Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Liked Your Boobs

Okay I almost hate to write two not quite spanking related posts in a row, but I couldn't pass this up.  Last Sunday night I was watching the Oscars along with so many other people that advertising rates are compared to those of the Super Bowl. At least until our crazy neighbor came over.  But before that, I was amused/shocked at the opening production with Captain Kirk and the host singing a song called "We Saw Your Boobs" - I guess that's the name of the song, so I should put it in quotes, right? here's a clip of most of that (don't know how long it will last).

Now, I have to admit, I'm a fan of nudity.  Even celebrity nudity. This should come as no surprise to my readers; I've posted about it before. If I'm being honest, that song, while a little creepy, particularly with the reactions of some of the actresses named it, but well... it piqued my prurient interest.  The song has been heavily criticized in the media for being misogynistic and celebrating scenes of rape.  But sure enough, Mr. Skin is certainly capitalizing on the infamy of the Oscar production.  (Mr. Skin is a website that shows the nude scenes from movies and has been around since well before a different Seth -the character in the movie Knocked Up- supposedly came up with the idea.)   Yes dear readers... if you want, you can watch each and every scene mentioned in the song by clicking here.  Genius marketing.  It's free.  But you have to register with that site, and then you'll have to unsubscribe to the email updates that will inundate your inbox.  I mean, uhm... I'm assuming so.  Hypothetically.  However, some of those nude scenes are not exactly arousing.  Most were in serious films, and several were in serious moments in serious films.  As such some of the criticism of that song is, I think, warranted.

I prefer a different kind of nudity.  The kind I posted about in what was once (pre-Chross) by far my most popular post in my early days of blogging.  Just for old time's sake, that video's here again below. It doesn't glorify/celebrate scenes of rape like some of the scenes mentioned in the infamous Oscars song.  Instead it celebrates both peace and patriotism. (You have to listen to the words, and you'll be excused from listening to the words if you're too enthralled with the visuals.) So enjoy, and feel good about enjoying it. I watched it again and yes, there's country music added, but no violence or rape scenes. (And it includes several Oscar-worthy actresses!)

Friday, February 22, 2013

a hodge-podge of plugs

A few sites of interest to me that I felt like mentioning, but couldn't quite make a whole post about any of them individually...

I posted a few stories and story snippets to the Spanking Library -stories on my blog previously, but hope it will reach a different audience.  I promise I'll get something written one of these days for the Wellred Weekly!  Meanwhile, the forum there is pretty cool too.  Once upon a time I posted about retro spanking stories here and here. Before I was discovered by Chross, those were my most popular posts.  I thought I knew a whole lot about old spanking stories on the internet.  But the knowledge base on that forum astounded me.  For any true fans of the genre, I urge you to check it out.  Sadly, the stories are not available on an iphone.

Smashwords.  It's a place to self-publish our writing, normally for a small fee.  Not a fraction of the size of amazon, but it has a significant advantage for me... You can read it on your phone ( I haven't yet figured out how to discreetly get naughty books on my kindle for iphone/ipad.) There's plenty of spanking related fiction available on there, but one author in particular I wanted to point out. Longtime readers know I also enjoy literotica.com -by far the most widely viewed/read place for erotic fiction on the internet.  Once upon a time there was an author there called Bashfullyshameless who came out of nowhere to write a story called "Angels, Demons, and Alex" - it was by far the best story I'd read on there in the literally decades I'd been doing so.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so.  He took the story down (to the lament of many) and published it on Smashwords in an edited form i.e., minus several sex scenes making it NC-17 rated and with a new title Good Intentions.  Y'all might notice a review from a familiar name.  He then published another "book" with no sex scenes that's been even more successful, "Poor Man's Fight" - I recommend them both.  He's even started a blog.  It's pretty inspirational to aspiring authors.  Sadly, so many books I want to read are only available on Amazon.

Some folks want to get spanked, but navigating the minefield of crazy dommes can be a challenge.  Lots of ladies advertising spanking but also into whips and chains and leather and grovelling slaves... I've said before that I was extraordinarily lucky to stumble upon Dana Kane when I wanted to see what it was like to take a spanking.  She travels a lot.  But I love it that there are other less well known corners of spankingland, and relish the opportunity to shed some light on them.  A couple I've corresponded with and met/and or am comfortable with...
Madeline Rommely in Minnesota 
Ms.Robinson in Dallas
Governess Worthington in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Her website is a clips store, but she's into spanking (as well as other kinky interests) and saw her at the last TASSP.

