Monday, December 3, 2012

news blooper re: spankings, "As a kid? No..."

I saw this awhile back and thought about posting it but was recently reminded of it in a "best local news bloopers of 2012" video. I won't make my readers sit through the whole thing and say wait for for it beginning at about the 4 minute mark or something... no, I did a search for it and found the isolated blooper. (There are about 5 versions on youtube, and it wasn't from this year, it was pre- "50 shades" era!)  Maybe another blog out there has already covered this story from a few years ago but I did a quick search for it and couldn't find anything.

I think the guy's a real jerk and am astounded at how unprofessional he is, but her reaction is well... cute.  And kind of hot!  Anyway... enjoy.


  1. LOL! I squirmed for her; she was so clearly mortified.

    I agree with you -- she's adorable, but what an ass he is!

  2. I'm amazed a guy like that has a job as an anchor. At least Ron Burgundy was sort of smooth.

  3. What an idiot he is! Our nightly news has a male/female team, but they stay well clear of anything vaguely sexual.


    1. I think that's generally the idea, plus it's far more professional.

  4. Her reaction is really sweet (and funny)! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  5. I am certain, that either her husband, or her boyfriend, at one time or another, gave her a few spanks on that voluptous naked rear end of her's. I know I wish I could