Thursday, January 3, 2013

Do spankings hurt redheads more? or less?

That's actually a far more interesting question than you might think.  I was reading this fascinating and horrifying article about consciousness during surgery, and buried in it was a statement about how anesthesiologists adjust medication levels for individuals, giving more to known drug users and more to redheads.  Wait WHAT? Apparently it's accepted as fact that redheads need more pain medication.  I didn't believe it until I searched for it.  Don't believe me? Google "redhead and pain."   It seems there's a real difference in how redheads feel pain.  Or maybe scientists just enjoy torturing redheads.  There sure seem to be a lot of studies on it.  Yes, there's a control group of non- redheads, but still...

But wait...

I'm not as interested in ice baths or electrical shocks, how about... spankings?  Redheads represent roughly 2% of the population, or 6% in the Northern Hemisphere.  They sure seem to have a disproportional representation among spanking models, though. 

One can't really talk about redheads and spanking in the same breath and not mention two names.  One is Amber.

It's been awhile since I've subscribed to her site, but I'm a fan.  She has amazing high resolution movies, and they occasionally get very sexual with her well endowed man. (Heads up though, she calls him "Daddy")

Another is Jessica.  Her site hasn't had new material in years but it still has more great content than a lot of newer sites.  
There are many many more.
Crash of
Maybe it's they way redheads' pale skin marks up so nicely...
Of the 2012 spankee of the year nominations on thespankingspot, at least one fourth are redheads. Seriously- I dare you to go through his recent posts showing updates to spanking video sites and notice just how many of the models have red hair.  It's WAY more than 6%!!
Caroline Grey

Veronica Ricci
There are even those who try to capitalize on the appeal of redheads... though I'm pretty sure that's not the hair color their creator gave her.

I admit this topic fascinates me in part because I'm, I guess, a half redhead.  Yes, one of my parents was a redhead, and I had red hair as a child.  It's brown now- what's left of it.  I know I have half the redheaded gene though.  I have naturally pale skin, and mark easily from a spanking.  My public hair still sort of has a red tinge, and on those rare occasions when I try to grow out a beard, like on a ski trip, my whiskers are sort of red too.  Actually the last time I tried this there were flecks of gray, so probably won't try it again!

But here's hoping a medical scientist somewhere incorporates spanking into the latest study of redhead pain. I'm awfully curious.  But here's the real unanswered question regarding how redheads handle pain:

Wait for it...

How does a ginger handle ginger?

P.S. if you've made it this far, I'm guessing you have a thing for redheads.  Here's your reward- a hot redhead tumblr blog.


  1. Hey boyyo

    Been awhile. Anyway, my wife is a red head, and I've sessioned with another (very) red head, and, while they both seem to go red more easily when spanked, I certainly don't think they can take less pain than any other person.

    I can't say whether they can take more, although I never found my red headed friend's limits.

    All the best


    1. So good to hear from you, Tim!! It has been awhile. Maybe they can take more pain? the only way to find out is to line them, and a few other redheads up and spank them, then line up several non-redheads and spank them the same amount, and somehow compare the two. Now we just need to find a grant to pay us to conduct this experiment!

  2. LOL! Your comment about the color hair their creator gave cracks me up.

    I have no idea whether redheads feel more pain, but it's interesting to think about. However, the pain experience is SO subjective to begin with...

    1. Glad you liked that! When a writer compliments me on the turn of a phrase I really appreciate it.

  3. As a redhead, I can attest to this! Whenever I've needed local anesthetic, the doctor needs to up the dose. One doctor didn't and I could tell it wasn't working, so he had to give me a second full dose before it kicked in. Not sure about spanking, though. Sometimes I feel like a wuss!

    1. Welcome to the blog, Rosie. Once Tim and I obtain our grant, I'll be sure to see if you'd like to participate in our study. By the way, I hadn't seen your blog before- I'm waaay behind on reading blogs, but I really liked what I read so far!

  4. Once again you've probed the farthest reaches of medical science and found some damn snappy pictures to go with your report.

    Jessica will always be one of my all time favorites. Doesn't matter what they're smackin on, her whole body turns pink. That's a god given gift there, you can't teach that.

    I remember your beautiful marks from the caning session with Pandora at TASSP. Never knew you were Secret Redhead.

    1. Maybe you didn't get to see the originals- there was some of that red-tinged pubic hair visible!

  5. Replies
    1. I agree. In fact, I edited the post to remove about 3 "fascinating" uses because I thought I had overused that word!

  6. I'm married to a red head. She is the amber type of red not the orange red. It's real and on the rare occasion she has a small amount od carpet it does match the drapea. She is beautiful, sexy, loves sex and is open to anything but unfortunately she is not a Spanko. She does not take pain well at all. After 26 years of wonderful marriage I finally grew the balls to tell her I was a Spanko. She is not into being on the receiving end. She tried but she just can't handle it. A few swats and she is freaking out. She is like that with any physical pain. So I think there is some truth to the red head theory.

    As for the other red head theories... TRUE. She is hot, sexual and a real handful at times.

  7. Thank you for the comment- I love seeing comments on old posts! Sadly, my wife's the same way- not into spankings at all. But I can't tell you how much it means to me that my posts are reaching others out there in the same boat. you're not alone!