Tuesday, August 20, 2013

secretspanko tip- hiding naughty stories on kindle on iphone

A recent post of mine generated some buzz among a spanking corner of the internet I hadn't explored fully: spanking romance authors and those who love them. Of course I love the unexpected attention, and have enjoyed some dialogue with those authors.

(Paraphrased- "you mean, you're a real disciplinarian?! I didn't know those really existed outside of our fantasy world!" Actually I'm not a true disciplinarian- they have to decide to stop smoking for themselves,  but I hope to remind them or just fulfill a fantasy, blah blah blah...)

Spanking stories have certainly come a long way from the early days when I first found them on the internet. It's now a really big deal.  One author who commented on that post recently had a spanking novel, complete with a bodice-ripper cover to put Fabio to shame, that entered the Amazon top 100 list and the top ten in science fiction. So clearly there's a market for spanking fiction.  But... How does one hide it on their iphone or ipad?  Here's an amusing thread on an Amazon forum about just that. Lots of folks want to download naughty books.  But they want the fact that they read naughty books kept a secret from others that might use their ipad or Amazon account.  My favorite comment was from "Lonesome Dove" (my all-time favorite novel, by the way!) who said:

"I share my kindle with my kids and I do not want them reading my graphic violent content, fifty shades is not something my 13 year old daughter needs to read, I am an adult and should have the ability to block content from her. Come on Amazon this is 2013 we need a fix here."

The threads been going for about two years!  It's a legitimate concern, and one that to my knowledge Amazon has not addressed.  I'm here to help though.  :)

So... you have a kindle app and you want to download one of these fun naughty books, but you're afraid to because someone might see it on your kindle/ipad etc... Okay, 1st, set up a naughty email account. (Like I told you to way back when!) Next, use this naughty email address to set up a separate naughty account with Amazon. Pick a "naughty" Amazon ID and password.  If you're really paranoid I guess you could even use a prepaid visa card you bought at the grocery store to do so.  Then go to Amazon.com and buy all the naughty books you want on that account.

Then go to the kindle app on your iphone/ipad, and when you open it, touch the little gear on the bottom right corner.  It opens settings which should look like this:

squiggled out my real life info, sorry.
 Then touch the blue "Update" - it will show this screen:

 Click on the bright yellow "Deregister this Kindle" button.  It's hard to miss. Don't be scared.

Click "OK" (I guess Amazon is really scared you'll do something like this and makes you take so many steps to actually do it.)  You'll end up with the very basic kindle screen.

Now enter your "naughty" Amazon ID, and click on "Register this Kindle" - Wallah! all your naughty books will be there.
See? The whole thing takes about 10 minutes to set up, but about one minute once it's set up to reverse or do again.  Note that I took this as a real screenshot of what was on my "naughty" kindle account awhile back when I first thought about writing a post about this. Yes, Erica, I've read much more of your book since then! And I should mention Rollin Hand, one of the few authors still around from my posts about early internet spanking stories- many of his stories are now on Amazon as well. I also want to point out a favorite sorta amateur non-spanking author, Elliott Kay is on there. I mentioned him once before. I've been a reader of literotica.com through the years. It's one of the most widely visited websites on the entire internet, featuring erotica in all forms.  He started out under a different name there, but quickly and dramatically rose to the top of the rankings on that site with a novel about a young man who inadvertently rescued a demon and angel and the hot sex and violence that ensued.  Unlike anyone I've seen before on there, he took the stories down and published them.  He wrote a non-erotic book called Poor Man's Fight, which I bought and read in a couple of days.  The sequel to the story about Angels and Demons and Alex was published recently (I've already finished it.)

But anyway- there you go.  I'm tempted to post this on that amusing thread of all the folks who are worried about how to hide their 50 shades of grey book from their daughters, but I suspect those of you reading this are wanting to hide stuff that's a lot more naughty than that book!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

fantasy vs. reality... It takes more than just whacking a bottom until it hurts

One of my favorite spankos, Dana Kane, recently posted something about when fantasy doesn't meet reality in a spanking relationship, and I thank her for the inspiration for this post.  Specifically, her post was about a couple where the guy craved a spanking, and the wife (who wasn't into spanking) was willing to deliver, but when the rubber met the road (so to speak) the guy decided he wasn't that into it.   His fantasy didn't match the reality of a real spanking from his wife

 The first inclination is to blame him.  I mean, he probably asked and asked for it, and she finally gave in.  She didn't condemn him for his sick and twisted perverse sexuality, no... she indulged him in it.  Right?

