Wednesday, December 5, 2012

spanking and religion- they mix?

Let's see... I've talked plenty about sex and politics, why not offend everyone and bring up religion too?!  Yes, spanking and religion do mix. They mix quite a bit.  In fact, this subject could provide ample fodder for a number of posts.  Heck, I suspect it could provide ample fodder for a doctoral thesis if one really delved into it.

There are of course, people (lots and lots of people) that are into Christian Domestic Discipline. As I understand it, it's similar to "regular" Domestic Discipline but buttressed by a belief in Christ as eternal savior and several verses from the Bible that they say support the notion of the husband as head of the household with the authority (and duty) to spank his wife when she sins. Obviously, they take their mix of spanking and religion very seriously.  I'm certainly not judging them, and would love to hear from some of them if I've mis-characterized that movement.  (Just please don't judge me!)

However, I'm not really focused on that group of folks, which I think is a small minority of the number of people that are into spanking.  Instead, I'd like to discuss those that add the element of religion as an extra spice to spanking.
from Shadow Lane's Spanking Confessional
from Sara Gregory Spanking
I attended the Texas All-State Spanking Party last year.  The lowlight, for me at least, of the one day I attended was the schoolgirl spanking party where the attendees sat as the audience while professional (and a few well known local) tops dressed up as priests and spanked all the bottoms, who were dressed as schoolgirls.  Whatever the outfits, the format was not my favorite.  Still, the fact that the tops were dressed as priests, some with rosaries and wooden crosses around their necks, added (subtracted?) further to my unease and displeasure.  I'm not Catholic, and wasn't necessarily offended, so much as I thought that any reference to priests in a slightly sexual scene was sort of creepy. 

That party wasn't an isolated incident by any means.  See the shot above from a Shadow Lane movie.  I haven't seen it, but if it's like other films by that studio I'm sure it was good quality and had a relatively well-developed and acted plot for a spanking movie.  I also recall several movies over the years with nuns being spanked from various studios, and the other shot above where Sarah Gregory is dressed as a nun providing discipline.  But that party scene stands out to me because it made me wonder "Why?"  I mean there are a lot of Catholic schools- I get that.  But when I think of priests spanking it adds an "Ewww..." factor that I'm not sure I can explain.  
I'll try to explain it though: spanking is fairly sexual for me, and when I think of priests engaging in taboo sexual activities, my first thought is little boys, not spanking schoolgirls.  When I think of someone that spanks naughty schoolgirls, I think of someone that looks like this:
I know, I know... maybe not exactly a sexy image for ladies that are into spankings.  Fine.  How about a different professor?
He knows how to use a whip, too.
All that having been said, I think there is a time and a place to mix spanking and religion.  Had I been Catholic, with a different impression of priests, and/or attended Catholic school and been a little scared of the nuns, I might have had a very different impression of that scene.  I think it can work in the context of works of fiction, with some background.  Religion mixed with spanking can be like the titanium skin of the super-secret space shuttles in the movie Armageddon.  

Okay, so that last sentence needs some explanation... fair enough.  In the lexicon of business consultants, "we'll unpack it."  Let's face it, in everyday life spankings don't normally occur outside the realm of special relationships or in the bedroom. (Or, ahem, among people with this fetish actively seeking like-minded folks for play).  In any work of spanking fiction, or a video clip with a plot, one doesn't need to necessarily believe that the plot is likely to occur, one merely needs to believe in the plot just enough to suspend their disbelief that lots of spankings can occur outside of established spanking-relationships. Right?  Just like in a movie involving space shuttles navigating and then landing on an asteroid, sure it's bad science, but we're not talking about being factually correct, we're just talking about being entertained here, right?  One must suspend disbelief that the fragile space shuttles could survive with their crew intact to do such a thing.  How does the director/writer suspend the disbelief? By making it marginally plausible. 

"People know that space shuttles are fragile, how can I get them to believe that they might could navigate and land on an asteroid? I know, make them super-secret military shuttles covered in titanium skin!"   becomes... "Women don't get spanked in regular society, how can I make this believable?  I know, I'll set the story in a heavily religious background. What about on that compound of a religious cult? No one knows what goes on there, and we don't have preconceived notions about those religious leaders and associate them with lawsuits involving the abuse of little boys, right?  It could be a fertile ground for spanking fantasy worlds to be invented."

Surprisingly, I've found several examples of this, and the concept pretty much works.

A couple of posts back I mentioned Atonement, a novel by Rollin Hand and that was actually sort of my inspiration for this post.  It's about the infiltration of just such a religious cult that includes spankings.  I first read it years ago, and then read it again when I was a member of the excellent and full of promise, but sadly short-lived spanking couple website.  (If anyone knows the whereabouts of Veronica Daniels or "Coach" I'd love to hear from them too, or just tell them I'm a big fan.) Rollin recently published it on Amazon, and I'm assuming some changes and edits have been made since I read it, but I still recommend it highly.

There are more works of fiction that incorporate religion or religious cults as a catalyst for a spanking fantasy.  Among them:

The "Appointment for Contrition" series by Guy Spencer is maybe my favorite.

