Thursday, January 24, 2013

visiting the local spanking pub/bar

I Love England.  Seriously.  There are a lot of Americans who are proud of their Irish roots, or their Scottish roots, and some of us I guess should be proud of our Scotch-Irish roots.  One sets of my grandparents was very proud to be Scotch-Irish.  But based on the other names that came up in an ancestral search, I'm pretty much at least half pure British.  And it's a funny thing- there's not a British hero to celebrate, like William Wallace or Rob Roy or St. Patrick.  There's not a special British drink like there is Scotch or Irish Whiskey.  No British-specific holiday as far as I know unlike the Irish one that comes after Valentine's Day.  I guess the British just aren't that great.  Not like they conquered half the planet back a few centuries ago, or developed the most widely used language today or anything. Not like they colonized America or stood up to Hitler or anything.  The English are just a bunch of puny pale-skinned crooked teethed punks, right?  

But they do have something cool-  they have these neighborhood pubs where folks go to drink and socialize.   I've never quite experienced it like that.  I suppose other people in other parts of the world have something similar.

I mean, there were a couple of favorite college bars where I could go to by myself and know that I'd run into a few people I knew, but those were crazy college years, and there's nothing like that now.  On the other hand, I've been to London once.  We didn't entirely stay in the tourist spots, and I enjoyed it immensely.  I also enjoyed getting into some arguments with the locals at neighborhood pubs about George Bush, "Maggie's" legacy and international politics, which became less heated when I said that that my aunt had traced our names and come up with legacy family names of Huntington and Sheffield.  Okay, so if I'm being totally honest here, that had nothing to do with those discussions being less heated- they became less heated when I stood up and he stood up and and both my wife, her friends, and this guy's friends were able to become the voices of reason.  Then feeling mighty magnanimous, I took a big dip of Copenhagen, and ordered a couple of shots of Jack Daniels, and offered this punk one of them, smiling as he sniffed and choked it down.  

But still, I love the concept of a local pub, or bar.  I truly wish I had a place like this close to my home.  A place to go after work to hang out with like minded people and shoot the bull.  But I haven't.

However, I think I've found just such a place for spanking folks, and after awhile of wondering whether I should risk ruining what they have, I visited there once again last week and they are in favor of some new folks coming in to chat.  So go to the Happy Tails forum here -it's an old forum that's honestly seen better days. The most recent posts are from December.  The forum is pretty much dead.  Like those pubs in England though, it's full of history and used to be frequented by some well-known folks.  But.... check out the links in the upper left-hand corner, especially the one that says "visit our chat!"  Okay, so here's the link: (you'll have to click through a couple of yes's on the pop-ups. when clicking the link, but don't worry.)  It's actually a small but vibrant (and neglected) part of the spanking internet.  Sort of it's own little island of folks hanging on to history, and it reminds me of my experiences in an English pub a few 

You can pick out a name, and they're not picky.  Any name pretty much will do.  You don't even have to have a password set up.  It's just a few folks, talking about spanking on a handy internet format where you can be as open, or as not, as you might prefer.  Heck most of the time they're not even talking about spanking.  It's still a cool little spot in the world of spanking on the internet.  "Ed" is always there but rarely speaks.  Micheal is always full of wisdom. (He's also practically a neighbor of mine and has appeared as a spanker in videos.)  There are regulars from Australia and the two farthest extremes of Canada.  Most of the regulars show up late at night (American time).  Even if the regulars aren't there, it's an easy place to go and chat with someone you've been talking to, or would like to talk to.  I've said before that had the best chat site among the spanking personals sites out there.  I was wrong.  If you want to be amused, check out the comments on my post talking about that site that continue well after it was posted.

I highly recommend this tiny little chat site though, and I'll add it to my links at the top of the blog.

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  1. I saw the Cheers picture and clicked. I just started watching the show, having never really paid attention to it before. I don't really like Sam but it is amusing to watch. As for a local pub, that would be fun. Everyone drives everywhere now and with laws being what they are the best place would be in cities where a lot of people still walk everywhere. That's my guess anyway.