Monday, December 23, 2013

In her sexy Christmas jammies

Perhaps you've seen the family that made an awesome video Christmas card- a rap about their year to the tune of Will Smith's "Miami." If not, you should join the currently twelve million plus that have seen it on Youtube. The video went viral on the internet, and they've appeared on Good Morning America, Fox, CNN, etc... You really should take a look at the video- amazing production, well done, creative, and the perfect the art of the self deprecating humorous humble brag but bragging just enough so that it's normal Christmas card bragging and they're not accused of humble bragging. (my daughter learns Chinese, but it's at a public school; we just bought a brand new car, and it was a minivan, but it's a prius minivan; we both had parts in a major movie, but they were small parts, (added humorous almost sexual innuendo about how small the dad's part is) he brags on his family, but leaves the bragging about him to her... It's genius, and well done.

Plus, because this is a blog presumably about spanking, there's this:
Get that sexy ass over my lap!
Did I mention that the mom and dad are really good looking? They're in movies and run triathlons, and those F/M aficionados might enjoy the video of his butt right about :58 seconds into it. But in my mind she's seriously hot. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that family?!
Unfortunately, this is far more like my Christmas reality:
I can more easily identify with Clark Griswold than I can with the folks that made that video Christmas card. Dreams big, often fails, loving supportive wife but he lusts after other women, career stress, frustrating kids, extended family that's certifiably crazy coming over to (likely) turn Christmas into a nightmare such that I'll breathe a sigh of relief when it's all over, etc...

Wait, where were we? oh yeah- I was going to post something about sexy Christmas jammies. Back on topic: Yes, one can find sexy Christmas outfits to sleep in.
 But to me, there's just something... I don't know... snuggly... about pajamas. Especially Christmas pajamas.
Just want to wrap my arms around them and snuggle because it's cold outside. Maybe then slip my hands into them and warm up her bottom. Anyone else ever noticed that a woman's bottom can get quite cool in the night? They need some snuggling (and fondling). Or maybe it's just my inner spanko that sees those red stripes - almost like a candy cane- and thinks of something else:


PS. It's amazing what one discovers while looking up stuff on the internet for a post like this.  Such as the urban dictionary definition of candy caning. Interesting... Or this:

Good Lord, Jerry what are you doing?! And to my readers- you're welcome for that pic not inspiring a whole post on football, or one on Duck Dynasty that I almost published, neither of which had much at all to do with spanking.  If I don't post again until then, Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

puppy dog eyes

Okay so... Who ISN'T a sucker for puppy-dog eyes?  Not me.

Well, sort of.

My adorable dogs have a safe place to stay and get their shots.  But pre-kids they used to get to sleep in our bed and get new collars for Christmas. Now... there's a dogfood ironically named "Priority" at our grocery store. It's the cheap brand. For those whose dogs are not their top priority.  But still... mixing dogs and spanking and one might normally think of a rolled up newspaper. I've never hit my dogs with a rolled up newspaper.

All that to say, I am a dog lover and wanted to say something else about Dana Kane's  Give till it hurts charity effort. Not many worthy causes allow you to help satisfy your prurient interests. This one does.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Buttcracker... sweet!!!!! (update)

Wow! can I say serendipitous synergy?... not so long ago I posted something about my idea of a spanking-centric update to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite and called it the Buttcracker.  A couple of posts before that, I mentioned how my favorite burlesque performer, whose bottom I'd featured a year and a half ago was overtaking the internet. (No offense to Betty Blaze- I haven't seen her burlesque performances) 

Well, Michelle L'amour released a new video for the Christmas season, called... ahem... The Buttcracker. (the best part starts around a minute 30 into it.) 

Enjoy.  I did!

"The Buttcracker" by Michelle L'amour from franky vivid on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Buttcracker... sweet!

Okay so it's that time of year again. No, not yet the time to celebrate Santa Claus and/or baby Jesus. But definitely the time of year when productions of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker begin. I've always thought it was kinda sexy. Maybe a good portions of that thought is related to the time when I took a date to a performance of it. She used to be into ballet and despite some ribbing from my college friends about it being my idea, she liked it, and let's just say the date ended pretty well.
dare someone to caption this...
When I look up "sexy nutcracker" on the internet, there's an amusing smorgasbord of images.

