Friday, June 28, 2013

Taking down her panties

You know, I've gotten a little bogged down in politics and haven't had a good fun spanking post in awhile.  It's been a pretty eventful week in politics for otherwise boring summertime (biting my tongue and haven't even mentioned Wendy Davis or the fact that she's attractive!)

Back to spanking... It's funny how I can be inspired and think about spanking from something that seemingly has nothing at all to do with spanking.  See, right now I'm sitting here relaxing drinking a Miller Lite beer. It reminds me of those old commercials where they'd argue - one side said "Tastes Great!" and the other side said "Less Filling!"
Actually I prefer the more modern version:

But wait.. what does this have to do with spanking? ... where was I? Oh yeah... Taking down panties for a spanking is good, but why?  I imagine a similar argument brewing (no pun intended) among spanking aficionados... One side says "It's sexy!" the other side says "Hurts more!"

Please people... let's have peace and harmony.  Miller Lite is good both because it tastes great and is less filling (so you can drink more!) just as taking down panties is good not just because it makes a spanking hurt more, but also because it's sexy.  It's also sort of embarrassing and puts the spankee in a place of giving up her privacy and control, but let's not complicate this okay? Can we all just agree that taking down panties makes a spanking better and more fun for a variety of reasons?!

With that in mind... enjoy a few photos of taking down panties:

pretty sure this is from spankamber
from one of Claire's site, obviously, not sure which


  1. One of the most beautiful, and sexually erotic enjoyments in life, is to take down a naughty womans, panties, knickers, or bloomer's to bare her bottom. Of course the highlight comes, when she is spanked on that naked rear end of hers.

  2. Lol, screw the reasons - taking down panties adds to it for sure! :)

    1. it certainly adds to it, for a variety of reasons. ease of screwing afterward is, I guess, among them!