Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still here... sort of.

Sorry folks.  Had a bit of a medical issue, hence the lack of posts recently. Everything came out okay (so to speak) but woke up to find myself shaved down there, with bandages.  Now that those hairs are growing back underneath said bandages, it's kinda itchy.  

Meanwhile, there was once a discussion thread on fetlife where I opined that although for some it was possible for spanking to not be sexual, for most there was/is an element of sexuality to the appeal of spanking.  Someone resurrected the thread, and the next thing I knew I was being called out for that statement.  Apparently to some, spanking is just like looking at worms; or bowling, or eating pasta, riding a unicycle; i.e., inherently non-sexual.  Seriously.  That's what she said.  I beg to differ:
My little worm is growing thinking about you looking at it.

Except that... With a spanking, your pants and panties are down as you bend over- whether you're bowling, or uni-cycling  or eating pasta, whatever.  It's inherently going to be at least a little sexy to any red-blooded male. (Not sure about a hypothetical earthworm wiggling, but bet any shrink with half a brain could recognize some symbolism there.)  Regardless, I feel it's safe to say that I've spoken/corresponded with a great number of spankos, and I stand by my assertion that to most (not all, but far more than 50%) spanking has a sexual element to its appeal.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day y'all

Being a mom is tough work, and I salute all of my readers who are moms.  Bringing up moms on a spanking blog might be right up some folks alley, but squicky to others.  I've had issues with mine, totally unrelated to the fact that she used to spank me long ago.  Still, now that's she's mostly gone (sort of- it's complicated) few things bring me to tears like thinking about her.  Everyone has a special, and uniquely personal relationship to their mom.

I've tried being a stay-at-home dad, and let me tell you- it's a real job, and one that I'm thankful there's someone in my life who's far better at it than I am. Sorry, no funny pictures or stories... I just wanted to say "Way-to Go!" to all those moms out there.  Happy Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Cane. So much for fun and sexy... wind turbines and chinese martial arts caning

I'd been thinking about the cane a bit lately.  It's certainly one of the most intense implements, and I'd been talking to someone about a bathbrush vs. a sorority paddle in terms of which is more intense, and wondered how the cane compared.  I have some experience with it, and have been taught by a professional from England in how to use it, but since that training have not had an opportunity to use it.  It's one of the very least secret spanko friendly implements: can't disguise it as something else, can't fold it up or hide it very easily, and maybe the hardest to conceal of any spanking implement.  I'm reminded of a friend who worked in the trucking industry and was sharing frustrations about transporting the pieces to a wind turbine...
they're lightweight, and distinctive, and fragile, and long.  And because of this they have to come up with a completely different set of billing standards for transporting them. Understandable, but (excuse the pun) a pain in the ass.  Likewise, I can't conceal a cane in my trunk, or wrap it around my waist, or have it in the floorboard of the backseat where I might have used it to brush my hair one day and forgot about it.

But transportation logistics is not a fun topic for a spanking blog.  I was thinking more about the distinctive sexy stripes a cane makes on a woman's ass.  So I did a search for sexy ass stripes.  I came up with images like this...
 Sexy, yes, but not much to do with caning... so instead I searched for sexy ass cane stripes and came up with images like this...

more representative body type of most spankees, though I'd love to find one with that cute face!
Okay back to the drawing board!  Let's try "marks left by canes"... Holy Shit- I get these brutal unsexy photos from a Chinese martial arts school. The first one is at the top of this post.  Holy caned by a flagpole batman.  Blog regarding these images is here.  Decidedly unsexy.

Yes, the chinese are a powerful global force, even on their censored internet.  We kowtow to them quite enough...

But dammit can't we regain/retain our anglo-american hold on sexy bare ass caning?!  Yes... we just have to work a little harder at it.

Monday, May 6, 2013

channeling my inner Don Draper and guilt

High powered, stressful job... check
Relatively succesful... check
Likes whiskey... check
Look better in a suit than casual clothes... check
Look better in a suit than with my shirt off ... check

Maybe some switch tendencies... check
Deeply-rooted family issues that he's trying to escape through success... check
Is maybe a little too comfortable with/proud of his "Junk"... check
Addiction to tobacco products... check (even if mine is just Copenhagen and doesn't make my clothes stink!)
Handsome good looks without a receding hairline... dammit!
Maintains a secret lifestyle... check -(well... this is getting a little uncomfortable.)
This secret lifestyle involves meeting ladies to fulfill my sexual desires...(uhm... check- yeah, even more so)
The ability to come across as a complete asshole... check!

As readers of this blog know, I have an account on fetlife and read a bit on there.  Recently I stumbled across a post by an apparently popular Dom from my neck of the woods that made it onto the "Kinky and Popular" list.  It wasn't nearly as much fun as those videos of Erica's.  It was entitled something about secrets and shame, and how he struggled with those issues, presumably because he enjoys tying women up, and is a sadist for using clothespins on their toes.  Don't know him.  Don't care to, but it's not the 1st "opening my heart" post from a goatee-having-long-haired dom that made me roll my eyes.

Seriously?! Grow a sack.  Waah.  Your life's tough.  Try some real secrets, or some real pain involved.  I know that in this kinky world we should embrace those pursuing their journey.  Still, I feel both guilt about what I do and yet disdain for those that try, just not quite like I do.  Maybe that makes me a hypocritical asshole.  Or maybe I'm the normal one condemning weirdos- well, I'm certainly not normal, so that leaves me with the fact that maybe I'm normal but I still get to criticize those that are far removed from my experience.  whatever... Maybe I should call myself Don Marks.  Just my thoughts tonight.