Sunday, November 24, 2013

beavers and ducks and dogs and bears

I admit that I'm a huge fan of college football.  One of my early posts reviewing a spanking video paysite compared that site to an eventual heisman trophy winner.  I've even compared college football coaching trees to spanking blogger trees. I realize that's maybe an odd combination, and no, this post isn't a commentary about college football, though one would be justified in thinking so from the title of this post.  Instead it's about coming back to the realm of spanking blogs, and discovering that a bit has changed since I've taken a look around.
It appears that the end of the world as we know it- the changes to blogspot which I poo-pooed at the time have claimed a few victims. Gone is the blogspot blog called guesshermuff, where you see a picture of an attractive fully dressed woman and are supposed to guess the state of her muff before clicking on the answer, which is, of course- a picture revealing her, uhm... beaver. I admit I liked it, and am sad to see it go... oh wait, it's back! I need to update my blog roll, but not sure that in the new format their updates will be on my blog roll.
Meanwhile, I checked out my stats page and was confused to see so many page referrals from something called What is this, some new spammer or a site from Russia or something? Actually I was pleasantly surprised- it's an anonymous search page. And I think after reading a little about it that it might be handy for those who are secret spankos.  I've warned before about how google and facebook are both smarter than we realize and those ads popping up on searches are no accident. Until I learn otherwise, I'm happy that so many have found me using duckduckgo - it proves that there are other secret spankos out there, that some are more with it than even I am when it comes to anonymity, and that we are not alone!

If I were extremely benevolent, this is where I'd pitch charities supporting abandoned animals like Cause for Paws supported by Amber Pixie Wells and Dana Kane.  I'm not that benevolent, but I'll at least give them a link for a worthy cause. On the charitable giving scale I figure that those are closer to homeless shelters and work with Africa than giving to the performing arts and college athletics realm of the spectrum. (plus not many other charities allow one to supplement their giving with a custom spanking video clip!)

Instead I was going to mention another gem I found in perusing my stats... a French spanking blog has linked to one of my old posts about the mix of emotions involved when you're the trusted phone call when a spanko friend goes to play with someone new for the 1st time. I think that topic is ripe for several new posts, given my recent real life history of introducing spanking newbies who move on to spanking relationships, but I'll save that idea for later, for now. I'm impressed and flattered because it's not even a fairly recent post of mine - i.e., the author has read more than the 1st page and what's been chrossed! I should be even more flattered that she compared me to a St. Bernard.  Instead I'd like to point out that as a French spanking blog, I think it would have been more appropriate to compare that role not to a St. Bernard, but to a French/Spanish Great Pyrenees. The ultimate white knight of dog breeds, they're more guard dogs than rescue dogs, are mistrustful, independent yet fiercely loyal, roam widely and difficult to train but fearless. Plus they don't slobber, and based on the pics below always hang out with attractive ladies!
mmmhmm right there. there ya' go! Merci!
What are you looking at there buddy? nope- get that long tongue back in your mouth!
True story- growing up in west Texas I'd heard of this breed. Despite suffering in the summer from their thick coat, some ranchers were using them because they killed more coyotes than other breeds.

With a recent personal tragedy, which contributed, but is not completely responsible for, my recent lack of posts...I reached out to some old facebook friends of a family member. One of them was particularly helpful in locating long lost high school friends, etc... I sent him a friend request. Turns "out" that he's a leader in a local group of "bears" - a term for gay manly men that eschew stereotypical gay male tendencies- on facebook. Which sort of amuses me... I learn something new, gain some insight and appreciation for him, and see some very different advertisements.  I just hope no one hacks my real life facebook account and gets the wrong idea! 


  1. I'm sorry about the recent personal tragedy. Glad to see you back on blogland, what an interesting post.

    1. thanks. though it was a little out there, just sorta my thoughts that night. which I guess is sorta the point of a blog, I suppose.

  2. Hello Secret Spanko! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on yours. I really enjoy to read your blog as you dare to speak about your own feelings and emotions. It's pretty rare for a spanker, at least in France... :-D

  3. Bonjour Amandine! merci beaucoup para mentionar avec mi blog. baguettes. croissants.My French is truly terrible. But because I'm anonymous, I feel like it's okay to mention my emotions on my blog, and glad you appreciate it.
    p.s. -Je parie que vous êtes vraiment chaud. ;-)