A sexy vanilla site: Nick Scipio's Picture of the Day.  He's also an author, and delve into the site and you'll find a novel about a young man in a nudist camp in the 70's who then goes to college. ( I imagine it's just a tad bit auto-biographical) but the picture of the day (and its caption) is generally entertaining and the comments are usually surprisingly interesting and funny. But I'll warn you if reading this on the day it's published... WTF Friday is called that for a reason.

Remember when I posted something about shots? It's been brought to my attention that the best place on the internet to find such videos is Gyno-x.com.  I checked out their videos, and while most may find the subtitles odd (it's clearly an eastern european website) the girls are hot, and there's something curiously intriguing about an old man examing a hot girl- but not having sex with her- just pretending to "examine" her.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I've had remarkable success in finding spankees on pleasespankme.com

Once upon a time I posted about a beautiful burlesque dancer who made her butt dance to Beethoven's  Fifth Symphony.  Her name was Michelle L'Amoure, and she apparantly somewhat of a burlesque legend.  This week she's presenting a new video each day on her blog.  enjoy.

Wanna order an official fraternity/sorority paddle? Not gonna find it on caniac or anywhere else that advertises on fetlife. But try Paddletramps.  Seriously I found their name on the back of my old fraternity paddle and was curious- yes, they have a website now.

Okay so as much as I like to poke fun of myself for being half bald (Hey I just have more testosterone than guys with a full head of hair!) I'd never resort to hairplugs.  On the other hand, I hope y'all enjoy at least a couple of these plugs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

pornstar origins... what happened to Dallas?

So recently I was reading the huffington post.  I've made fun of it before because it's supposedly a news conglomeration site with a bit of a liberal spin, but it's certainly not above exploiting some not-so-newsworthy stories to get some highly rated pages.  Then again, I can think of a certain right wing host of a news program, not too far removed from his days as anchor of Inside Edition, who also capitalizes upon the theory that "sex sells" and uses it to his advantage.  Really, the most insightful guests you could book for your show are busty attractive women?

But wait, seriously... look at that graph at the top of the post again... it comes from this website.  And I think there must be glaring error in his methodology.  Look at it again... more pornstars come from some town in Idaho (no pun intended) than come from Dallas? What?

It's a fascinating breakdown of the porn industry, and I wish someone could do the same with the breakdown of the spanking industry by state. (I'm thinking Colorado and North Dakota would have an abnormally large representation.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love spoons

Valentine's Day is bound to bring a bunch of mushy lovey-dovey posts on spanking blogs, but I thought I'd make it a tradition of highlighting interesting courtship rituals from around the world that are only marginally spanking related.  Last year I wrote about how tribal suitors in southern Africa would shoot a special love-arrow into the bottom of the woman of their dreams.  Spanking related? Well, I said I bet it hurts worse than a caning!

This year, after searching the internet for an unusual courtship ritual that was maybe possibly slightly spanking related, I came up with... Welsh Lovespoons.  It seems that in times past, a young man would carve an intricate spoon for his potential bride and present it to her. The symbols carved into the spoon had meaning- wealth, the number of children desired, etc... Here's a few more interesting articles about the practice.  One need not whittle a block of wood over hours and hours today, though.  One can purchase beautiful hand-carved lovespoons, thanks to the beauty of the internet.

Speaking of beauty... some of the modern ones are so intricate it's amazing.

Me though, I like to use cheap wooden spoons when I'm spanking a fair maiden's bottom.  You can purchase those too on the internet for about $1.  I'd be scared to death to spank someone with a work of art like the one above, but then again I bet that the fancy one made of nice wood and my little $1 ones stand about an equal chance of breaking during a good spanking.

Others look more rough-hewn, like something one can imagine a young Welsh lad whittling away by firelight at for hours each night pining for the woman of his dreams a few farmhouses down. I doesn't take Robert Langdon to detect any symbolism here:
Something about the simple design and how it evokes well, the anatomy of the Welsh maiden he's pining for is pretty cool, and appropriate for Valentine's Day, right?  That same design is echoed in more modern versions. (Maybe more realistic in that her bottom is a bit larger than her bust?) Wonder what Robert Langdon would say about that hole used to hang the spoon up with a string or something?
Hey wait a minute, haven't I sort of seen that design before? Maybe a modern interpretation but with the ass still bigger than the boobs? Oh yeah.  I have.
Not to disparage Jane Seymour.  I think she's hot (and I wasn't even around to think she was hot as a Bond girl back in the day!)
She's from Britain, right? Not the wild west?
Maybe kinda kinky too?
And who can forget this scene?

