Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just a little spanking scene

"Are you scared?"

"Maybe a little."

"It's okay to be a little scared. I mean, it IS going to hurt. But it's like going up the first hill in a roller coaster. Or a scary movie. Or getting off a ski lift and looking down the slope. It'll be okay, and you'll be glad you did it. You remember the safe word just in case?"


 "Okay. Come here then."


"What's the matter?"

"I can't."

"It's okay. You've wanted this for a long time you said. I won't start out too hard. Come here."

"I can't." 

"Ashley? Come here."  You take a step closer and cover your face with your hands. 

"I - I..." I take your arm and pull you over my lap. You don't struggle much at all, relieved that I "made" you  


One cheek and then the other. Steady back and forth. Firm, but not too bad.

"It doesn't really hurt like this, does it?"

You giggle.

"No sir. It kind of feels good actually."

"I know. Up you go little one."

"What? That's it?"

"Not hardly sweetie. Hands behind your head."

"Wh- why?"

I start to unbutton your jeans and take them down - enjoying the view as I uncover your flesh.

"Of course a spanking doesn't hurt over your jeans. But I wanted you to just get used to being over my lap. Now it's time for the real spanking."

You're mortified as you see me looking directly at your naked front side.

"But first... Lets see if you're ready..."

You gasp as I touch you down there, confirming your wetness.

"Yes, I think you're more than ready sweetie. Back down you go."

Awkwardly you get into position willingly this time. Your jeans hobbling you bunched around your knees. You feel how cool your bottom is as I rub it. And then...

Smack! The noise is louder. And sharper. And stings a whole lot more like this.

Smack! "Hold on tight sweetie." Smack! "We're about" Smack! "to begin..." Smack Smack!!
I continue smacking your bottom with my hand. Slow and steady. One after another. They sting, but its not unbearable. Your bottom cheeks turn a nice pink  - but there are still a few pale parts. I take awhile finding these. No more slow and steady but targeted spanks on those fresh nerves that haven't felt it yet. The outside of your bottom. I lean you over further and give quite some attention to the bottom of your bottom right on the sit spot.

You groan as I spread your cheeks and deliver some lighter smacks to the palest parts of your inner cheeks. You really feel those, and also feel the cool air on parts of you that up until that point had not been completely exposed. Now they are though, and you know I can see and feel every little crevice.

Finally satisfied that every round inch of your bottom is a uniform pink, I take a little break. I pat your bottom softly and even lean over and kiss the crest of each butt cheek.

"Okay. Now that you're nice and warmed up, I think it's time we turn up the heat just a little bit."

You hear the unmistakable clatter as I pick up the hairbrush from the table, and tense your bottom cheeks in anticipation.

"Don't clench. Relax that bottom right now."

"Yes sir" - you try your best to fight your instincts and relax. Doing so, you can feel the lingering heat on your bottom. Taking a deep breathe, you tell yourself you're ready.

But to your surprise, I set the hairbrush down gently on the small of your back. You turn your head back to look. You can see the hairbrush in front of the pink hills of your bottom rising behind it. You look at me and see me slowly rolling the sleeves of my shirt up. I turn toward you.

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"I'm kinda working up a sweat here and just getting ready to continue." I pick up the hairbrush and give you a few taps.


It hurts far worse than my hand did. Over and over, slow and steady again you feel a fire burning on your cheeks. Left right left right. You're squirming now but it continues. You think you can't take it all of a sudden and reach your right hand back to protect your bottom. The spanking suddenly stops.

Oh no...

I take your hand and grab it firmly, pulling it up behind your back.

"When you cover up with your hand, you get more sweetie. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

Suddenly the hairbrush spanking starts again, this time about the same pain with each swat but the pace has doubled. CrashCrashCrashCrash!

You try to squirm but can't. I have you pinned tight. Your bottom has gone from pink to red you're sure. It really hurts and you're sure you can't take any more!  But it keeps coming and somehow you do.

You're not entirely aware immediately but it's stopped. You're almost out of breath and realize I'm just rubbing your bottom. And rubbing between your legs. Sadly I withdraw my finger. Such a tease!

"Up you go sweetie."

You stand in front of me and notice sweat on my brow again, and I'm smiling.  Nervously standing there you awkwardly cover your little neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair with your hand.

"Oh no you don't- you remember what I said about covering up with your hand?"
You jerk your hand away uncovering yourself to my direct gaze.

"I thought you said you understood that 'When you cover up you get more.'"

"Yes sir."

"And when you covered up to prevent the spanking you got more what?"

"More swats sir."

"And so when you cover up to prevent embarrassment what do you think you're gonna get?"

"Uhm... more embarrassment sir?"

"That's right. Lets get those jeans all the way off."
You awkwardly comply.

"And now the shirt."
Your eyes grow wide. "Yes." Slowly you take the shirt over your head.

"And it seems silly to be dressed in just a bra. Lets get that off too. Besides, I'd like to see those girls wobble about during this next part."

"The next part?!"
You think as you uncover your other curves. Your nipples are little pebbles standing proudly on top of the generous mounds.

"Hands behind your head sweetie."