Katy Perry a few years ago, courtesy of
Not talking about sexy nutcracker halloween costumes either, though there are several.
If I were a dominatrix, I like to think I'd be creative enough to bust out with the Nutcracker latex outfit about this time every year. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write!)

There's a definite connection between spanking fantasies and ballet, though. I still remember, about that pre-internet time, getting a combo story pack in the mail, complete with illustrations, featuring a story about a ballet instructor caning one of his pupils. I hid it in a backpack in my closet next to some old playboy and penthouse magazines.  Let's face it, ballerina's are fit, and nimble, and super sexy. Their training is undoubtedly vigorous.   Ample fodder for spanking fantasies.

But the thought came to me this week... cause I often think about spanking, and heard an advertisement on the radio for a production of The Nutcracker Suite... wouldn't it be funny if someone came up with a spanko parody about a Buttcracker. You now, maybe name a Christmas-themed big wooden paddle after the crack sound it makes when impacting a bottom? Are you listening Cane-iac?
found on google but pretty sure it's from
Or, on the other hand, maybe something about when one spreads the bottom cheeks, to make sure the entire bottom turns a uniform shade of pink, and peppers the inside of the cheeks (a/k/a the buttcrack) with little spanks from the fingers or even a small thin wooden spoon? I've always enjoyed these and referred to them as "firecrackers" but since it's Christmas time... maybe referring to these little spanks as Tchaikovsky's Buttcrackers is more appropriate, no? 
a few spanks right in there- just to ensure uniform pinkness!
Sadly, in looking up images for this post, I discovered that I was not alone in wondering about the Nutcracker/buttcracker  parody idea.  It seems someone has beaten me to it. There was an off-Broadway production last year called the Buttcracker, that's a trailer park parody, complete with a chorus line of Old Milwaukee cans. There's also a drag show with the same name. Oh well. Just a thought that popped into my head and thought I'd share. And maybe provide ample fodder to spanking producers to come up with some Christmas themed content.

If you've made it this far, here's a little treat- a video of a ballerina getting spanked. I think it's someone named Roselee Young from awhile back, and have no idea who has the rights to it, but found this version on a naughty movie tube site and thought y'all might enjoy.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

beavers and ducks and dogs and bears

I admit that I'm a huge fan of college football.  One of my early posts reviewing a spanking video paysite compared that site to an eventual heisman trophy winner.  I've even compared college football coaching trees to spanking blogger trees. I realize that's maybe an odd combination, and no, this post isn't a commentary about college football, though one would be justified in thinking so from the title of this post.  Instead it's about coming back to the realm of spanking blogs, and discovering that a bit has changed since I've taken a look around.
It appears that the end of the world as we know it- the changes to blogspot which I poo-pooed at the time have claimed a few victims. Gone is the blogspot blog called guesshermuff, where you see a picture of an attractive fully dressed woman and are supposed to guess the state of her muff before clicking on the answer, which is, of course- a picture revealing her, uhm... beaver. I admit I liked it, and am sad to see it go... oh wait, it's back! I need to update my blog roll, but not sure that in the new format their updates will be on my blog roll.
Meanwhile, I checked out my stats page and was confused to see so many page referrals from something called What is this, some new spammer or a site from Russia or something? Actually I was pleasantly surprised- it's an anonymous search page. And I think after reading a little about it that it might be handy for those who are secret spankos.  I've warned before about how google and facebook are both smarter than we realize and those ads popping up on searches are no accident. Until I learn otherwise, I'm happy that so many have found me using duckduckgo - it proves that there are other secret spankos out there, that some are more with it than even I am when it comes to anonymity, and that we are not alone!

If I were extremely benevolent, this is where I'd pitch charities supporting abandoned animals like Cause for Paws supported by Amber Pixie Wells and Dana Kane.  I'm not that benevolent, but I'll at least give them a link for a worthy cause. On the charitable giving scale I figure that those are closer to homeless shelters and work with Africa than giving to the performing arts and college athletics realm of the spectrum. (plus not many other charities allow one to supplement their giving with a custom spanking video clip!)

