Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"that thing is positively evil"-don't disrespect wooden spoons!

The poor wooden spoon is the Rodney Dangerfield of spanking implements.  Always looking way up at the impressive and fear-inducing canes, and paddles.  As a parental spanking implement it's well below dad's belt and mom's hairbrush, much less a switch or strap or bathbrush.  It's not even in the same galaxy as fancy Delrin or Lexan implements.  Even though it's found in the arsenal of accomplished spankers, it's mostly reserved for the little nooks and crannies and only the most sensitive parts of a bottom.  It inhabits the sad lowest tier of spanking implements, which it shares with maybe the wooden  ruler or in England the slipper. That much is clear. 

To be honest, some of that lack of respect is warranted.  Part of this is likely due to the fact that it's such a mom's implement for little kids.  We have a friend who kept a wooden spoon in her diaper bag with a sad face drawn on it.  She called it "Mr. Sad" and though we never saw her use it on her kids I saw her threaten them with it.  One infamous TV mom has taken some heat for employing a wooden spoon in her efforts to manage her prodigious brood.  
No, not that one! just click on the link above!
Heck my mom used a wooden spoon on me and my siblings when we were little.
Actually the one used on me looked a lot more like these.
But I think I've discovered something about wooden spoons, and wanted to share it with y'all. Yes they're good for getting pinpoint accuracy on the really sensitive parts down low and even on the inside of the bottom cheeks or the inner thigh.  
No, not like that.
That's not what I mean.  See, wooden spoons come in a variety of shapes. They can even be elaborate and intricately carved.  But all those in the pictures above share one thing in common. The backside of the spoon - the part that that actually hits the bottom - is a small flat surface. They're also all relatively thin and light weight.  It's like a little mini-paddle, or mini-hairbrush.  I've been spanked as an adult with spoons like these. As a child I was scared to death of it, but now, by comparison to other implements, it's nothing to be afraid of at all.  Maybe the lack of respect for a wooden spoon is warranted? Well... Come on now, I wouldn't have posted this if that were the case, right?

I've found something to change the minds of spankers and spankees everywhere that might have disrespected the wooden spoon. It's available to even secret spankos at Target for only $10.

Notice something different? Yes, it's a fancy KitchenAid brand, but that's not what I meant.  Look at the spoon part. Look at it again. Keep staring at it. It's almost like an optical illusion- are you looking at the front side or the backside? Hard to tell, because it's curved front and back. Which means... when you spank with it, all the force is concentrated on the peak that first impacts the bottom. One reason why relatively lightweight canes are so fearsome is that the impact is concentrated on a relatively tiny curved surface. This is the same principle at play, although the impact is one point instead of a line, and frankly this spoon is pretty hefty and substantial.  

I saw it and bought it on a whim, not knowing this.  During a recent session, I used it early on, when I usually use a spoon, and noticed a different reaction than I suspected.  I also noticed that it left marks pretty easily.  I backed off and continued the session using some other implements. When it was over, my little adorable spankette (who is experienced with quite a high pain tolerance) mentioned it, wanted to see it, and proclaimed that, "That thing is truly evil."   

Now that I know of it's power, I'll have to save it for later in the session, and can't wait to try it out again.   (evil grin!)

Oh, and just because, here's an amusingly sexy pic I found when searching for illustrations for this post:
Who says wooden spoons can't be sexy?!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

painful, teary-eyed endorphin rush

Okay, so maybe not what you might think... See, spanking isn't the only way to elicit a painful teary-eyed endorphin rush, it's just the most fun. Another method is to get stung by a wasp, or, as these videos show- eat the world's hottest pepper.

Notice how the lady actually mentions the endorphin rush after a couple of minutes? Or you can see a much hotter girl eating the same thing... And NO, I absolutely did not think anything sexual when she was gargling whole milk in an attempt to quench the flames! It seems, after watching a few of these videos, that the professional way to combat hot pepper mouth flames involves some combination of whole milk, sugar , and olive oil.  Yum!

And just because... not really relevant but if you want to watch that same girl eat a giant spoonful of cinnamon while wearing a bikini... (Not a sentence I thought I'd ever type!) Well,  Here ya go.
It's kind of amazing stumbling across these videos.  Apparently there's a whole sub-genre of youtube videos of folks eating super hot peppers and recording their reactions.   Seriously- both those videos I just linked to have several million hits.