I've also become a fan of Smashwords - although the selection is relatively tiny, despite all my secret spanko skills I have yet to discover a good way of concealing EBooks purchased on Amazon from my Kindle app for IPhone.  (plus the "books" on Smashwords are usually free to $5.00 tops) Similar stories found on Smashwords include:

The Church of the Illuminated, Books 1, 2, and 3 (plus a guidebook) by Jennie May;
Ephraim's Wife (a polygamist tale) by Leah Kelley -I admit I haven't read this one, but looks promising.

So I feel like there is a place for mixing religion and spanking, even among those that don't take the religious aspect seriously, in that it's an element that can make spanking role play or reading or films more plausible.  However, I know it's a very touchy subject.  There are plenty of folks into spanking that do take their religion very seriously, and probably more than a few who, through previous encounters, are turned off by religious connotations in something they pursue as fun.  Still, it's a topic I haven't seen squarely addressed on the spanking blogs, and well, sometimes I like to stir the pot and am not shy about generating controversy.  Would love to hear my readers' thoughts on the matter.


  1. It's funny you mention this because I am very careful not to mix religion and spanking in my stories/books. Not because I object, but because I think for quite a few readers it would make it too difficult to enjoy the story.

    I object to the use of religion in the kinds of scenes you mention, less because I am offended (though if absolutely pushed, I would say that I am) and more because it's superficial, inaccurate, and silly. (Sorry if there are Ally McBeal fans.) To me it's like watching Ally McBeal if I were a might be fun and funny, but does it really have to pretend to be about law?

    Also one thing to consider about Christian Domestic Discipline (though that's not your focus here) is that not all couples who practice DD are M/F. It may seem that way in blogland, but I don't think it's true in real life.

    Okay, off my soapbox!

    1. I like opinionated soapboxes! (plus I bet your but looks cute from this angle when you're standing on it!)

      I agree that anything involving real religion is probably a turnoff to a good chunk of your potential readers, even though the reason for that might vary. My point was that a story about a spanking cult is the equivalent of a lawyer show to non-lawyers. Unless your readers have been in a weird cult, it's probably not going to affect them the same way incorporating "real" religion would.

      Also, thank you for correcting me on the existence of F/M CDD. Learn something new every day.

  2. Touchy subject indeed. I happen to be an atheist, so religion doesn't enter into much of anything for me. And I admit that when I see it thrown into a spanking mix, it makes me a little queasy. Just doesn't work for me.

    That being said, I once wore an authentic nun's outfit for a video, playing a saloon keeper in the Old West masquerading as a nun. Got that? And I'm Jewish, to boot. Still, it seemed more OK to me to be playing a pretend nun than a real nun, if that makes any sense at all! But if there does happen to be a Hell, I'm bound to end up there.

    Especially after impatiently tearing the veil off my head and uttering the line, "Christ, this thing is hot."

    1. I hope you were inside and not outside in a storm when you said that! Thanks for the chuckle. What movie was that? Thought I'd seen most of your stuff.

    2. (snickers) It was called "Trouble in Carson's Gap," from Spanking Epics.

  3. Thanks for mentioning ATONEMENT, SS. My concept there was to draw of picture of a creepy cult masquerading as a religion to gullible young people, much like the cults seen in the 70'sand 80's. We actually had one out here, Rajneeshpuram, in Antelope, Oregon. Now a very interesting factoid about them was that first, they had a "free love" philosophy and second, I think many of them appeared in Nu-West videos. If you look at NW vids of that era you see many couples who seem to have German/No.Euro accents wearing red clothing, a Rajneesh trademark. Many Rajneesh disciples were Northern Europeans. In a message on his website not long ago Ed Lee put up a picture of the Bagwan Shree Rajneesh and asked---what did this man have to do with Nu West? Lee retired and we never got the answer, but I think that as a money making effort those people acted in a number of NW vids.

    Anyway, in ATONEMENT, I downplayed the religious aspect for something more akin to Scientology with a 12 step bent. The so-called "church" in that novel is, in fact, a fraud, a scam. Like you, I think the mix of TRUE religion with spanking is just a tad creepy. Unless it's done in the right setting which brings me to AMERICAN HORROR STORY on the FX channel. See especially the first 2 episodes of season 2 which feature Jessica Lange as a cane wielding nun in charge of an asylum.

    1. That's maybe the most fascinating comment I've had to a blog post. Thank you. I'd heard that Ed Lee was quite a character, but had not heard about that. Nu-West was maybe a little before my time, and they were pioneers of spanking videos. Between that story and the essay about F/M spanking videos awhile back in WellRed, I can tell that you're one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the early years of spanking videos. Thanks again for that.

  4. Many a naughty women has gone into the confessional booth in church, and confessed their sins. Where the local cleric, has ordered her to the alter to be corporally chastised. Yes, up went her dress, down came her panties, and a good spanking was given to her by various spanking implement. Such as a hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane, or whip. Yes, on her bare bottom. She with a hurt naked rear end. The cleric, with a wonderous smile on his face.