Friday, February 22, 2013

a hodge-podge of plugs

A few sites of interest to me that I felt like mentioning, but couldn't quite make a whole post about any of them individually...

I posted a few stories and story snippets to the Spanking Library -stories on my blog previously, but hope it will reach a different audience.  I promise I'll get something written one of these days for the Wellred Weekly!  Meanwhile, the forum there is pretty cool too.  Once upon a time I posted about retro spanking stories here and here. Before I was discovered by Chross, those were my most popular posts.  I thought I knew a whole lot about old spanking stories on the internet.  But the knowledge base on that forum astounded me.  For any true fans of the genre, I urge you to check it out.  Sadly, the stories are not available on an iphone.

Smashwords.  It's a place to self-publish our writing, normally for a small fee.  Not a fraction of the size of amazon, but it has a significant advantage for me... You can read it on your phone ( I haven't yet figured out how to discreetly get naughty books on my kindle for iphone/ipad.) There's plenty of spanking related fiction available on there, but one author in particular I wanted to point out. Longtime readers know I also enjoy -by far the most widely viewed/read place for erotic fiction on the internet.  Once upon a time there was an author there called Bashfullyshameless who came out of nowhere to write a story called "Angels, Demons, and Alex" - it was by far the best story I'd read on there in the literally decades I'd been doing so.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so.  He took the story down (to the lament of many) and published it on Smashwords in an edited form i.e., minus several sex scenes making it NC-17 rated and with a new title Good Intentions.  Y'all might notice a review from a familiar name.  He then published another "book" with no sex scenes that's been even more successful, "Poor Man's Fight" - I recommend them both.  He's even started a blog.  It's pretty inspirational to aspiring authors.  Sadly, so many books I want to read are only available on Amazon.

Some folks want to get spanked, but navigating the minefield of crazy dommes can be a challenge.  Lots of ladies advertising spanking but also into whips and chains and leather and grovelling slaves... I've said before that I was extraordinarily lucky to stumble upon Dana Kane when I wanted to see what it was like to take a spanking.  She travels a lot.  But I love it that there are other less well known corners of spankingland, and relish the opportunity to shed some light on them.  A couple I've corresponded with and met/and or am comfortable with...
Madeline Rommely in Minnesota 
Ms.Robinson in Dallas
Governess Worthington in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Her website is a clips store, but she's into spanking (as well as other kinky interests) and saw her at the last TASSP.

A sexy vanilla site: Nick Scipio's Picture of the Day.  He's also an author, and delve into the site and you'll find a novel about a young man in a nudist camp in the 70's who then goes to college. ( I imagine it's just a tad bit auto-biographical) but the picture of the day (and its caption) is generally entertaining and the comments are usually surprisingly interesting and funny. But I'll warn you if reading this on the day it's published... WTF Friday is called that for a reason.

Remember when I posted something about shots? It's been brought to my attention that the best place on the internet to find such videos is  I checked out their videos, and while most may find the subtitles odd (it's clearly an eastern european website) the girls are hot, and there's something curiously intriguing about an old man examing a hot girl- but not having sex with her- just pretending to "examine" her.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I've had remarkable success in finding spankees on

Once upon a time I posted about a beautiful burlesque dancer who made her butt dance to Beethoven's  Fifth Symphony.  Her name was Michelle L'Amoure, and she apparantly somewhat of a burlesque legend.  This week she's presenting a new video each day on her blog.  enjoy.

Wanna order an official fraternity/sorority paddle? Not gonna find it on caniac or anywhere else that advertises on fetlife. But try Paddletramps.  Seriously I found their name on the back of my old fraternity paddle and was curious- yes, they have a website now.

Okay so as much as I like to poke fun of myself for being half bald (Hey I just have more testosterone than guys with a full head of hair!) I'd never resort to hairplugs.  On the other hand, I hope y'all enjoy at least a couple of these plugs.

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