Monday, September 30, 2013

morbid thoughts

Sorry I've been away.  No, I'm not dead. I've been a bit preoccupied with real life stuff though. Speaking of which, and since this is the beginning of "the Halloween season" (at least according to my grocery store) I thought I'd discuss, well... death. Not necessarily spanking ghosts, although maybe that's a real thing?
thanks for the perfect illustration, wolfietoons 
No, I'm talking about for reals... I have many friends in the spanking community; some I've met, others I know only online - even though we've shared maybe more about ourselves than we have even with those we are close to in real life.  However, if I died, or if they died, we might never know.  I think that's kind of sad.

The online spanking community (and social media as a whole) is less than a generation old.  There have been deaths in the community, but not enough that there's any established protocol.

What would happen to my spanking blog if I died? If any of my fellow spanking bloggers died? I was confronted with this not long after I started my blog, but fortunately that "turned" out to be a hoax of sorts.  But what if it were real? Google fairly recently came up with a possible answer. As a blogger, I could set it up so that there are monthly or semi-monthly or even annual checks on my activity, and if I'm inactive and don't respond, you can set it up to delete your account, even send messages to certain people in that event.
either a melting bowling ball or a ghost paddle link
 This might be the safest course of action for a secret spanko like me.  However, I see two problems with it: A) I'd probably overlook it in my email inbox and have everything deleted on accident;
B) I'm kind of proud of what I've written on here, and I know that at least a few people have appreciated it at some point.  I'd kind of hate for it all to suddenly disappear.

I'm curious- have any of y'all thought about your online spanking legacy?


  1. I'm not sure on the spanking legacy but I do think about the other part of this. Here's more morbidity for you - I think if something happened to me, my husband would barely know how to find my publisher much less my friends! But it's a reality of life and I'm making a list.

    I do like your ghost paddle...

    1. thanks- I found that in a quick google image search- don't own one. Maybe you should leave him some instructions, but maybe I'm just being morbid!

  2. It's a bit different for me, since I'm fairly open about it. I have no kids, and almost no family. So I can only hope my online legacy will be positive and people will remember me fondly.

    As for getting rid of the evidence... I'm not worried about it. I'll be dead, after all. I'll be past caring who finds out. :-)

  3. If something ever happened to me. ...I have left very clear instructions for my best friend to wipe my computer. ...and my profile from all sites I have memberships with. Lol