Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pink? No. Red? Yes!

No, I'm not lamenting the fact that Barely Pink hasn't posted anything in a while, though I do. Instead, I'm going to comment on how colors have a surprising influence on human psychology. That's one of the chapters in a fascinating new book called Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave by Adam Alter.  It's about the seemingly bizarre and counter-intuitive effect outside influences have on human psychology and behavior. (The book is about much more than the influence of color- here's an interview containing some more anecdotes.)  "Drunk Tanks" in county jails have been painted pink in many cases because the color soothes aggression.  

This is nothing new.  I mean, pink Pepto Bismol soothes an upset stomach, right?  Decades ago, Hayden Fry, the legendary coach at Iowa infamously painted the visiting locker rooms at the stadium pink. Apparently, it was something he learned as a psychology major in undergrad. To this day, (well, as of 2010) it still stands as an amusing and maybe effective tool used against opponents.  
He was also the inspiration for "Coach"
Okay so most of the inspiration for this post is from another Slate article.  See, it turns out that while the color pink is soothing, the color red has a much different effect. Red is not just the color of angry men, it's the color of desire. (and I don't know this just because I finally watched that Les Mis musical movie last weekend!) No, scientific studies back it up. Men are sexually attracted to the color red. Read the one on hitchhikers- women were less likely to pick up read T-Shirt wearing women, but men were more likely to do so.

So ladies... Let's relate this back to spanking: If you're going to post a pic on fetlife or a spanking personal site hoping to attract a man, pose a sexy pic in red:


And just when the spanking's get a bit painful and hard to take- hold on tight and encourage just a bit more.  Or discourage it in a teasing way designed to elicit a bit more- "Please sir! I don't know if I can take anymore... It hurts!" Wiggle and squirm on his lap and bear down and just take a little bit more until your bottom turns from pink to red.  I guess if there's anything more attractive to a man than a gorgeous female bottom, it has to be a red one!


  1. Thanks for sharing this.. i love psychology related things, add spanking and its even better. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Kenzie. Took me long enough to wade through the spam to respond to it! I'm fascinated by psychology, especially psychology based on our caveman origins! I'll try to see if I can't include some more such studies, with an eye toward how they relate to spanking.