Tuesday, December 18, 2012

spanking and religion mix, part 2

So a couple of instances of spanking and religion mixing that I missed in my first post about it...

American Horror Story is a television show that apparently has generated a great deal of buzz this year.  It features a nun who canes people in an insane asylum.  I've seen some clips of the caning scenes, and there's nothing sexy about them to me.
But I'd be really remiss in not mentioning a song that pops into my head far too frequently when I'm engaged in spanking play.  The Veggie Tales are a cartoon series for little kids that's supposed to be Christian based. There are some Bible stories, but mostly there are lessons like "Be Nice to People" and "Share Your Things" - not that these cartoon lessons sink in especially well with toddlers.  But we had one DVD that our kids used to watch over and over.  It contained the song on the video below.  What does it have to do with spanking? Well, just watch the video and I hope that this powerful ear worm invades your skull like it has mine at certain times in a spanking scene.

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  1. I loved the first season of American Horror Story. Haven't seen any of the second season yet though.