But... We were talking about fair maidens from Wales, and Jane's English.  Sounds like a good excuse to ogle Catherine Zeta Jones!

And uhm... oh yeah, since most of my readers are into this thing called spanking...
 Anyone remember this scene? Amazing bottom.
And not sure where this pic came from, but damn! She's practically in position and begging for it.  With a special Welsh Lovespoon- which we can all fantasize was used for more than just ladling lamb stew!

Anyway... Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!  Hope those of you with a desire to get a dose of the spoon get plenty of it!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just a little spanking scene

"Are you scared?"

"Maybe a little."

"It's okay to be a little scared. I mean, it IS going to hurt. But it's like going up the first hill in a roller coaster. Or a scary movie. Or getting off a ski lift and looking down the slope. It'll be okay, and you'll be glad you did it. You remember the safe word just in case?"


 "Okay. Come here then."


"What's the matter?"

"I can't."

"It's okay. You've wanted this for a long time you said. I won't start out too hard. Come here."

"I can't." 

"Ashley? Come here."  You take a step closer and cover your face with your hands. 

"I - I..." I take your arm and pull you over my lap. You don't struggle much at all, relieved that I "made" you  


One cheek and then the other. Steady back and forth. Firm, but not too bad.

"It doesn't really hurt like this, does it?"

You giggle.

"No sir. It kind of feels good actually."

"I know. Up you go little one."

"What? That's it?"

"Not hardly sweetie. Hands behind your head."

"Wh- why?"

I start to unbutton your jeans and take them down - enjoying the view as I uncover your flesh.

"Of course a spanking doesn't hurt over your jeans. But I wanted you to just get used to being over my lap. Now it's time for the real spanking."

You're mortified as you see me looking directly at your naked front side.

"But first... Lets see if you're ready..."

You gasp as I touch you down there, confirming your wetness.

"Yes, I think you're more than ready sweetie. Back down you go."

Awkwardly you get into position willingly this time. Your jeans hobbling you bunched around your knees. You feel how cool your bottom is as I rub it. And then...

Smack! The noise is louder. And sharper. And stings a whole lot more like this.

Smack! "Hold on tight sweetie." Smack! "We're about" Smack! "to begin..." Smack Smack!!
I continue smacking your bottom with my hand. Slow and steady. One after another. They sting, but its not unbearable. Your bottom cheeks turn a nice pink  - but there are still a few pale parts. I take awhile finding these. No more slow and steady but targeted spanks on those fresh nerves that haven't felt it yet. The outside of your bottom. I lean you over further and give quite some attention to the bottom of your bottom right on the sit spot.

You groan as I spread your cheeks and deliver some lighter smacks to the palest parts of your inner cheeks. You really feel those, and also feel the cool air on parts of you that up until that point had not been completely exposed. Now they are though, and you know I can see and feel every little crevice.

Finally satisfied that every round inch of your bottom is a uniform pink, I take a little break. I pat your bottom softly and even lean over and kiss the crest of each butt cheek.

"Okay. Now that you're nice and warmed up, I think it's time we turn up the heat just a little bit."

You hear the unmistakable clatter as I pick up the hairbrush from the table, and tense your bottom cheeks in anticipation.

"Don't clench. Relax that bottom right now."

"Yes sir" - you try your best to fight your instincts and relax. Doing so, you can feel the lingering heat on your bottom. Taking a deep breathe, you tell yourself you're ready.

But to your surprise, I set the hairbrush down gently on the small of your back. You turn your head back to look. You can see the hairbrush in front of the pink hills of your bottom rising behind it. You look at me and see me slowly rolling the sleeves of my shirt up. I turn toward you.

think this is from realspankings.com based on recognizing the counch
"I'm kinda working up a sweat here and just getting ready to continue." I pick up the hairbrush and give you a few taps.


It hurts far worse than my hand did. Over and over, slow and steady again you feel a fire burning on your cheeks. Left right left right. You're squirming now but it continues. You think you can't take it all of a sudden and reach your right hand back to protect your bottom. The spanking suddenly stops.

Oh no...

I take your hand and grab it firmly, pulling it up behind your back.

"When you cover up with your hand, you get more sweetie. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

Suddenly the hairbrush spanking starts again, this time about the same pain with each swat but the pace has doubled. CrashCrashCrashCrash!

