Thursday, December 27, 2012


"Drop your drawers and bend over.  And I'll warn you, this one's going to hurt a bit."

Those words might sound fun to most spankos, right? But those words are certainly NOT fun when said in the context of an exam room by a nurse (even an attractive one) holding a big shot.  I experienced this here recently.  I had to get my first shot in my backside since I was a little kid.  

Interestingly, it wasn't really in my butt, instead she had me lay down on my side and gave it to me in my hip. I was curious, and found this webpage that explains why they give shots like that now.  I'll admit it- the nurse was very attractive, and when she said, "no I need the boxers down a little more so I can see." and then sort of leaned over me to put her hand on my bare hip... despite not feeling well to begin with, I felt a little tingle of excitement.  Unfortunately it was quickly replaced by pain that wasn't pleasurable at all, and walking around all day feeling like I had a golf ball implanted in my ass.

But in looking up the antibiotic I got on the internet that night, my mind drifted and my browser followed.  I turns out some people are really into shots as a fetish.  There are even movies for sale specializing in this sexual fantasy.  And it turns out there appears to be some crossover.  Surely most spanking video enthusiasts are familiar with Bad Tushy and might know about the related site Doctor Tushy which features exams and rectal thermometers and sometimes even fake injections.  But there are some studios that apparently specialize in this stuff.  Most interestingly, I found a movie called Shots 4 available here.  I didn't find Shots 1, 2, or 3 but didn't look all that hard.  I also noticed that one of the models in that video looked awfully familiar.  

Why, that's Lila from Realspankings!
While I won't be incorporating shots into my spanking fantasies or play anytime soon, I do think it's sort of fascinating that the two fetishes have a little bit in common- vulnerability in the face of an authority figure, fear, exposing your bottom, pain in the bottom, etc... and I'm curious whether there are spankos out there that find shots intriguing, or even hot. 


  1. Is there really anyone that is a spanking purist? It seems there is no end to ancillary fetishes.

  2. Wow- lots of spam comments on this one. Thank you Our Bottoms Burn. As I said, I can maybe see why this would be an ancillary fetish... but not for me. It hurts in wrong sort of way.

  3. That's a good question -- I think there are fetishists who are relatively spanko purists, but completely? I wonder. Sorry you're not feeling well, darlin'.

  4. In terms of purists, I wonder how the spanking purist's mind would react to "Drop your drawers and bend over. And I'll warn you, this one's going to hurt a bit."

    Thanks Erica. Other than my hip, I'm feeling much better.

  5. How about getting a temperature check down there as well. After all, once those boxers are down anyway..... JayJay

  6. Well JayJay, the "I'm-sick-oh-yeah-maybe-we-should-take-your-temp-in-the-bottom-hey-you're-not-sick-you-need-a-spanking-for-lying-about-being-sick" is almost an archetype of spanking scenes and fiction. I'm pretty sure if you looked on that website you'd find more than one picture of a rectal thermometer in use, if that's your thing!