Monday, January 7, 2013

How many spankos are secret spankos?

My friend Dana Kane has an interesting survey up on her blog about whether spanking is your secret, but I'm somewhat hesitant to encourage my readers to take it, because, well... I'm guessing that a larger chunk of my readers are secret spankos than the percentage of spankos as a whole, and I'd hate to skew her numbers.

Her numbers, so far, show that about 60/40 spankos are on their own vs. spankos with a spanking partner, and about the same percentage (43%) have told their spouse.  By the way, posting polls on blogs, even on blogs with many readers is notoriously risky.  Anecdotal info is that very few readers participate.  The fact that she had right at 200 responses as of a few days ago is pretty impressive. 

Another interesting tidbit from Dana's results- a little over half say they're somewhat active in social media involving spanking but still 40% are lurkers and/or newbies.  (I think a lot of true lurkers probably didn't respond to the survey, but still...)  

I've felt intuitively that there's a large chunk of the spanko population that keeps their interest in spanking a secret, but there's very little evidence in support of that.  I think this has to be the case based on the number of commercial spanking sites that are supported (plus all the secret folks who keep spanking video pirates in operation) plus the number of readers of blogs and viewers on spankingtube vs. the number of people vocal about their spanking desires on the internet. It's safe to say that Dana's survey results so far support my theory that there are a whole bunch of spankos out there who keep their interest well hidden.

On the other hand, earlier this year Eve Howard shared with me some preliminary results of an extensive survey she created about spanking involvement.  I said at the time I'd wait to talk about it until the results are published.  If they have been published, I must have missed them.  However, I'm not divulging anything well, secret, to say that her results showed far more openness and a lack of secrecy among the survey participants than I anticipated, and would seem to be contradictory to Dana's results.  

I think both Dana's results and Eve's results are to an extent a reflection on their audience. Dana's a professional spanker, and much of her audience is, I'm guessing, clients of hers and folks who wish they were.  The heavily F/M drift of her audience might play a role in this as well.  Dana's great, as I can attest.  But (and this is a broad generalization, I know) folks willing to hire someone to spank them are more likely to be folks that are not having their spanking desires met by a partner.  I think Dana's audience is likely to be more secretive. By the way, her most recent video is of her paddling a redhead- I swear we didn't coordinate this!

Eve Howard, on the other hand, is also a professional spanker, but is better known for running ShadowLane.  They host the largest and oldest spanking parties, and have been making high quality movies for decades- the kind of movies that are appreciated by serious spanking aficionados. As I explained to Eve at the time, if the spanking industry were compared to booze, ShadowLane would be a well respected Napa vineyard.  But lots of folks picking up a six pack on their way home, much less those college guys picking up an 18 pack of keystone light (a/k/a newbies), probably haven't heard of this fine wine (much less participated in their survey).  Eve's survey was promoted by ShadowLane, and on fetlife, which is full of well, to continue the analogy, folks that ought to be in AA.  (I'm on fetlife and making fun of myself there too.) I think her survey was answered mostly by serious spankos who are more likely to be really involved in the scene.

I'm not sure if either captured a true census of spankos, though I salute both of them for trying.  I still think there are a whole bunch of folks out there who are not connected with other spankos, but who have strong desires about spanking; a whole bunch of folks out there who are just consumers of spanking on the internet, but have not (yet) made their voices heard.  I may be wrong, and may have no way of proving it, but I sure don't think so.  I hope some of those secret spankos out there enjoy this blog and can at least take comfort in knowing that they're not alone.


  1. ...folks that ought to be in AA.

    Huh? Would you explain that?

    1. Meant no offense... just that fetlife is a place frequented by folks that tend to be very active.

  2. Wait.

    Did you just compare me to a six-pack?

    I don't know whether I agree that most of my blog readers and participants are playmates or prospectives. The great majority have never and will never pay to play, and that's just fine with me...I enjoy their cyber-company immensely.

    On the survey: At 301 respondents thus far (the previous survey ended with 839), the numbers are still spot-on to the published results. I'm not trying to be scientific, or even get a true idea of the spanko mentality (possible?), but it is nice to share the results so that folks know that, no matter where they are, there's someone there with them...figuratively.

    Another compelling post, Mr. Marks. Keep 'em coming.

    - Dana

    - Dana

    1. Well, I've seen your figure, and you're a lot closer to having a six-pack than I am!

      Good to know that the responses keep coming in. Thanks again for providing me with interesting work for me to blog about.

  3. I thought Dana's response to being compared to a six-pack was hilarious.