Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paddling before travelling to Hell? Dante' and a spanko startle

I admit it.  I read Dan Brown.  I've read every single one of his books.  He has a formula, and it's cheesey, but it's fun to read and definitely a page-turner.  I'll even admit that we have some of the same interests.  I'd actually read Holy Blood, Holy Grail years before The DaVinci Code.  This was a book that advocated the premise for the fiction behind The DaVinci Code and led to a big lawsuit.

His subject matter is certainly interesting.  His book Digital Fortress explored the NSA spying on Americans years before uhm... recent headlines.  Years ago, when given the opportunity to travel I wanted to go to Florence, which I thought was, in many ways, the birthplace of the Renaissance and western culture.  There is a cathedral separate from the main city by a little ways, where Michelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli, Gallileo, Ghiberti, and Dante (among many others) are buried.  Hell, that's like half the ninja turtles in one chapel, right? 

More recently, his book The Lost Symbol brought me back to the time, years ago, when I roamed the underground passages of our nation's capitol. 

So with some unforeseen downtime recently, I snapped up a copy of Dan Brown's latest, Inferno.  At the center of the plot is the life and lessons from Dante' and his epic poem about a descent into hell.  Now you may be asking, "What the heck does any of this have to do with spanking?" and that's a good question.

Not long into the book, I was confronted with this...

"Langdon advanced slides to a frightening detail of a musclebound beast swinging a giant paddle at cowering people." 

Now Langdon is running away from authorities at this point, but the narrative takes a moment to describe, in detail, a painting several hundred years old.  And here is some detail from that paining.

Dante's Charon, swinging a paddle... okay so maybe it's more of a paddle in the traditional sense that it's an oar used to ostensibly row the boat across the river Styx to hell, but still... I read it and my 1st thought was "He's going to paddle the condemned?! maybe there were spankos back in the Renaissance too!" I wouldn't want to get hit with that!

P.S.  I for one have written quite a bit on gmail that I for sure hope never sees the light of day.  But I'm pretty sure the NSA has alot more worthwhile things to do than searching sexual perversions such as mine!


  1. Isn't it funny how as 'spankos,' we seem to pick up these little spanking cues, basically everywhere we look? Interesting post. :)

    1. Thanks. Yes, seems like if your mind is attuned to it, you're more likely to encounter it in seemingly odd places.

  2. Hmmm, but it wouldn't be hell for the spankos if they were paddled, would it?

    I like Dan Brown too.

    1. glad I'm not alone! oh wait, there are millions of Dan Brown fans. how about... glad I'm not alone among spanking bloggers that enjoy his books! yeah.