Instead I was going to mention another gem I found in perusing my stats... a French spanking blog has linked to one of my old posts about the mix of emotions involved when you're the trusted phone call when a spanko friend goes to play with someone new for the 1st time. I think that topic is ripe for several new posts, given my recent real life history of introducing spanking newbies who move on to spanking relationships, but I'll save that idea for later, for now. I'm impressed and flattered because it's not even a fairly recent post of mine - i.e., the author has read more than the 1st page and what's been chrossed! I should be even more flattered that she compared me to a St. Bernard.  Instead I'd like to point out that as a French spanking blog, I think it would have been more appropriate to compare that role not to a St. Bernard, but to a French/Spanish Great Pyrenees. The ultimate white knight of dog breeds, they're more guard dogs than rescue dogs, are mistrustful, independent yet fiercely loyal, roam widely and difficult to train but fearless. Plus they don't slobber, and based on the pics below always hang out with attractive ladies!
mmmhmm right there. there ya' go! Merci!
What are you looking at there buddy? nope- get that long tongue back in your mouth!
True story- growing up in west Texas I'd heard of this breed. Despite suffering in the summer from their thick coat, some ranchers were using them because they killed more coyotes than other breeds.

With a recent personal tragedy, which contributed, but is not completely responsible for, my recent lack of posts...I reached out to some old facebook friends of a family member. One of them was particularly helpful in locating long lost high school friends, etc... I sent him a friend request. Turns "out" that he's a leader in a local group of "bears" - a term for gay manly men that eschew stereotypical gay male tendencies- on facebook. Which sort of amuses me... I learn something new, gain some insight and appreciation for him, and see some very different advertisements.  I just hope no one hacks my real life facebook account and gets the wrong idea! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bratting from the Top?

So probably every spanko has heard of "topping from the bottom" right?  I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing, in most contexts, though it's often brought up as someone "accused" of topping from the bottom. The few times I've switched, for the most part I've unashamedly topped from the bottom. I knew what I wanted to experience and was there to experience it, dammit.   But what about the reverse? I looked up "bottoming from the top" and came up with lots of articles and blog posts like this one, for example, about "service tops" who act dominant just to make the bottom happy, and truthfully, there's a kernel of truth there. I talk to my new potential spankees about my hamburger spanking analogy and ask if they could go to a spanking burger king and order one their way what they would order.  Not going to lie- a great deal of my enjoyment of a spanking comes in making the bottom happy and fulfilling her fantasy.  On the other hand, it seems some have viewed "bottoming from the top" as almost a dereliction of duty- as when the top is lazy just spanks when the bottom wants it, not when she needs it, and that's a bad thing.

But... what if the top just wants to have a little bit of fun with the scene? It's certainly not a dereliction of duties as a top, and almost the antithesis of a service top... having fun whilst giving a spanking, and maybe rubbing it in a little. I hereby christen this practice with the name : Bratting from the Top.
I love seeing a smiling spanker enjoying themself.
Go ahead, do a Google search on "bratting from the top" and you'll get 8 total results which largely consist of a discussion from 2005 on an obscure message board, where they struggle with the concept, along with a clip that I can't access from some place called the kink academy, which features all sorts of topics that probably don't really appeal to spankos. Finally Cassandra Sparks mentions the phrase in passing in a post that probably accurately describes my thoughts. But that's it.

Let me help to refine the definition by giving examples...
--a post-spanking comforting hug, interrupted by a well placed pinch on a spot of her bottom that I know is sore, accompanied by a wink and maybe even a kiss.
--asking her to fetch an implement knowing full well that it's her least favorite. "I think it's time for the ___ don't you?" and thanking her for retrieving it.
Here's another example from of the stories I wrote, based on an actual scene. Ostensibly I was teaching a lesson about compliance, but really, I just wanted to see boobies. (duh.)
"Up you go sweetie." 
You stand in front of me and notice sweat on my brow again, and I'm smiling.  Nervously standing there you awkwardly cover your little neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair with your hand.

"Oh no you don't- you remember what I said about covering up with your hand?"You jerk your hand away uncovering yourself to my direct gaze. 

"I thought you said you understood that 'When you cover up you get more.'"

"Yes sir."

"And when you covered up to prevent the spanking you got more what?" 

"More swats sir."

