Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mad Men spanking

Maybe it's because the show is set several decades ago when spanking in real life might have been more prevalent (or easier for us to fantasize that it was) but through the years Mad Men seems to elicit far more conversation among spanking bloggers than just about any other tv show. (I'm not counting "Dark Shadows" because that's pretty much just Erica!)

Last week Mad Men started a new season, and I thought it deserved a post.  I've talked about it in a number of posts, myself.  I mentioned the character Joan in my post about how ideally I'd prefer to spank strong women. (As a redhead, would it hurt more or less than for others?) In my post about how maybe spanking stereotypes don't hold up, I mentioned how Don Draper just might like to shed his authority once in awhile behind closed doors.

And as an aside... in the weeks before this season's premiere, there were a bunch of stories and pictures about the actor Jon Hamm's junk (the actor who plays Don Draper).   As I once pointed out, in the weeks prior to the previous season's Mad Men premiere, there was another media mini-scandal when the cell phone of Christina Hendricks (the actress that plays Joan) was allegedly hacked and pictures of her in her underwear and one of her amazing boobs zoomed around the internet. I'm sure it was just a coincidence! Amazingly, I haven't seen anyone else point out this coincidence.

Anyway, where was I? Oh well. How about some Mad Men pics that might inspire spanking fantasies?
Zoo Bee Zoo Bee Zoo!
And now go ahead and bend over my knee
I've heard of ADPi, but not ADPhi...but I have no doubt this is authentic


  1. There's also the woman that Draper hired to slap him in the face, too.

  2. LOL! One day, I WILL find some spankos who share my Dark Shadows obsession!

    I never got into Mad Men. I've tried, but it just didn't grab me, for whatever reason. However, I would take a spanking from Jon Hamm any time, any day, any place. *swooooooooon* Good lord, y'all, what a man.

    1. I hope that someday somehow you do Erica. I sincerely wish you good luck with that. You'll need it! Ha!

      I recommend getting started with it as I did, watching the 1st season one right after another. The good thing is you can take your time- the DVDs are widely available, and it's not like the episodes will become dated if you wait too long.

  3. Lol wow - fun post. I've never see the show, but seems like there are lots of little spanking/could be spanking references or scenes.

    1. Thanks. Maybe not as many as I'd have hoped for (seems like there were more in earlier seasons) -but a few.