You try to squirm but can't. I have you pinned tight. Your bottom has gone from pink to red you're sure. It really hurts and you're sure you can't take any more!  But it keeps coming and somehow you do.

You're not entirely aware immediately but it's stopped. You're almost out of breath and realize I'm just rubbing your bottom. And rubbing between your legs. Sadly I withdraw my finger. Such a tease!

"Up you go sweetie."

You stand in front of me and notice sweat on my brow again, and I'm smiling.  Nervously standing there you awkwardly cover your little neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair with your hand.

"Oh no you don't- you remember what I said about covering up with your hand?"
You jerk your hand away uncovering yourself to my direct gaze.

"I thought you said you understood that 'When you cover up you get more.'"

"Yes sir."

"And when you covered up to prevent the spanking you got more what?"

"More swats sir."

"And so when you cover up to prevent embarrassment what do you think you're gonna get?"

"Uhm... more embarrassment sir?"

"That's right. Lets get those jeans all the way off."
You awkwardly comply.

"And now the shirt."
Your eyes grow wide. "Yes." Slowly you take the shirt over your head.

"And it seems silly to be dressed in just a bra. Lets get that off too. Besides, I'd like to see those girls wobble about during this next part."

"The next part?!"
You think as you uncover your other curves. Your nipples are little pebbles standing proudly on top of the generous mounds.

"Hands behind your head sweetie."

You comply. I step forward and caress first your stomach and then slowly up your chest until I'm cupping them and teasing them. Another hand drifts down and confirms how much you like it.
"We're almost done sweetie." Your eyes grow wide again as you see me unfasten my belt and you hear the "slick!" As I slide it out of my belt loop.

"Come on Ashley,"
I say, grasping your arm, "it's time to move this over to the bed... Up you go." You crawl on up on the bed on your hands an knees. I push down gently on your back.

"Further down. Elbows and knees." 
You comply and your backside is now even more prominent.

"Spread your knees apart sweetie and arch your back for me. That's it.  It's quite a lovely view, I have to say. Turn your head around so you can see in the mirror." 
You turn your head back and are even more embarrassed. There's your red rump, but there's also you prominently displayed pussy. It's obvious that you're aroused and the lips are wet and engorged and open.  You bury your head in the cool cotton of the sheets.

"Twenty strokes Ashley. I want you to count them for me."
I lay the belt, doubled over, almost lazily draped over your high bottom.

"Here we go." 

You gasp, and then eek out a "one, sir."
Again the snap of the belt brings a searing pain across both cheeks. Different, somehow even hotter than the clean pain of the hairbrush. By seven, you struggle with the simple words. Your fists clench the sheets and you're gritting your teeth. By ten, you're growling after every one before you can vocalize the count. But you do an admirable job of staying in position. I take my time with the last few and try to let you catch your breath between each searing stroke.

After fifteen I sit down on the bed and wrap my arm around you and whisper encouraging words in your ear. You notice that at some point I've taken off my shirt, and the skin-to-skin contact is powerful.
"I want you in a different position for these last ones. Come with me."
Almost numbly you follow. I place you with your hands on the bathroom counter facing the mirror. Legs still spread wide, but I want to look at you and see your face and your reactions. Oddly, it's almost MORE intimate this way.

"Sixteen, sir!"
But it's just as painful to endure.

"Look at me."

My practiced arm doesn't have to be aimed. I look right you and not your bottom but the strokes are delivered on target. It's a real struggle to maintain eye contact.After the twentieth stroke, you close your eyes and I see a single tear roll down your cheek. We're almost done. When you opened your eyes, you looked up in the mirror and saw that I was down to just my boxers. I set the belt down on the counter next to you and my hands returned to your sore bottom.

"I know that hurt sweetie. We'most done. But I wanted to see the girls"
-smack!- "wobble around a bit"- I say with a grin.

And wobble they do. My hand spanks don't hurt as much as the belt, but there's far more weight behind them. With each smack your body shakes and your breasts dance for me.I start to finger you just a bit with one hand, the other delivering blows that are plenty strong but almost gentle compared to the belt.I take your arm and lead you back to the bed, stopping to grab the hairbrush.I sit down on the corner of the bed and drag you across my lap again. My arousal is unmistakable. This is more comfortable for you than over my knee on the chair. You can rest your chest and head on the bed. I hand you a pillow to help even more.

"Okay sweetie. Time to ramp up the heat again."  You grip the pillow tightly. Even the gentle rubbing on your sore bottom hurts. You don't know if you can--

Crash! Crash!