"And so when you cover up to prevent embarrassment what do you think you're gonna get?"

"Uhm... more embarrassment sir?"

"That's right. Lets get those jeans all the way off." You awkwardly comply.

"And now the shirt." Your eyes grow wide. "Yes." Slowly you take the shirt over your head. 

"And it seems silly to be dressed in just a bra. Lets get that off too. Besides, I'd like to see those girls wobble about during this next part." 

"The next part?!" You think as you uncover your other curves. Your nipples are little pebbles standing proudly on top of the generous mounds. 

"Hands behind your head sweetie." 
You comply. I step forward and caress first your stomach and then slowly up your chest until I'm cupping them and teasing them. Another hand drifts down and confirms how much you like it.

Let's be honest- for a true spanko top, spanking a cute bottom laying across your lap or even bent over is an enjoyable experience. You might as well have fun and uhm... enjoy it. (even at the expense of a little added pain and embarrassment of your spanko bottom!)

I first noticed Dana Kane through her product testing videos, where she was clearly enjoying herself.  I'd be remiss in failing to acknowledge her influence on my spanking style.  Though it can vary, I think at times she can enjoy some "bratting from the Top" style spanking as well. And an extra tip of the hat to her for a recent post about how so often real life gets in the way of spanking, but when it's something we enjoy and a stress relief, that could be the exact opposite of what we need. With that in mind, I'll try to post more frequently. I'd love to hear others thoughts on my "Bratting from the Top" idea though.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

dangit! missed LOL day again.

I know there are more than a few lurkers who read my blog, and I promise I'll get back to the essence of being a secret spanko again here really soon. I appreciate all my readers, and hope to provide y'all with something worth reading. I've been busy this fall, and confess that far too much of my house quiet alone time with the internet has been focused on college football instead of spanking! Miss y'all.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ahead of the curve(s)

Way back in March 2012 I posted about an awesome video of a butt flexing to classical music.  I couldn't remember where I'd first found it, but thought it was cool enough to post it.  It's the bottom of a very attractive burlesque dancer named Michelle L'amour. That post garnered zero attention, but I spent a fun night watching several of her other videos! (and then talked about her in that post.) As it turns out, that video has just taken on a life of its own on the internet. Of course the ever-classy HuffingtonPost posted a story about it, including linking a few of the places on the internet where it's posted. (woops, missed another one.)

Of course, the HuffingtonPost failed to mention this here tiny corner of the internet where I beat everyone to drawing attention to the awe-inspiring performance by about a year-and-half.

Again, for your viewing pleasure:

Michelle L'amour performs "BUTTHOVEN'S 5TH SYMPHONY" from franky vivid on Vimeo.

and while I'm at it, and if you made it this far... I thought of several possible illustrations for a blog post entitled "ahead of the curve(s)"
too boring
Something like these would be better, right? emphasizing fun curves...

Then I found this one, which seemed perfect because not only did it have curves, but the "Follow Me" seemed appropriate for the theme, right? However, unfortunately I'm not sure I'm leading my readers to heaven.
Then I looked on Michelle L'amour's actual website and found the one on top that's actually sort of spanking related.  It's apparently taken by someone named MikeWhite and thought it was perfect. That ass is amazing! and just as a treat for reading this far... here are a couple more of her from

Sunday, October 13, 2013

spanko in 1680's London, but not many spankos on reddit?

Reddit calls itself the frontpage of the internet, and it sort of has a point. A week or so ago I saw this on the front page of the front page of the internet. The title was "TIL [aka "Things I learned" in reddit-speak] that in the late 1600s London was plagued by an attacker who would spank his victims with a rod and shout 'Spanko!' before running away"

Apparently "Whipping Tom" attacked ladies in the countryside of jolly ole England back around the turn of the eighteenth century, and would whip their buttocks. I was somewhat surprised that the huge amount of comments (677 comments) on reddit didn't evolve into modern day spankos piping up and claiming the "spanko" moniker as something more modern and less sinister than a sexual predator of centuries ago.

