Friday, June 21, 2013

Christian Domestic Discipline is trending... and my crappy day

Well, didn't make it to the Texas All-State Spanking Party this year.  :(
Sorry Ten, and all the other folks I was hoping to meet or see again...

Sadly, work got in the way.  I couldn't play hooky like I did last year and go there instead. I can't even say that it was that productive of a day at work.  Mostly it was sitting around waiting, holding hands with someone else's client, and ended without a conclusion.  Grrrr... Oh well, good billables, right?

But then I get back and want to catch up on the days news I missed.  And I see this:
Look in the bottom right corner.  Seriously.  WTF? Now, I've somewhat guiltily admitted that I look to the huffingtonpost as a quick way to get some headlines.  I've even called them out for the time, a few weeks before a presidential election, when a supposedly political website showed that five out of the top ten most read stories on it (including the top 3) involved Kate Middleton's boobs and another had to do with zombies.   But the last thing I expected to see on there was something on Christian Domestic Discipline.  Not only that, but the story's marked as "hot" on facebook and twitter.  Here's a link to the HuffPo "article" that relies heavily on this site featured in my blog before as well as this article in the DailyBeast and this one on Jezebel.  The comments on the article on HuffPo are a treat.

Again, I personally think that adherents to Christian Domestic Discipline are a subset of a subset (domestic discipline in a non-religious-specific context) of the spanking community as a whole, and that they're probably a pretty small minority of those into spanking.  Frankly, even in those posts about spanking and religion, I tried not to be too revealing about my personal thoughts about the matter. But what the Hell (so to speak) -I'll say it.  I'm a Christian, and I think that Jesus loves me in spite of my desires to spank lovely ladies bottoms... rather than approving of it as a way to be closer to Him.  While it may have benefits that are very real, I see spanking as sexual play.  A fetish.  Not something to be engaged in for real behavioral modification.  Not something to be engaged in "for real" pursuant to God's commandments.

Yet... I'm so conflicted and troubled by my desires and actions that I have a hard time condemning those who practice Christian Domestic Discipline.  If that's the way they want to live their life, it doesn't bother me. 

On the other hand... Those comments seem to reveal that there's a lot more acceptance of spanking as a non-scary sexual act, and the reaction of most people seems to be "Yeah, right, whatever! Bet most Christian Domestic Discipline couples have a cigarette afterwards!" or "If the only way they can justify their kinky desires is to say God approves of it, more power to them!" and I think there might be some truth there.  

On the other hand (again)... Yikes! These articles reference several personal blogs, and have pointed criticism of some of the things posted there.  I'm sure it won't be long before someone on the internet somehow figures out who they are in real life and makes that real life scary for them. I'll purposely not post links to those blogs, but it appears as if the authors of these journalistic articles pointed out some of the most personal posts of theirs to condemn.  I live in fear that some media outlet will find this blog and think it might make for a good sweeps week type trashy story.  My heart sincerely goes out to them.

On the other hand (yet again)... geez every spanking blogger knows what being "chrossed" can do to your pageviews, but Good Lord (no pun intended) what sort of spike in traffic comes with a Huffingtonpost link?!


  1. I like your final observation. What a boost in pageviews this must be for all the blogs concerned. It's interesting to note which blogs are cited in the article, and the comments left by the owners of the ones that were overlooked.


    1. those were amusing. I'd love to hear from some of those cited.

  2. I saw some of that the other day.

    Ages ago a "Christian" erotic lactation site went viral, just for the gawking factor.

    I guess it's just internet cycles.

    1. Christian erotic lactation... that's a new one for me!

  3. Thanks for a very informative blog. I'm a male spanko in the closet, too.

    I try to be tolerant of other people's fetishes, because I want them to be tolerant of mine. But I can't ignore the fact that some of the Christian Domestic Discipline people give me the willies.

    I grew up in a conservative Christian family in the Deep South. I am very familiar with the idea that the husband is the authority and the wife is expected to always submit to his wishes. I am also very familiar with the idea that the Bible commands corporal punishment of those who violate this authority. I find this way of life repellent, and I moved far away to escape it.

    On the other hand, I have had to come to terms with the fact that since childhood, spanking has been an inescapable presence in my erotic life. The challenge is to find a way to embrace spanking in a healthy way, without endorsing the way of life I left behind.

    The thing is, I could see myself doing a scene involving a husband disciplining her wife for a real infraction - if it is clearly role play. I'm not opposed to the idea of consenting adults acting out that fantasy. But I find it harder to approve of a 24/7 domestic discipline relationship where the parties never "break character", so to speak, and share intimacy as equals. To me that kind of relationship seems little different from plain old wife beating.

    1. Good point, and share a similar background and couldn't agree with you more.