Monday, May 6, 2013

channeling my inner Don Draper and guilt

High powered, stressful job... check
Relatively succesful... check
Likes whiskey... check
Look better in a suit than casual clothes... check
Look better in a suit than with my shirt off ... check

Maybe some switch tendencies... check
Deeply-rooted family issues that he's trying to escape through success... check
Is maybe a little too comfortable with/proud of his "Junk"... check
Addiction to tobacco products... check (even if mine is just Copenhagen and doesn't make my clothes stink!)
Handsome good looks without a receding hairline... dammit!
Maintains a secret lifestyle... check -(well... this is getting a little uncomfortable.)
This secret lifestyle involves meeting ladies to fulfill my sexual desires...(uhm... check- yeah, even more so)
The ability to come across as a complete asshole... check!

As readers of this blog know, I have an account on fetlife and read a bit on there.  Recently I stumbled across a post by an apparently popular Dom from my neck of the woods that made it onto the "Kinky and Popular" list.  It wasn't nearly as much fun as those videos of Erica's.  It was entitled something about secrets and shame, and how he struggled with those issues, presumably because he enjoys tying women up, and is a sadist for using clothespins on their toes.  Don't know him.  Don't care to, but it's not the 1st "opening my heart" post from a goatee-having-long-haired dom that made me roll my eyes.

Seriously?! Grow a sack.  Waah.  Your life's tough.  Try some real secrets, or some real pain involved.  I know that in this kinky world we should embrace those pursuing their journey.  Still, I feel both guilt about what I do and yet disdain for those that try, just not quite like I do.  Maybe that makes me a hypocritical asshole.  Or maybe I'm the normal one condemning weirdos- well, I'm certainly not normal, so that leaves me with the fact that maybe I'm normal but I still get to criticize those that are far removed from my experience.  whatever... Maybe I should call myself Don Marks.  Just my thoughts tonight.


  1. You OK, friend? You're not sounding very happy. :-(

  2. Ha! I'm okay. Though I really appreciate you checking on me. Just realized that I hadn't posted anything in over a week so I ought to post something, right? Then I started typing, and maybe I was grumpy when I was typing that.

    Still anyone who calls themselves a "sadist" for clothespins on the toes deserves some derision, no?

  3. Welllll... I'll just say if he thinks that's sadistic, he needs to get out more, and leave it at that. :-)