I'll admit, I have one night of experience with this.  One drunken night.  I hope my readers don't get tired of fraternity stories, but by the time one is a senior in college, fraternities have lost some of their luster.  After the bars had closed, I found myself visiting my neighbors, who were in a different fraternity.  At some point someone bought a jar of super nuclear hot sauce meant for pranks, and was planning on using it on the pledges. We were soberly and rationally debating whether it should be used or not. "Oh, it cant be that bad! C'mon!" So feeling manly and showing off a bit, I dipped a chip into it and chomped down on a huge scoop. "oh shit..." I heard someone mumble. After a few seconds, it was hot but tolerable.  I told everyone I was tired and calling it a night. I rather quickly made my way to my truck where I couldn't help but spitting it out, drooling, and washing it down with whatever beer I had left all the way home.  My eyes were watering, my mouth was on fire, and I was literally drooling.  It was awful.  Took about an hour to get over it, and that was in the privacy of my own apartment trying my best to maintain my dignity.

And to think that there are so many of these folks who engage in this voluntarily!  Don't they know? Don't they realize? They could get this amazingly powerful painful endorphin rush in a way that's a whole lot more sexually and emotionally stimulating?!  Alas... Not everybody has been exposed to spanking.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mad Men spanking

Maybe it's because the show is set several decades ago when spanking in real life might have been more prevalent (or easier for us to fantasize that it was) but through the years Mad Men seems to elicit far more conversation among spanking bloggers than just about any other tv show. (I'm not counting "Dark Shadows" because that's pretty much just Erica!)

Last week Mad Men started a new season, and I thought it deserved a post.  I've talked about it in a number of posts, myself.  I mentioned the character Joan in my post about how ideally I'd prefer to spank strong women. (As a redhead, would it hurt more or less than for others?) In my post about how maybe spanking stereotypes don't hold up, I mentioned how Don Draper just might like to shed his authority once in awhile behind closed doors.

And as an aside... in the weeks before this season's premiere, there were a bunch of stories and pictures about the actor Jon Hamm's junk (the actor who plays Don Draper).   As I once pointed out, in the weeks prior to the previous season's Mad Men premiere, there was another media mini-scandal when the cell phone of Christina Hendricks (the actress that plays Joan) was allegedly hacked and pictures of her in her underwear and one of her amazing boobs zoomed around the internet. I'm sure it was just a coincidence! Amazingly, I haven't seen anyone else point out this coincidence.

Anyway, where was I? Oh well. How about some Mad Men pics that might inspire spanking fantasies?
Zoo Bee Zoo Bee Zoo!
And now go ahead and bend over my knee
I've heard of ADPi, but not ADPhi...but I have no doubt this is authentic

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Behind the scenes with Paul and Sarah

I recently (well, relatively recently) had the pleasure of visiting with Paul (Tubaman) Rogers and Sarah Gregory.  I'm grateful that they allowed me to see an actual spanking shoot they were filming. What was ironic and new to me about this shoot was that Sarah was in charge, even though she was playing the part of a little girl in an age play related spanking.  

At one point mid-spanking she yelled "Cut!" Both the spanking and the camera man stopped immediately.  With her pink ass still up in the air she started barking out instructions.  She proclaimed that she needed about 60 more spanks -just a little harder- and then kissed on the forehead and tucked into bed- oh, and to scoot over a little this way and that.  Maybe it's relatively common in spanking filming for the spankee to be directing, but I'd never witnessed it first-hand, and it was pretty amusing as an outsider.  The fact that she was a "little girl" in the scene just exacerbated that.  

The other fun thing I got to witness was after the shoot, when they tried to recreate moments in the scene (complete with repositioning of pillows, stuffed animals, and facial expressions) in order to shoot the promo stills for it.  Paul pressed his hand down creating an indentation on her bottom and her face twisted into a look of agony to capture a moment "during" the spanking.  Sarah told me later how important this was, and how difficult a step it is -you have to find a third party cameraman to shoot promo stills- while a cameraman certainly enhances, but is not absolutely required, for two people and a tripod (or two) to shoot a spanking scene.  

Speaking of which, they were both kind enough to sit down with me afterward for an interview that was frank, fascinating, and  funny.  As I've said before, I'm not a real journalist or anything; this is a hobby I do in secret.  Interviews conducted via email are relatively easy to post.  On the other hand, trying to take notes as they're talking and then piecing that together into a blog post has taken a little longer than expected.  I hope to post a summary of that interview soon.  In the meantime, here are a few stills I took with my phone while I was squeezing into the corner of the room and out of the camera's view.
Big thanks to the both of them for allowing me to do this, and as I said, hope to have that interview posted soon.