Tuesday, April 16, 2013

painful, teary-eyed endorphin rush

Okay, so maybe not what you might think... See, spanking isn't the only way to elicit a painful teary-eyed endorphin rush, it's just the most fun. Another method is to get stung by a wasp, or, as these videos show- eat the world's hottest pepper.

Notice how the lady actually mentions the endorphin rush after a couple of minutes? Or you can see a much hotter girl eating the same thing... And NO, I absolutely did not think anything sexual when she was gargling whole milk in an attempt to quench the flames! It seems, after watching a few of these videos, that the professional way to combat hot pepper mouth flames involves some combination of whole milk, sugar , and olive oil.  Yum!

And just because... not really relevant but if you want to watch that same girl eat a giant spoonful of cinnamon while wearing a bikini... (Not a sentence I thought I'd ever type!) Well,  Here ya go.
It's kind of amazing stumbling across these videos.  Apparently there's a whole sub-genre of youtube videos of folks eating super hot peppers and recording their reactions.   Seriously- both those videos I just linked to have several million hits.

I'll admit, I have one night of experience with this.  One drunken night.  I hope my readers don't get tired of fraternity stories, but by the time one is a senior in college, fraternities have lost some of their luster.  After the bars had closed, I found myself visiting my neighbors, who were in a different fraternity.  At some point someone bought a jar of super nuclear hot sauce meant for pranks, and was planning on using it on the pledges. We were soberly and rationally debating whether it should be used or not. "Oh, it cant be that bad! C'mon!" So feeling manly and showing off a bit, I dipped a chip into it and chomped down on a huge scoop. "oh shit..." I heard someone mumble. After a few seconds, it was hot but tolerable.  I told everyone I was tired and calling it a night. I rather quickly made my way to my truck where I couldn't help but spitting it out, drooling, and washing it down with whatever beer I had left all the way home.  My eyes were watering, my mouth was on fire, and I was literally drooling.  It was awful.  Took about an hour to get over it, and that was in the privacy of my own apartment trying my best to maintain my dignity.

And to think that there are so many of these folks who engage in this voluntarily!  Don't they know? Don't they realize? They could get this amazingly powerful painful endorphin rush in a way that's a whole lot more sexually and emotionally stimulating?!  Alas... Not everybody has been exposed to spanking.


  1. I admit when I read the title, I figured it had something to do with spanking! Lol, it was a surprise to read what it was really about.. yikes, I don't think i'd do the hot pepper or getting stung by a wasp, lol .. i'll stick to spanking.

    Thanks for sharing, it was an interesting read!

    1. that was, uhm... kinda the point of that title. ;) and agreed, spanking is a lot more fun!