Monday, September 30, 2013

morbid thoughts

Sorry I've been away.  No, I'm not dead. I've been a bit preoccupied with real life stuff though. Speaking of which, and since this is the beginning of "the Halloween season" (at least according to my grocery store) I thought I'd discuss, well... death. Not necessarily spanking ghosts, although maybe that's a real thing?
thanks for the perfect illustration, wolfietoons 
No, I'm talking about for reals... I have many friends in the spanking community; some I've met, others I know only online - even though we've shared maybe more about ourselves than we have even with those we are close to in real life.  However, if I died, or if they died, we might never know.  I think that's kind of sad.

The online spanking community (and social media as a whole) is less than a generation old.  There have been deaths in the community, but not enough that there's any established protocol.

What would happen to my spanking blog if I died? If any of my fellow spanking bloggers died? I was confronted with this not long after I started my blog, but fortunately that "turned" out to be a hoax of sorts.  But what if it were real? Google fairly recently came up with a possible answer. As a blogger, I could set it up so that there are monthly or semi-monthly or even annual checks on my activity, and if I'm inactive and don't respond, you can set it up to delete your account, even send messages to certain people in that event.
either a melting bowling ball or a ghost paddle link
 This might be the safest course of action for a secret spanko like me.  However, I see two problems with it: A) I'd probably overlook it in my email inbox and have everything deleted on accident;
B) I'm kind of proud of what I've written on here, and I know that at least a few people have appreciated it at some point.  I'd kind of hate for it all to suddenly disappear.

I'm curious- have any of y'all thought about your online spanking legacy?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

proud of your spanking marks

So many folks that are spankees take pics, and share pics, of their marked up bottom after a good spanking. Recently I was talking with one of my spankees about this, and was inspired to post something on it.  I'm grateful to her for the inspiration for a blog post topic about spanking, on a week when it seems everyone in spankingland is recovering from having way too much fun at ShadowLane's party in Vegas.

So many folks post these on fetlife - I literally cannot think of nor find a spankee who hasn't posted pics of their butt marked up from a good spanking.  (Hey- me too once upon a time).  But out of respect for their privacy and because all the warnings about how the content on fetlife is theirs and theirs alone - maybe the one good thing to come out of Sydney University- I don't want to show those pics, even as faceless exemplars of the phenomenon.  Instead I feel safer posting these which come from the family of sites and typify the showing off my spanking marks genre. I found them on one of their "fake blogs" but they no doubt are real spanking marks shown after the fact, just like almost every spankee shows off proudly.

I get it.  A spankee can be proud of her (his) marks, and deservedly so.  There's nothing wrong with being proud of your marks.  I told my spankee at the time... it can be a justified ego boost similar to "look at this mountain I climbed" or "look at this buck I shot/fish I caught" - you earned it and have every right to not just show it off, but use it as a justified and legitimate self-esteem builder. "Hey I made it through that, I can handle this!" There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and I think it's one of the benefits and appeal of spankings.  I'm glad folks show off their marks, and she should do so if she wants too.

But the more I think about it... maybe it's not quite like showing off a trophy animal you killed.  Yes, it's the culmination and fulfillment of maybe a lot of work, and something to be proud of, but... the purpose in hunting/fishing is to land a big one.  (caveats here- I've hunted, and fished, and climbed a 14'er, but am not an avid hunter or fisher or even mountain climber, these illustrative photos came from a simple google search and if any of those pictured wish to be removed please let me know and I'll do so immediately)

kinda sexy, no?
Note- when holding a fish caught, best to hold it at arm's length so perspective makes it seem bigger.

But in reality... I think posting of post-spanking marked bottoms ARE similar to pics taken of mountain climbers at the top of a mountain.

Here's why: getting a spanking is not about acquiring the spanking marks associated with a good spanking. Instead it's about the experience.  I've sat on a boat, and sat in a blind.  That experience, while perhaps more fun than a typical weekend around here, is not the reason one goes hunting or fishing.  On the other hand, climbing a mountain is about the experience.  It's not all in the pursuit of an amazing photo-op at the summit.  It's about the strength it took to get there, and the hard-to-breathe struggle followed by exhilaration you feel during it.  The picture at the summit is just proof that you did it, and an easy shorthand way of sharing it with those that have experienced the same thing.  So feel free to share them! That's just my thoughts about spanking marks pictures.  Hope all my friends had fun at ShadowLane. I'm jealous!