Well, I think there's more to it than that.

Not every spanking is like what secret spankos see on spanking videos.  Usually there are cuts and edits galore.  And to those that fulfill their spanking fantasies through spanking stories... well usually those are even less like reality than spanking videos.

Now, that having been said, I don't think it's fair to chalk up the disappointment of reality in a spanko to the glitz and glam of the spanking industry making movies or authors portraying a stylized/embellished version of a spanking.

I recently met a lifelong spanko for the first time.  Her husband, a non-spanko, has indulged her. They had a ton of implements, and he used them on her fairly regularly.  Members of spanking websites, etc... but never been to spanking parties or on fetlife or anything.  Still, she craved something more.  Spanking was always a form of foreplay to get her worked up as a prelude to sex.  She'd never experienced the naughty girl spanking that she'd craved.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was a pretty magical session.  Took her right to the edge of her tolerance level, where she'd never been before, and right back.  Gave her exactly what she had been craving, and she felt a sore reminder the next day.

Once upon a time I wrote about spanking and a hamburger analogy.  I still maintain a hamburger as my avatar. The premise of that post was that a spanking consists of several elements, and that those elements can be compared to the ingredients of a hamburger. The most basic are the buns (a bottom) and pain (the meat).  A non-spanko spouse might get those right, but could be missing all the other elements- what makes a spanking appealing.  Whether it's punishment or embarrassment or control... a non-spanko spouse might miss out on those hot button, tingle-inducing triggers that make a spanking appealing to spankos.  

The lecture.  

"Arch your back.  there you go." 

corner time.

"I know it hurts sweetie, it's supposed to."

...all those things that make a spanking more than just whacking a bottom until it hurts.  All those toppings on a hamburger. So maybe we should cut the guy some slack.  Again, kuddos to this guys wife, and my new friend's husband for trying and giving it their best.  However, I don't think you can really turn a vanilla into a spanko easily, and satisfying a spankos desires involves a little more than just whacking their bottom until it hurts.

Monday, August 5, 2013

We see our fetish where we want to see it

Sorry folks- been on vacation.  Back now.  The "song of the summer" apparently is something called "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke (not to be confused with the dad on Growing Pains's son Kirk Cameron). 

(And yes, I wondered about what Erica the editor would think of that sentence.)

It's been the number one song in America for the last several weeks.  I've heard it, and out of amusement, watched the  uncensored version too.  Don't completely remember but the refrain keeps mentioning how "you're a good girl!" and the video features lots of mostly naked models dancing around and a guy well, dancing with a hairbrush and sort of swinging it.
Naturally, I thought about spanking.  Why else would he have been dancing with a hairbrush, right? I've posted before on seeing something in the real world and how I immediately relate it to spanking.  There was that oddly specific instruction on the Pillsbury brownie mix "50 strokes with a spoon" which I found interesting.  More recently reading a best-selling book this summer a specific line got my spanky senses tingling. Dating way back when, before websites, there were newsgroup posts, and some of my favorites were entitled "startle" - when a spanko saw something in real life and it made them think of spanking.

On the other hand, maybe in respect to this video (Miley Cyrus's video is a whole 'nother story) I was just finding what I was looking for because that's what I was looking for.   Perhaps if I were into foot fetishes, I would have viewed this video in a light reflecting my tastes. I mean, he's kissing some pretty cute feet there. no?

Or if I had a medical fetish for shots in the bottom (not that I do, or anything... not that there's anything wrong with that!) I'd have watched this video and seen something appealing to that particular fetish too. I mean, there's a giant syringe that she chases him with and then he injects her with in the bottom, right?

Or uhm... hot chicks and cars.  Wait there are a million videos of hot chicks and cars.
But my point is, maybe I see the world through spanko-colored glasses.  Maybe I see things as a "startle" when it's just vanilla folks being silly.  Or maybe this song (and this video) is so popular because it secretly appeals to so many kinky folks. Then again, maybe it just has a catchy beat.