Friday, November 22, 2013

Bratting from the Top?

So probably every spanko has heard of "topping from the bottom" right?  I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing, in most contexts, though it's often brought up as someone "accused" of topping from the bottom. The few times I've switched, for the most part I've unashamedly topped from the bottom. I knew what I wanted to experience and was there to experience it, dammit.   But what about the reverse? I looked up "bottoming from the top" and came up with lots of articles and blog posts like this one, for example, about "service tops" who act dominant just to make the bottom happy, and truthfully, there's a kernel of truth there. I talk to my new potential spankees about my hamburger spanking analogy and ask if they could go to a spanking burger king and order one their way what they would order.  Not going to lie- a great deal of my enjoyment of a spanking comes in making the bottom happy and fulfilling her fantasy.  On the other hand, it seems some have viewed "bottoming from the top" as almost a dereliction of duty- as when the top is lazy just spanks when the bottom wants it, not when she needs it, and that's a bad thing.

But... what if the top just wants to have a little bit of fun with the scene? It's certainly not a dereliction of duties as a top, and almost the antithesis of a service top... having fun whilst giving a spanking, and maybe rubbing it in a little. I hereby christen this practice with the name : Bratting from the Top.
I love seeing a smiling spanker enjoying themself.
Go ahead, do a Google search on "bratting from the top" and you'll get 8 total results which largely consist of a discussion from 2005 on an obscure message board, where they struggle with the concept, along with a clip that I can't access from some place called the kink academy, which features all sorts of topics that probably don't really appeal to spankos. Finally Cassandra Sparks mentions the phrase in passing in a post that probably accurately describes my thoughts. But that's it.

Let me help to refine the definition by giving examples...
--a post-spanking comforting hug, interrupted by a well placed pinch on a spot of her bottom that I know is sore, accompanied by a wink and maybe even a kiss.
--asking her to fetch an implement knowing full well that it's her least favorite. "I think it's time for the ___ don't you?" and thanking her for retrieving it.
Here's another example from of the stories I wrote, based on an actual scene. Ostensibly I was teaching a lesson about compliance, but really, I just wanted to see boobies. (duh.)
"Up you go sweetie." 
You stand in front of me and notice sweat on my brow again, and I'm smiling.  Nervously standing there you awkwardly cover your little neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair with your hand.

"Oh no you don't- you remember what I said about covering up with your hand?"You jerk your hand away uncovering yourself to my direct gaze. 

"I thought you said you understood that 'When you cover up you get more.'"

"Yes sir."

"And when you covered up to prevent the spanking you got more what?" 

"More swats sir."

"And so when you cover up to prevent embarrassment what do you think you're gonna get?"

"Uhm... more embarrassment sir?"

"That's right. Lets get those jeans all the way off." You awkwardly comply.

"And now the shirt." Your eyes grow wide. "Yes." Slowly you take the shirt over your head. 

"And it seems silly to be dressed in just a bra. Lets get that off too. Besides, I'd like to see those girls wobble about during this next part." 

"The next part?!" You think as you uncover your other curves. Your nipples are little pebbles standing proudly on top of the generous mounds. 

"Hands behind your head sweetie." 
You comply. I step forward and caress first your stomach and then slowly up your chest until I'm cupping them and teasing them. Another hand drifts down and confirms how much you like it.

Let's be honest- for a true spanko top, spanking a cute bottom laying across your lap or even bent over is an enjoyable experience. You might as well have fun and uhm... enjoy it. (even at the expense of a little added pain and embarrassment of your spanko bottom!)

I first noticed Dana Kane through her product testing videos, where she was clearly enjoying herself.  I'd be remiss in failing to acknowledge her influence on my spanking style.  Though it can vary, I think at times she can enjoy some "bratting from the Top" style spanking as well. And an extra tip of the hat to her for a recent post about how so often real life gets in the way of spanking, but when it's something we enjoy and a stress relief, that could be the exact opposite of what we need. With that in mind, I'll try to post more frequently. I'd love to hear others thoughts on my "Bratting from the Top" idea though.


  1. I've said this before -- tops can be the worst brats of all! My former top was very fond of innocently saying, "Oh, does that hurt?" No, it tickles, dumbass.

    (In all honesty, that's part of the fun for me. I dish out a lot; I like tops who can dish it back and challenge me a bit, playfully.)

    1. I thought of your posts as I wrote that- probably no one else captures the word-for-word back-and-forth of a scene as well as you do. I almost included a few examples from your accounts of Monday spankings over the years but then got bogged down on which one, and just needed to finish this post before it got TOO late. I obviously share your enjoyment of the playful back-and-forth too.

  2. Oh, and you got Chrossed. Welcome back! :-)

    1. Thanks for the heads up... wow! guess when I only post every month or two it helps my percentages!

  3. This is great! Love your posts, as always, and I agree that bratting from the top is both fun and evil.

    1. Thank you! glad you enjoy them, and glad you enjoy bratting from the top- I need to see if some of your spanking heroine protagonists like it too!

  4. Like Erica said, I like someone who can dish it out as well as take it. You have to have fun with spanking! ;)

    1. Thanks Kenzie! yup, spankings are fun. your comment though almost makes me think you're encouraging another of my posts on switching!