Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love spoons

Valentine's Day is bound to bring a bunch of mushy lovey-dovey posts on spanking blogs, but I thought I'd make it a tradition of highlighting interesting courtship rituals from around the world that are only marginally spanking related.  Last year I wrote about how tribal suitors in southern Africa would shoot a special love-arrow into the bottom of the woman of their dreams.  Spanking related? Well, I said I bet it hurts worse than a caning!

This year, after searching the internet for an unusual courtship ritual that was maybe possibly slightly spanking related, I came up with... Welsh Lovespoons.  It seems that in times past, a young man would carve an intricate spoon for his potential bride and present it to her. The symbols carved into the spoon had meaning- wealth, the number of children desired, etc... Here's a few more interesting articles about the practice.  One need not whittle a block of wood over hours and hours today, though.  One can purchase beautiful hand-carved lovespoons, thanks to the beauty of the internet.

Speaking of beauty... some of the modern ones are so intricate it's amazing.

Me though, I like to use cheap wooden spoons when I'm spanking a fair maiden's bottom.  You can purchase those too on the internet for about $1.  I'd be scared to death to spank someone with a work of art like the one above, but then again I bet that the fancy one made of nice wood and my little $1 ones stand about an equal chance of breaking during a good spanking.

Others look more rough-hewn, like something one can imagine a young Welsh lad whittling away by firelight at for hours each night pining for the woman of his dreams a few farmhouses down. I doesn't take Robert Langdon to detect any symbolism here:
Something about the simple design and how it evokes well, the anatomy of the Welsh maiden he's pining for is pretty cool, and appropriate for Valentine's Day, right?  That same design is echoed in more modern versions. (Maybe more realistic in that her bottom is a bit larger than her bust?) Wonder what Robert Langdon would say about that hole used to hang the spoon up with a string or something?
Hey wait a minute, haven't I sort of seen that design before? Maybe a modern interpretation but with the ass still bigger than the boobs? Oh yeah.  I have.
Not to disparage Jane Seymour.  I think she's hot (and I wasn't even around to think she was hot as a Bond girl back in the day!)
She's from Britain, right? Not the wild west?
Maybe kinda kinky too?
And who can forget this scene?

But... We were talking about fair maidens from Wales, and Jane's English.  Sounds like a good excuse to ogle Catherine Zeta Jones!

And uhm... oh yeah, since most of my readers are into this thing called spanking...
 Anyone remember this scene? Amazing bottom.
And not sure where this pic came from, but damn! She's practically in position and begging for it.  With a special Welsh Lovespoon- which we can all fantasize was used for more than just ladling lamb stew!

Anyway... Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!  Hope those of you with a desire to get a dose of the spoon get plenty of it!!


  1. Clever post and the clip with Jane Seymour was funny.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!


  2. Glad you liked that. I try to show my cleverness on occasion. And that scene was funny, and awkward, and admittedly a little hot. Never thought I'd find a reason to post it on my spanking blog, but it sort of fit.

    1. and by the way... happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  3. Those spoons are soooo pretty, looks like a few of them would be sturdy enough to spank with but it would be a shame to use them that way!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Happy Belated Valentines day to you too! agreed - I'd be afraid to use one for for spanking in that I might break a work of art.