Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another real life sorority spanking

Some of my most popular posts involve stories about real life sorority paddling. I'll also admit that one lady I met in law school, after a few glasses of wine admitted that she had participated in both giving and receiving of sorority paddlings, but it was a small school and just a local sorority.  These type of things don't go on at big schools and with national sororities, right? Well, here's another story shared by a reader of the blog:

Hi, Spankdaddy here.  I was lucky enough to get a few bits about a sorority spanking that is 100% true.  Sorority paddling is alive and well at NC State University.  I work in a Nature Park that employees  college students as part time summer help.  I became friends with a very attractive sophomore student last fall.  She is attending NC state University.  She told me she was pledging a sorority in the spring.  Being the spanko I am I casually said, “ so you are going to get a blistered ass to be a member?”  She replied, “NO WAY.”  They don’t do that anymore.  It’s against the rules to haze anymore.  It may be against the rules of the college but I think it still goes on I replied.  You sound just like my mom.  She told me she got her ass paddled a lot when she pledged and she expects me to get the same thing.  I don’t think it will happen, the university has outlawed hazing, she went on to say.  This year she returned in the fall to work and I asked her, well did you get paddled?  She replied, “HELL YA”.  My ass was red and sore for a solid month.  My big sister paddled me every night and every Saturday night the whole group got paddled.  She didn’t go into details.  I’ll try to get more details if I can.  NC State still has sororities that paddle pledges.  You can use this on your blog is you want to.

So some of these girls may have been paddled:

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The end of the world as we know it? probably not.

Everyone is freaking out about blogger warning about shutting down blogs with links to commercial sites.  It's a legitimate concern.  But... I'm still here.  Not long after I started this blog, I pondered whether it was possible to make money from it.  After some brief research, I decided that it wasn't without devoting a lot more time to it than I was willing to give, plus... as a secret spanko, doing something with any of that money (assuming I could figure out a way to earn it) would be even more of a headache, so... y'all get this all for free.  My links are mostly to blogs.  I have a few other links posted, but I do so not because I get anything in referral, but because they're convenient to me.

However, all that having been said... there is a sign of the apocalypse- Martha Stewart paddling her interviewer. I'm sure the red marks on his ass were perfectly aligned, and she carved the paddle out of a vintage New England hardwood near her immaculately decorated summer cottage.  I've always thought there was something suppressed yet sexy about Martha Stewart, and turns out I bet I'm right.