Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The end of the world as we know it? probably not.

Everyone is freaking out about blogger warning about shutting down blogs with links to commercial sites.  It's a legitimate concern.  But... I'm still here.  Not long after I started this blog, I pondered whether it was possible to make money from it.  After some brief research, I decided that it wasn't without devoting a lot more time to it than I was willing to give, plus... as a secret spanko, doing something with any of that money (assuming I could figure out a way to earn it) would be even more of a headache, so... y'all get this all for free.  My links are mostly to blogs.  I have a few other links posted, but I do so not because I get anything in referral, but because they're convenient to me.

However, all that having been said... there is a sign of the apocalypse- Martha Stewart paddling her interviewer. I'm sure the red marks on his ass were perfectly aligned, and she carved the paddle out of a vintage New England hardwood near her immaculately decorated summer cottage.  I've always thought there was something suppressed yet sexy about Martha Stewart, and turns out I bet I'm right.


  1. This made me nervous, but I decided to just roll with it and pray my blog stays up. :)

    Oh what a picture, spanking is everywhere isn't it?

  2. That is TOO funny! But I think I'd rather see Martha GET spanked than doing the spanking. But then again I'm sure she would have to top from the bottom, wouldn't she?