Your thoughts are interrupted by more fire on your backside. The swats aren't that hard but rapid. Almost instantaneously you're right back where you were- fighting to hang on. You growl and groan and voice your displeasure loudly and start to kick your legs.  I wrap my bare leg around yours pining them tightly. Somehow it's comforting but you continue to try and struggle and find that you can't. My left arm is wrapped around your waist holding you snug against me.

Whack whack

"It's alright sweetie"
whack "you can let it all out." Whack whack

The pain is almost continuous and then somehow I increase the pace. Whackwhackwhack!

It's more than you can handle and you break down crying. I notice immediately but don't stop. I don't increase the intensity but continue. I want you to experience the full measure of the emotional release. All the pent up frustrations and troubles... Let them all out with your sobs.

Tears roll down your cheeks and your nose is running on the pillow. You notice that the spanking has slowed down considerably. With three solid thwacks to your sit spot, I lay the brush down and rub gently. Your body  is spent. Like jelly. I lift you up and embrace you. You notice but don't care that your breasts are pressed against my chest as you sit on my lap. Your head rests on my shoulder as I rub your back comforting you.

You're warm and safe and want the moment to last and it does. Finally, somewhat recovered, you pull back to look at me. I kiss you on the forehead. And again on your nose. You giggle and notice something poking out of the fly in my boxers.

"Don't tempt me"
we both think.

Of course there will be a trip to the mirror for you to inspect your red caboose. Some more rubbing and joking. On the way home and throughout the day and the next you'll feel it if you move just right. A lingering soreness like after a good workout.

That next night, alone and vacuuming, your thoughts preoccupied... You whip out your phone an send me a simple one sentence email:

"When can we meet again?!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When you just want to hug her, not spank her.

Maybe I'm just a softie, but it's happened several times now.  Let's face it- spanking is a very intimate activity.  But that's not just because it involves the taking off of clothes and the fact that when she's over your lap your genitals are mere inches from each other.  It lays bare and raw deeply held emotions and desires that are shared with maybe no one else.  

I spent some time at a very religious school where it was widely known and joked about among my group of friends that one way of getting into a girl's pants was to go to bible study with her.  You share thoughts, emotions, concerns, comfort her through the shedding of a few tears, hold hands in prayer, and well, that's pretty intimate, emotionally.  That intimacy can lead to a transference of other forms of intimacy, and boom! Score. I never did that, but saw it happen multiple times.  Enough to confirm that if that's what you want, that tactic works at least as well as meeting a girl in a bar.

What I'm talking about in this post though, is sort of the exact opposite of that.  In spanking, you already have her pants off.  But that comes along with an invitation to her emotions... her feelings, her concerns, and the tears and comfort are right there.  Add to it the fact that most of the ladies I've seen have kept the desire for spanking bottled up for years because it's not socially acceptable, or acceptable to their spouse, and add the unleashing of the fact that they now know they're not alone in these weird insane desires to be spanked by a man... it can (and has) led to an unloading of emotions and problems they face in their real life.  Problems that in spite of my best intentions and desires... I cannot fix.

This post may seem odd to the many spanking blog readers who are in a committed relationship involving spanking.  Y'all have plenty of time to talk about things and share a life, and hug and spank and (do other naughty fun things and) then hug some more.  

But for me, It's become a problem.  I start to really care about the women that want me to spank them, and they open up about their life, and I feel for them and the struggles they're going through... If they had someone to be open and honest with about their secret desires, they wouldn't be coming to me!  Look, let's be honest... I tried to attend the convention of Folks With a Normal Non-Fucked-Up Childhood last year. 

As you can see, the attendance was sparse.  We all have our problems... our issues.  But some of these ladies have faced so much more than I can imagine in their past... not to mention their current struggles.  Dying spouses; dying parents; childhood trauma; dysfunctional families... I want to make everything right for them.  I want to really help them.  But I can't help everyone, and I can't solve every problem.  I'm sure not a trained psychologist!  I know that intellectually.  And I know that giving them a good spanking is what they want, and maybe what they need.  Don't get me wrong- I still take sexual pleasure from spanking --it's hot.  But sometimes it's not like this:

I can't help it.  Maybe that's the reason people "brat" - but when they open themselves up to me emotionally- which is entirely natural -- it gets to me.  Maybe someday I'll become an old crusty spanko top that doesn't care, but sometimes I don't want to spank them, I want to just give them a hug and make it all better.
Okay so I don't look like that, and neither do my recent spankees, but you get the idea.