Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Behind the scenes with Paul and Sarah

I recently (well, relatively recently) had the pleasure of visiting with Paul (Tubaman) Rogers and Sarah Gregory.  I'm grateful that they allowed me to see an actual spanking shoot they were filming. What was ironic and new to me about this shoot was that Sarah was in charge, even though she was playing the part of a little girl in an age play related spanking.  

At one point mid-spanking she yelled "Cut!" Both the spanking and the camera man stopped immediately.  With her pink ass still up in the air she started barking out instructions.  She proclaimed that she needed about 60 more spanks -just a little harder- and then kissed on the forehead and tucked into bed- oh, and to scoot over a little this way and that.  Maybe it's relatively common in spanking filming for the spankee to be directing, but I'd never witnessed it first-hand, and it was pretty amusing as an outsider.  The fact that she was a "little girl" in the scene just exacerbated that.  

The other fun thing I got to witness was after the shoot, when they tried to recreate moments in the scene (complete with repositioning of pillows, stuffed animals, and facial expressions) in order to shoot the promo stills for it.  Paul pressed his hand down creating an indentation on her bottom and her face twisted into a look of agony to capture a moment "during" the spanking.  Sarah told me later how important this was, and how difficult a step it is -you have to find a third party cameraman to shoot promo stills- while a cameraman certainly enhances, but is not absolutely required, for two people and a tripod (or two) to shoot a spanking scene.  

Speaking of which, they were both kind enough to sit down with me afterward for an interview that was frank, fascinating, and  funny.  As I've said before, I'm not a real journalist or anything; this is a hobby I do in secret.  Interviews conducted via email are relatively easy to post.  On the other hand, trying to take notes as they're talking and then piecing that together into a blog post has taken a little longer than expected.  I hope to post a summary of that interview soon.  In the meantime, here are a few stills I took with my phone while I was squeezing into the corner of the room and out of the camera's view.
Big thanks to the both of them for allowing me to do this, and as I said, hope to have that interview posted soon.

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