You comply. I step forward and caress first your stomach and then slowly up your chest until I'm cupping them and teasing them. Another hand drifts down and confirms how much you like it.
"We're almost done sweetie." Your eyes grow wide again as you see me unfasten my belt and you hear the "slick!" As I slide it out of my belt loop.

"Come on Ashley,"
I say, grasping your arm, "it's time to move this over to the bed... Up you go." You crawl on up on the bed on your hands an knees. I push down gently on your back.

"Further down. Elbows and knees." 
You comply and your backside is now even more prominent.

"Spread your knees apart sweetie and arch your back for me. That's it.  It's quite a lovely view, I have to say. Turn your head around so you can see in the mirror." 
You turn your head back and are even more embarrassed. There's your red rump, but there's also you prominently displayed pussy. It's obvious that you're aroused and the lips are wet and engorged and open.  You bury your head in the cool cotton of the sheets.

"Twenty strokes Ashley. I want you to count them for me."
I lay the belt, doubled over, almost lazily draped over your high bottom.

"Here we go." 

You gasp, and then eek out a "one, sir."
Again the snap of the belt brings a searing pain across both cheeks. Different, somehow even hotter than the clean pain of the hairbrush. By seven, you struggle with the simple words. Your fists clench the sheets and you're gritting your teeth. By ten, you're growling after every one before you can vocalize the count. But you do an admirable job of staying in position. I take my time with the last few and try to let you catch your breath between each searing stroke.

After fifteen I sit down on the bed and wrap my arm around you and whisper encouraging words in your ear. You notice that at some point I've taken off my shirt, and the skin-to-skin contact is powerful.
"I want you in a different position for these last ones. Come with me."
Almost numbly you follow. I place you with your hands on the bathroom counter facing the mirror. Legs still spread wide, but I want to look at you and see your face and your reactions. Oddly, it's almost MORE intimate this way.

"Sixteen, sir!"
But it's just as painful to endure.

"Look at me."

My practiced arm doesn't have to be aimed. I look right you and not your bottom but the strokes are delivered on target. It's a real struggle to maintain eye contact.After the twentieth stroke, you close your eyes and I see a single tear roll down your cheek. We're almost done. When you opened your eyes, you looked up in the mirror and saw that I was down to just my boxers. I set the belt down on the counter next to you and my hands returned to your sore bottom.

"I know that hurt sweetie. We'most done. But I wanted to see the girls"
-smack!- "wobble around a bit"- I say with a grin.

And wobble they do. My hand spanks don't hurt as much as the belt, but there's far more weight behind them. With each smack your body shakes and your breasts dance for me.I start to finger you just a bit with one hand, the other delivering blows that are plenty strong but almost gentle compared to the belt.I take your arm and lead you back to the bed, stopping to grab the hairbrush.I sit down on the corner of the bed and drag you across my lap again. My arousal is unmistakable. This is more comfortable for you than over my knee on the chair. You can rest your chest and head on the bed. I hand you a pillow to help even more.

"Okay sweetie. Time to ramp up the heat again."  You grip the pillow tightly. Even the gentle rubbing on your sore bottom hurts. You don't know if you can--

Crash! Crash!

Your thoughts are interrupted by more fire on your backside. The swats aren't that hard but rapid. Almost instantaneously you're right back where you were- fighting to hang on. You growl and groan and voice your displeasure loudly and start to kick your legs.  I wrap my bare leg around yours pining them tightly. Somehow it's comforting but you continue to try and struggle and find that you can't. My left arm is wrapped around your waist holding you snug against me.

Whack whack

"It's alright sweetie"
whack "you can let it all out." Whack whack

The pain is almost continuous and then somehow I increase the pace. Whackwhackwhack!

It's more than you can handle and you break down crying. I notice immediately but don't stop. I don't increase the intensity but continue. I want you to experience the full measure of the emotional release. All the pent up frustrations and troubles... Let them all out with your sobs.

Tears roll down your cheeks and your nose is running on the pillow. You notice that the spanking has slowed down considerably. With three solid thwacks to your sit spot, I lay the brush down and rub gently. Your body  is spent. Like jelly. I lift you up and embrace you. You notice but don't care that your breasts are pressed against my chest as you sit on my lap. Your head rests on my shoulder as I rub your back comforting you.

You're warm and safe and want the moment to last and it does. Finally, somewhat recovered, you pull back to look at me. I kiss you on the forehead. And again on your nose. You giggle and notice something poking out of the fly in my boxers.

"Don't tempt me"
we both think.

Of course there will be a trip to the mirror for you to inspect your red caboose. Some more rubbing and joking. On the way home and throughout the day and the next you'll feel it if you move just right. A lingering soreness like after a good workout.

That next night, alone and vacuuming, your thoughts preoccupied... You whip out your phone an send me a simple one sentence email:

"When can we meet again?!"


  1. I'm just curious...did this really happen or is it a wonderful fantasy? It's really good, whether it really happened or not!

    1. Well I've never spanked someone named "Ashley" and it's entirely fictional. However, I'd be lying if I didn't admit it was certainly inspired by a real play date, or a conglomerations of a few of them.

  2. This has an eerily familiar ring sting wobble rub poke.

    I need to rest now.

    Your "practiced arm". Yes, sir.

    1. it always needs some more practice, dear!