time and make a stink about recognizing someone. I just think its a little tacky. Or if your going to do it, be tactful. I only have heard of one instance of a model being recognized, but I never got many details, except that they were noticed at a local fetish club. 
I feel as though you need to do some serious thinking before you put yourself out there on camera. Its not for everyone. And its easy to get your desires met while not being on camera. But if you sign up to work with a company that is online content, you really cant ask people to hide your face or your identity. Especially when facial reactions are a huge part of the job. Its a decision each individual makes on their own. And if you are to deal with the consequences of getting recognized, or dealing with repercussions of it, well, be ready to explain yourself or move along knowing you made the conscious decision to do this. 

If someone reading this were interested in becoming a spanking model, what advice would you give them about getting started?

  • Wait until your 18!!!!
  • Do your research. Look into sites and watch content that appeals to you and the kind of model you would like to be, and how you want to be represented. 
  • Make sure you are ready to have your face on camera! 
  • Make sure you ask lots of questions when talking about shooting with a company. Where are they located? Who will be there? Can I bring someone? Who will be present at the shoot? How long will it take? What will I be compensated?
  • Make sure you are open and you communicate with people you are working with- what is my safe word? I like this, I don't like this. 
  • Don't be too forward to do "whatever" people usually have a formula to make your shoots the most effective and get the best out of you and well, your butt. Go with the flow and the program, don't jump too soon and regret your decisions on taking the fast track. 
  • Ask questions to other models- there are so many blogs, forums, social networking sites out there. Plenty of people to talk to or read about their experiences. I would highly suggest that.
  • I could go on and on, but be safe and smart. Do your research and you can find what your looking for.
Bet there's a funny story behind that first point, but I know better than to ask!

It seems to me like you've developed some chemistry with "Danny" - how do y'all decide who shoots with whom as you're scheduling?

That mainly comes down to people's availability. We shoot Monday-Thursday, two shoots a day. So I try to evenly schedule our spankers in conjunction with models and their schedules. Some people have preferences as to who they work with, but most of the ladies are willing to work with anyone. I am always the person working with models on their first day/shoot. I am also always present for each shoot.  It basically comes down to, what do we need to shoot this month? how many scenes? Then we book the models and spankers in conjunction. And what models are the most popular right now occasionally comes into play, but we try to give everyone equal work every month.

Can you describe the difference you see and the appeal of appearing as both a top and a bottom?  Is there one role in which you feel you're more of a natural fit? --I think there's something extra appealing about seeing a powerful woman get spanked as opposed to a student. Just sayin'

I enjoy both roles SO MUCH! This is a tough one! As I am more drawn to Topping these days, every now and again I just need to submit to a good punishment!! The thing I enjoy about being able to play both roles is, I like the idea of a strong, commanding woman that is one minute spanking, and then the other being punished. (sort of like what you said above) I love the idea that someone can dish it out and then also take it. I find that to be sexy. I feel so in control when I am Topping. I feel like am really great at reading peoples body language. I know how far I can take them, or push them. I enjoy that aspect very much of being a top. I feel as though the models I work with men and women, trust me. They know they are in good hands and will get what the deserve, and sometimes what they want. =)

As a bottom honestly, I feel like I can release my stress! Its a HUGE emotional release for me when I am on the bottom. I can just let go and float off into lala land. I can also add in my bratty attitude, that yes, I really do play out in "real life", so that's not often a far cry. Especially the eye rolling. 

I also feel much more mature than when I started. I didn't really "get it" right away. I didn't know if I would like it as much as I do. Or if I would ever want to spank someone. But I quickly found my way, and my calling. Its hard for me to pick which side I prefer to be on. I have fans who like me only as a top, and others who only like me as a bottom. My love for either is always evolving and changing. I don't feel like I currently have any one to spank me on camera that QUITE gets into my head the way I may like, or we just haven't gone there yet. But I think that could happen sometime. I feel like I still have a lot to learn on either side of the spectrum. I'm excited to see where it takes me on and off camera.

I really just am a happy switch. Its hard for me to choose sides. =) 
Is she getting ready to spank, or be spanked?
How does working at a spanking company affect your interest in spanking in your private life? does it enhance your interest or lose its appeal because it's well, a job. 

I don't get spanked very much in my private life honestly. When I do its strictly during sexual situations- bondage, spanking, etc. But I am not disciplined in real life. I enjoy it when the time is right, and enjoy doing work for the camera. Both are very separate and different for me. 
On camera there's always a story- an infraction. So there's acting involved, and then when it comes to the actual spanking, of course my reactions are real, but to me most of the time its not a turn on. And when I'm alone with the person I love- its just way more intense. Because there's so much trust there, I can fully let go and submerge myself into it all. I'm not sure I would really ever feel comfortable in a sexual situation on camera that I was that out there and personal. Some things I feel, need to be left to the imagination, and kept for you and you alone. 
I love being on camera getting spanked, I love being Betty Blaze! I adore my job on both ends =) I love pleasing my fans. I just like to have some secrets too! 

I've learned that you're into burlesque as well as spanking videos.  Can you talk about that interaction?  Any crossover fans? Is there a place for your fans to see you do burlesque?

I don't really cross those things over. I talk about it from time to time, and some of my close friends and fans have seen me perform. But I don't advertise my Burlesque character in my spanking life. I know I have talked about it as a passion- but I don't just give those details out to just anyone! Sorry! If you're lucky enough to catch me somewhere out there- then YAY! 
Uhmm... wow!
Thanks again Betty. You know I'm a fan, and it's been a pleasure interviewing you. 

Folks if you haven't, check them out... hard spankings, cute girls (and guys), lots of videos, and unlike a lot of sites, you can download the archives going back for years and years.  It really is is one of the most consumer-friendly spanking sites/ family of sites on the internet.


  1. What a great interview, both the questions and the answers! Betty is lovely, and so very photogenic. I hope to meet her in person at a party someday.

    1. Glad you liked that. I'd love to meet her in person too.


  2. Awesome interview! I've been a fan of Betty since her first profile on RS. She is a wonderful Lady and very much takes care of the members.
    Its nice to get a glimpse behind the curtain. ;)


    1. I thought so too Poppa. I know she does take care of the members. I saw a thread on the forum there with requests and within a couple of weeks- those were the scenes that were updated! I was impressed.

  3. Good interview, but I wish you had asked her if she was spanked growing up.

  4. fascinating interview, thanks Betty for being so open - and a very good site in general. You have a great sense of what makes interesting reading/content

  5. Glad y'all liked the interview.

    I guess I figured "tell us about whether you were spanked growing up." is sort of a signature question of Realspankings punishment profiles. I bet Betty answered that question way back when.

  6. No, Betty was not asked that question in her Punishment Profile. In fact, in the early punishment profile, they never asked if the girls were spanked growing up.
    Please ask her.

  7. I want to know the history of RealSpankings.com
    I can't be the only one who has noticed a shift in the models and the original female who stood next to the great Michael Masterson. I cant seem to find an article on the internet discussing this very story. On another note, before it all got started, does anyone remember the newsgroups? Remember Daze or Wulfrum?