Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day- a Scotch-Irish perspective

So should I celebrate it? I'm not exactly Irish, yet I'm not exactly Scotch.  No, One side of my family traces it's roots way back to the  scotch-irish immigrants that joined George Washington.  And my grandfather has the troubling estate he's trying to administer on Martha's Vinyard to prove it, with lots of help from his (ahem) grandson, who has absolutely no previous knowledge of MA estate or personal income tax law but as "the family attorney" has embroiled himself in a hot mess consisting of far flung and disagreeable elements of the family that have never actually met.

My mom was adopted, but best we can tell her birth family was named a couple of strictly English names.  So I figure I'm half British, half Scotch-Irish.  Basically I'm a white American mutt..  There's not much of a chance to celebrate my British ancestry... but St. Patrick's day is coming up, and I want to take advantage of it.  So I'll celebrate that Scotch -Irish half of me.  My wife is supposedly half Irish.

So yay! whisky- of the Scotch sort.

While I'm at it though..., Here's a celebration of European military. And here's an American version of roughly the same thing. I'll make a good shepherd's pie and drink some green beer (and /or whisky) in celebration of that small part of me that might be Irish, but in reality is just an excuse to drink whisky!


  1. An excuse to drink, exactly. That's the only reason this holiday still is celebrated. Lol. I have a bit of Irish and Scotch (not the drink) in me and like beer, so I suppose I'll celebrate too.

  2. An excuse to drink is always great. :) Love the pictures you posted! Linked you to my new blog, hope thats okay :)

    1. Absolutely it's okay. I'll have to check yours out!