Monday, September 30, 2013

morbid thoughts

Sorry I've been away.  No, I'm not dead. I've been a bit preoccupied with real life stuff though. Speaking of which, and since this is the beginning of "the Halloween season" (at least according to my grocery store) I thought I'd discuss, well... death. Not necessarily spanking ghosts, although maybe that's a real thing?
thanks for the perfect illustration, wolfietoons 
No, I'm talking about for reals... I have many friends in the spanking community; some I've met, others I know only online - even though we've shared maybe more about ourselves than we have even with those we are close to in real life.  However, if I died, or if they died, we might never know.  I think that's kind of sad.

The online spanking community (and social media as a whole) is less than a generation old.  There have been deaths in the community, but not enough that there's any established protocol.

What would happen to my spanking blog if I died? If any of my fellow spanking bloggers died? I was confronted with this not long after I started my blog, but fortunately that "turned" out to be a hoax of sorts.  But what if it were real? Google fairly recently came up with a possible answer. As a blogger, I could set it up so that there are monthly or semi-monthly or even annual checks on my activity, and if I'm inactive and don't respond, you can set it up to delete your account, even send messages to certain people in that event.
either a melting bowling ball or a ghost paddle link
 This might be the safest course of action for a secret spanko like me.  However, I see two problems with it: A) I'd probably overlook it in my email inbox and have everything deleted on accident;
B) I'm kind of proud of what I've written on here, and I know that at least a few people have appreciated it at some point.  I'd kind of hate for it all to suddenly disappear.

I'm curious- have any of y'all thought about your online spanking legacy?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

proud of your spanking marks

So many folks that are spankees take pics, and share pics, of their marked up bottom after a good spanking. Recently I was talking with one of my spankees about this, and was inspired to post something on it.  I'm grateful to her for the inspiration for a blog post topic about spanking, on a week when it seems everyone in spankingland is recovering from having way too much fun at ShadowLane's party in Vegas.

So many folks post these on fetlife - I literally cannot think of nor find a spankee who hasn't posted pics of their butt marked up from a good spanking.  (Hey- me too once upon a time).  But out of respect for their privacy and because all the warnings about how the content on fetlife is theirs and theirs alone - maybe the one good thing to come out of Sydney University- I don't want to show those pics, even as faceless exemplars of the phenomenon.  Instead I feel safer posting these which come from the family of sites and typify the showing off my spanking marks genre. I found them on one of their "fake blogs" but they no doubt are real spanking marks shown after the fact, just like almost every spankee shows off proudly.

I get it.  A spankee can be proud of her (his) marks, and deservedly so.  There's nothing wrong with being proud of your marks.  I told my spankee at the time... it can be a justified ego boost similar to "look at this mountain I climbed" or "look at this buck I shot/fish I caught" - you earned it and have every right to not just show it off, but use it as a justified and legitimate self-esteem builder. "Hey I made it through that, I can handle this!" There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and I think it's one of the benefits and appeal of spankings.  I'm glad folks show off their marks, and she should do so if she wants too.

But the more I think about it... maybe it's not quite like showing off a trophy animal you killed.  Yes, it's the culmination and fulfillment of maybe a lot of work, and something to be proud of, but... the purpose in hunting/fishing is to land a big one.  (caveats here- I've hunted, and fished, and climbed a 14'er, but am not an avid hunter or fisher or even mountain climber, these illustrative photos came from a simple google search and if any of those pictured wish to be removed please let me know and I'll do so immediately)

kinda sexy, no?
Note- when holding a fish caught, best to hold it at arm's length so perspective makes it seem bigger.

But in reality... I think posting of post-spanking marked bottoms ARE similar to pics taken of mountain climbers at the top of a mountain.

Here's why: getting a spanking is not about acquiring the spanking marks associated with a good spanking. Instead it's about the experience.  I've sat on a boat, and sat in a blind.  That experience, while perhaps more fun than a typical weekend around here, is not the reason one goes hunting or fishing.  On the other hand, climbing a mountain is about the experience.  It's not all in the pursuit of an amazing photo-op at the summit.  It's about the strength it took to get there, and the hard-to-breathe struggle followed by exhilaration you feel during it.  The picture at the summit is just proof that you did it, and an easy shorthand way of sharing it with those that have experienced the same thing.  So feel free to share them! That's just my thoughts about spanking marks pictures.  Hope all my friends had fun at ShadowLane. I'm jealous!